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  1. Joep Verheijen

    Joep Verheijen

    12 órája

    Hily shit die gast kom uit Friesland

  2. wolfyアキラ


    13 órája

    Idk why this movie feels so familiar

  3. BossSauce Boiz

    BossSauce Boiz

    13 órája

    *Think Saber Think!*

  4. Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer

    Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer

    13 órája

    Captain Safeguard was a literal Hero, we just didn't know it yet.

  5. Michael Finley

    Michael Finley

    13 órája

    End Game was the End for a lot people

  6. Jäger Meister_175

    Jäger Meister_175

    13 órája

    Violent but it should be

  7. Goblin Girl

    Goblin Girl

    13 órája

    ''Based on North Korean history'' That funny how they try to convey that they have history that far back in time while the country only have existed 70+ years

  8. Compify


    13 órája

    19,000th comment

  9. Compify


    13 órája


  10. Foxen Fenny

    Foxen Fenny

    13 órája

    I loved this show

  11. Joel Michael Viado

    Joel Michael Viado

    13 órája

    Spoiler. Invincible isn't a super hero story. Its a story with super heroes.

  12. RazzleTheRed


    13 órája

    I got really lucky and that meme started cropping up the day after I watched it

  13. Isaiah Amos

    Isaiah Amos

    13 órája

    Of course you got spoiled saber THINK SABER THINK

  14. W4leus


    13 órája

    Next movie: Finding your dad that disappeared when buying some milk and cigs

  15. Patricia Rivera

    Patricia Rivera

    13 órája

    This video is so nostalgic for me. IDK why.

  16. Pinki Mietz

    Pinki Mietz

    13 órája

    Yeah, a rant about Amazon Prime from someone who thinks Disney+ is worth the money they're charging. Right. 👏



    13 órája

    Homer & Marge are much better couple than Peter & Lois

  18. Bianca Regine

    Bianca Regine

    13 órája

    I probably never would’ve watched this show (at least not so soon) if it weren’t for the memes and the popularity on Twitter lol I’m so glad I did the show is great. Story is great and different, animation is great, voice acting is amazing and I can’t wait for season 2.



    13 órája

    There were some episodes were plankton does care about Karen and he tries so hard to be a good husband and there was one episode were plankton gives Karen a gift... from his heart

  20. Kiran Mason

    Kiran Mason

    13 órája

    You really believe that you can review heaps of weird furry movies, and think that people will just take your word that you aren’t a furry yourself? Think Saberspark, THINK!



    14 órája

    Computer women are so beautiful and lovable WE LOVE KAREN (and I don’t mean the obnoxious women in real life I meant plankton’s wife)

  22. Guichabanaano


    14 órája

    I'm just gonna be honest, Prime is an awful streaming service and offers barely anything interesting content wise. Only get it for a month, watch Invincible which is definitely the best thing about prime and try to see what else watchable stuff there are. I'm just gonna recommend a few shows since it's really hard to find anything there: So definitely Invincible The boys (Superheroes in real life and they're basically celebrities) James May our man in Japan (yeah idk why I liked this it was hilarious at times tho, he just goes around Japan and apologises to the Japanese every 10 minutes or so) Good omens (I had higher hopes for this one, but it's basically demon and angel are best friends and they try to stop the end of the world) Utopia (quite weird, it's about a dystopian comic book that can predict future and these conspiracy theorists are after it, but so is this evil corporation, and also the main character of the comic also wants it) Upload (A show about a dude who dies and his consciousness is uploaded to a server that is like an afterlife and now he has to learn to live life on the server) And then we have the basics like the Office, American horror story, law and Order, Dr. House (definitely my favourite of the bunch idk why) and um... I guess people like supernatural so there's that. And also Dr.Who the Smith and Capaldi era. As for movies there is Shrek. Just watch Shrek a bunch of times to get your moneys worth.

  23. Lyo being Lyó

    Lyo being Lyó

    14 órája

    Definitely not for me, but I'm glad you liked it. I watched this video just to see, like, "is it really that garish and horrible?" Yes.

  24. Victor E. Vector M.

    Victor E. Vector M.

    14 órája

    I love this show with a percentage of my heart. BUT Jesus do I always have the urge to vomit and then give the thumbs up once I am finished. Just another list of animated masterpieces that must be seen! Especially by science majors or those who are taking a science course. ^^

  25. PopmonCat KittyHero

    PopmonCat KittyHero

    14 órája

    tbh, i thought about Mark. Thats what i thought

  26. Kegan682


    14 órája

    Honestly the show lost me in episode 8 when they attempted to redeem a guy that's killed hundreds if not thousands of people without a tiny hint of regret. "Oh no, he played ball with his kid and was happy." Yeah so did a lotta the people he creamed in the train crash or on the street. Feelin sad isn't gonna bring anyone back

  27. Kin Treveis

    Kin Treveis

    14 órája

    The massive voice cast was great. This whole season was fire can't praise it enough.

  28. Jeremiah Jitsukawa

    Jeremiah Jitsukawa

    14 órája

    'Not available in your area'. Fck you Amazon..

  29. Kusunoki SG

    Kusunoki SG

    14 órája

    Me : "Hey lads, I just found this animated series on Amazon" Mate : "Oh yeah cool, what's it about ?" Me : "Superhero stuff, but mortal kombat level of gore" Mate : "Intriguing. What it called ?" INVINCIBLE *TITLE CARD AND THEME SONG PLAYS*

  30. Kusunoki SG

    Kusunoki SG

    14 órája

    Omni-dad is the second dandiest dad in this Invincible universe Someday you'l find who's the #1

  31. Cindy Espíndola

    Cindy Espíndola

    14 órája

    Oh he is the voice actor? That's cool I thought it only casually looked like him (specially how he looked in spiderman) 😅

  32. Giordanofox


    14 órája

    bla bla de boiz bla bla invincible, but nobody has mentioned Watchman...

  33. Midnight Power

    Midnight Power

    15 órája

    I did see an amazing anime on Amazon Prime for the first time Elfen Lied.

  34. Snakey snake

    Snakey snake

    15 órája

    I don't really watch marvel, l usually fall asleep during them.

  35. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ

    15 órája

    As a proud Canadian who loves innuendo...this show is a bit much for me, let alone kids. Jesus..

  36. Herabec


    15 órája

    That a critic on this site has to walk on eggshells around this website to talk about just about anything anymore is just completely disgusting. HUeye should be ashamed of themselves. They're not. But they should be.

  37. Ender Koala idiot

    Ender Koala idiot

    15 órája

    When I watch that as a kid:Oooo blood and ooo dead bodies (That's how I became addicted to drinking my own blood)

  38. 17th Colossus

    17th Colossus

    15 órája

    About time saber about time

  39. David Eidefors

    David Eidefors

    15 órája

    Red Shoes and the Seven Simps

  40. Bailey Angus

    Bailey Angus

    15 órája

    Spokesperson for dare 😂

  41. Matthew Fredericks

    Matthew Fredericks

    15 órája

    Live action invincible movie that's what we need

  42. Todoroki Shoto

    Todoroki Shoto

    15 órája

    Think Mark Think

  43. Skyler


    15 órája

    Going in I new the dad was evil in some way do to add and memes on tiktok, so I was glad that he had a scene early on to reveal that aswell. So I didn't feel like I new something I wasnt supposed to. While watching I wondered, why is his dad doing this, instead of when is his dad going to do the evil stuff.

  44. Idio Dum

    Idio Dum

    15 órája are in for a fuckin ride, have no idea what's comin..

  45. Kazuyanime


    15 órája

    As the kids grow up, this show was we wanted as we grow old.



    15 órája

    Over the garden wall is a cartoon movie

  47. Franek bobryk

    Franek bobryk

    15 órája

    it was amazing but you didint say anything about there pug

  48. mheannethony


    15 órája

    Think spark think! How can you find a good when you dont watch it

  49. Bailey Angus

    Bailey Angus

    16 órája

    I feel like through this video I've seen all the best parts of the movie

  50. Gemini Nae

    Gemini Nae

    16 órája

    I just saw this movie today and i friggin love it

  51. JimPlatinum


    16 órája

    I like the fact that "Satan" is voiced by a man and a women with the voices overlaid

  52. jäzjöckö


    16 órája

    I actually went to watch it. And in my opinion it's not that bad😅. But I really liked it though.

  53. YayPeace


    16 órája

    after endgame, im pretty done with marvel movies xD

  54. Daybreak - Roblox

    Daybreak - Roblox

    16 órája

    The farting panda one was also showed in Amazing World if gumball In CN lol

  55. Bloodknight Azodrac

    Bloodknight Azodrac

    16 órája

    8:10 YOU HAVE TO THINK MARK.!.....

  56. machatsui


    16 órája


  57. adolph hitler

    adolph hitler

    16 órája

    angel dust made me gay

  58. Sangie Nativus

    Sangie Nativus

    16 órája

    I might watch this but it is super dark. I would love to see Wolfman by the same comic author created as an animation.

  59. Itsa Me, Mario

    Itsa Me, Mario

    16 órája

    Definitely one of my favourite shows right now. So worth checking out

  60. machatsui


    16 órája


  61. machatsui


    16 órája


  62. TuskyWoofy 2006

    TuskyWoofy 2006

    16 órája

    What wrong with furry OwO?

  63. Petar Djurisic

    Petar Djurisic

    16 órája

    'Jk Simmons knows how to scream' Spiderman:Oh he knows alright

  64. Jerry Alex

    Jerry Alex

    17 órája

    Dude whiplash had me the same way about Simmons

  65. CrazyGreenFluff


    17 órája

    yikes saber, gore warning in the title plz holy shit. i am not watching that the bits u showed have me shaking i CAN NOt handle gore. anyways im kinda disappointed, i thought this was a review of the movie. idk if the movie was called invincible cus its been over 10 years since i saw it but there's a super hero movie about a guy who's, well, invincible, its my fav super hero movie

  66. Peribyte


    17 órája

    Wowza, my cats name is Snafu! (We thought he was a girl when we found him, turns out he was a neutered male, so we named him Snafu to represent the fact that it was a Snafu)

  67. Eulo P. Domingo

    Eulo P. Domingo

    17 órája

    Seeing Jameson with powers scare me.

  68. Anne Davis

    Anne Davis

    17 órája

    While I see a lot of people praising how they nailed the characters being dumb teenagers, I kinda disagree. Yeah they nailed it, but that's not a good thing when it's all that is to their characters. I hated every single teenage character, they're just so annoying and unlikeable. The adult characters are definitely one of the best parts of the show. Mark's parents and Cecil are by far the best characters and carried the whole thing imo. I didn't like how graphic it was either. That's a good aspect of it in general since it serves a purpose but sometimes it's too much. The first chapter for example, it was like "yeah I get the point, why do you keep going", it's trying too hard to be shocking. Last thing I really disliked was the shitty nonsensical twist of the end. Like, the final battle and its conclusion was really good but I can't enjoy it as much when the explanation for everything is that bad. I really liked it tho, but I'm noy really excited about the next seasons. Omni-man was the best character and he's gone, but bringing him back would totally ruin the character and the ending of the 1st season, also the whole mystery of why he did what he did was the most hooking part of the show and that just can't be done again.

  69. Gooby the smoker

    Gooby the smoker

    17 órája

    Eh tbh id take a handful of the amazon prime exclusives over pretty much all the Netflix exclusives