Quick Vid: Kamp Koral (Review)

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  1. Saberspark


    29 napja

    Are prequels an instrument?

    • Richards Majestic

      Richards Majestic

      8 órája

      I Love You Saber

    • David261


      10 napja

      No Saberspark. Prequels aren't an instrument. Reboots are not an instrument either.

    • CoolestDino


      14 napja


    • help me for the love of shrek

      help me for the love of shrek

      16 napja


    • Alex Bromwell

      Alex Bromwell

      18 napja

      No sabersparks prequels are not an instrument.

  2. mr nobody

    mr nobody

    2 napja

    I don't accept koral Kamp as canon, the story is completey wrong

  3. mr nobody

    mr nobody

    2 napja

    No more milking spongeboy dry

  4. X Bfb

    X Bfb

    2 napja

    I will always like spongebob it’s my childhood

  5. Haticle


    3 napja

    In my opinion the movies are bad and the show is perfect and now with the new writer its gone a bit bad you can definitely tell the difference but the originals and everything before the new writer is gold and nobody can replicate it

  6. MyNameIsInigoMontoyaYouKilledMyFatherPrepareToDie


    3 napja

    Steven Hillenburg said he did not ever want a spinoff show. He died: they announced Kamp Koral a few months afterwards

  7. ً


    4 napja

    All the classic humor is gone. Spongebob has been milked dry. It's over for me.

  8. i_eat_forks


    5 napja

    Kamp corel looks unfinished

  9. Cloudedaurora


    5 napja

    Saberspark: mentions Viacom Angry Monkey Quest Reborn noises

  10. Laila Base

    Laila Base

    7 napja

    Okay but the Spongebob musical kinda slaps 😶 I’ll leave

  11. Dominic Alexander

    Dominic Alexander

    7 napja

    How old is krabs if he has baby pearl but when spongebob is hired krabs looks fine same with mrs puff hmmm.....🤔🤔



    8 napja

    3:09 The new seasons have been good since 2015 👌👌

  13. Trevor Weisberg

    Trevor Weisberg

    8 napja

    So I guess Sandy moving in and meeting Spongebob in season 1 isn't canon anymore, huh?

  14. Pinky


    8 napja

    spongebob will be a worser show than boomerang uk shows, they are rubbish let me assure you

  15. AnonymouslyAnnoying


    8 napja

    5:13 Holy hell was that scene even finished??? It looks so cheap what-

  16. Litespark


    9 napja

    The Kamp Koral Klub

  17. DOOT 64

    DOOT 64

    9 napja

    I'm going to say this the Creator Steven Hillenburg did not want spin-offs of the show

    • ak 47

      ak 47

      9 napja

      That is very controversial with spongebob fans from the videos I've seen

  18. Long House Studios

    Long House Studios

    9 napja

    I dare you to do a review on twokinds!

  19. Rohn Allan

    Rohn Allan

    9 napja

    Named quick vid: is 13 minutes

  20. Amazing Meat balls

    Amazing Meat balls

    10 napja

    I really hope that the Patrick show is going to be like Family Guy but for kids

  21. Grant Lauzon

    Grant Lauzon

    10 napja

    Checkout the HUeye show SoongeBob Boyz where they randomly select late season episodes and describe the horror show they just watched.

  22. Addie B

    Addie B

    11 napja

    Stephen Hillenburg was SO systematic with his world building. It really does seem like the rest of the team is just kind of.. milking it. On the other hand, the thought of spongebob being celebrated forever, like scooby doo or the simpsons, is kind of exciting to me. But I’m with you, it’s really hard not to feel like a grumpy old person about it

  23. FancyBingus


    11 napja

    *why the hell would they do this*

  24. Roblox Piggy player

    Roblox Piggy player

    11 napja

    I like paramount+

  25. Kawaii Emolga

    Kawaii Emolga

    13 napja

    I don't love SpongeBob '-' The firsts seasons are funny and stuff, but I never was super enthusiastic about this show

  26. Roman Jimenez

    Roman Jimenez

    13 napja

    When Stephen died it had a big impact on us but this is even worse I grew up with sponge bob and as a big fan this is a insult to the sponge bob franchise

  27. Mauowaii


    13 napja

    Okay but why is there a river in the ocean

  28. Chalky Loki

    Chalky Loki

    13 napja

    I respect that you aren’t railing against kids’ stuff for ruining nostalgia. I grew up loving some things that people absolutely despised for ruining their nostalgia, and that honestly hurt. So thank you for not partaking in that.

  29. Cat FishyYT

    Cat FishyYT

    14 napja

    This show looked AWFUL it’s really gross

  30. albert Chan

    albert Chan

    14 napja

    The animation looks terrible for me

  31. Jervis-Jehan Laurent

    Jervis-Jehan Laurent

    15 napja

    The 3D and 2D sponge bob cool :)))) :P 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶😋😋😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋😀😋 :) :> :)))))) 😋

  32. darkxaur


    15 napja

    I'm not even going to start on the continuity problems with Kamp Koral.

  33. Netska T.

    Netska T.

    15 napja

    Don't buy Raycons, do yourself a favor. If you have money, invest on something better. If you don't, buy yourself some wired earbuds, sometimes way better than bluetooth ones! Nice video though!

  34. Iridescentclaws


    15 napja

    I can’t be the only one who finds the visual aesthetic of Kamp Koral creepy. I haven’t watched any episodes but the lighting seen in some of the clips seem weird. There’s other shots that seem kinda but in others it just seems really dark and poorly shaded. But Idk that’s just me, just nitpick

  35. plush universe

    plush universe

    16 napja

    Spongebob went downhill in season 6, but them redeemed itself in season 9

  36. GalaxyOddity


    16 napja

    The first stuff was better Because they weren’t so focused on making it for kids it wasn’t originally FOR kids

  37. Mercenary Master

    Mercenary Master

    16 napja

    I kind of like this... I too have mixed feelings about this however I do strangely enjoy the show...

  38. Mikhaela Mejia-Velano Year 07

    Mikhaela Mejia-Velano Year 07

    17 napja

    Didn’t the SpongeBob had a new movie? Also , the characters are adorable :)

  39. Madness Nevada Hank J. Wimbleton

    Madness Nevada Hank J. Wimbleton

    17 napja

    you got to think people are saying spongbob saw sandy first in the camp but then in the 1 or i think its the 2 season he saw sandy fighting a clam but my thought is that spongbob might have bin friends with sand but when he got older jelly fishing he went in to a coma and forgot about sandy, so sandy forgot about him in texas but she when to see the sea life and they became friends again please dont hate on me its just a thought i had of this.



    17 napja

    why the hell is sandy even there ? They first met as "adults" in one of the first spongebob episodes.

  41. Keiji Johnson

    Keiji Johnson

    17 napja

    Okay, is this even a REVIEW at all? Because this just plays off as a glorified RANT about the show and the service as a whole than an actual review on the show itself!

    • Jerome Alday

      Jerome Alday

      17 napja

      Yeah, He only started the REVIEw midway through the video. Gotta get that watch time somehow 😅

  42. HyperNeko2000


    18 napja

    Seeing the small clips of the old Spongebob episodes was my favorite part of the video because it brings back funny memories

  43. Diesel Miller

    Diesel Miller

    18 napja

    I have all three services which is really useful

    • Jerome Alday

      Jerome Alday

      17 napja


  44. ggboysup


    18 napja


  45. Luke_The_Ripper


    18 napja

    Wait, a Raycon ad without the Raycon joke? I mean, "Watch out Spongebob, Viacom wants to make a baby spinoff with you! Oh no, he can't hear me, because he's wearing his Raycon earbuds!!" would be such a good joke there XD

  46. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf

    18 napja

    This is amazing.

  47. Thundy


    18 napja

    I grew up watching spongebob since I was 6 and I'm very disappointed with how bad it is nowdays

  48. TwilightWolf032


    18 napja

    But Sandy didn't get to Bikini Bottom until she was an adult...

  49. Chester Dagoc

    Chester Dagoc

    18 napja

    Angered at disney when i find out the secret of kells lost at the oscar awards and up won :/

  50. Kameron Gatton

    Kameron Gatton

    18 napja

    9:27 what in the living shit is that what the fuck is that

  51. Kameron Gatton

    Kameron Gatton

    18 napja

    The new duck tales looks great and I kinda like it and its pretty good with the story of what I watched but this is just what the fuck this looks like clay or playdow and It looks horrible compared to the original

  52. Peter Marsella

    Peter Marsella

    18 napja

    Big companies really looked at beloved shows and thought "hmm... I see what you're going for... But what if babies? Everyone loves babies" I've never met someone that loves babies that wasn't my grandparents. That's not even a joke, that's just how it is

  53. Hopeful Hyena

    Hopeful Hyena

    19 napja

    When you run out of ideas, you do Muppet Babies

  54. The_weird_human Creature

    The_weird_human Creature

    19 napja

    The show sucks

  55. Buckmeister 98

    Buckmeister 98

    19 napja

    Im just surprised it took 20ish yrs for them to do spin offs.

  56. TheMachoTaco isBack

    TheMachoTaco isBack

    19 napja

    At first everybody pirated stuff because it was not easy to find like for instance if you wanted to watch a movie you would have to go to the video store rent it watch it then bring it back or go to the store and buy it bring it back and watch it so everyone just decided to pirate films then Netflix appeared everything was in one location so people did not really pirate anymore now if you want to watch something you have to get at least 10 streaming services which cost more altogether than just getting cable so my prediction is we will become pirates again

    • Jerome Alday

      Jerome Alday

      17 napja

      But on the bright side, Companies have to go all out for their services. Competitive market is good.

  57. Duwang King

    Duwang King

    20 napja

    This is only Canon to the third movie.

  58. Chinchilla


    20 napja

    Honestly it bugs me that Sandy is in the series. Like did they forget they met as adults? The whole understanding of land animals? It’s just odd that they have that understanding as kids, totally forgot Sandy herself as adults then relearn and all of it? I just

  59. EuroHeat0022X2


    20 napja

    The animation hurts my eyes. No way I could get through the movie

  60. Andrew


    20 napja

    Im personaly not a fan, they kinda killed spougebob with it, and the new season is... bad, I prefer the older seasons.

  61. Chiel Voswijk

    Chiel Voswijk

    20 napja

    Since the creator died it really felt like the execs dropped any pretense of seeing Spongebob as anything more than a cashcow be wringed from every dollar asap. My favourite classic episode has to be Clams. The 4/4 String Ostinato in D-Minor means death joke with the black&white orchestra and Crabs later actually directing said orchestra to summon the clam. It was hilarious as both a kid and as an adult. All that effort for a Jaws spoof

  62. Shylar76


    20 napja

    I don't minded the animation too much but when they tease me showing off the other show with the 2D animation I get confused and wonder why they didn't just stick with 2D animation for the show and then I just would rather watch the current normal show lol

  63. Shylar76


    20 napja

    Screw Paramount+ they banned an old classic spongebob episode over a joke that always went over my head as a kid anyways lol

  64. Bashful Wolfo

    Bashful Wolfo

    20 napja

    The shading makes the show extremely uncanny for me, if I was a kid I would be horrified (I would have nightmares about 3D model-like things, mainly 90s graphics, and shading was a huge issue).

  65. 9aracna TM

    9aracna TM

    20 napja


  66. Justus Fairchild

    Justus Fairchild

    20 napja

    I don't like the 3d and there's alot of things missing and there making spongebob go more downhill

  67. Merrick Dixon

    Merrick Dixon

    20 napja

    some quick spongebob stuff sandy and mr krabs never met spongebob in the older seasons

  68. Solid Steak

    Solid Steak

    20 napja

    Why are they posed like pop figures on the Camp Koral promo poster? Looks ver y uncanny

  69. Alejandro Ojeda

    Alejandro Ojeda

    21 napja

    About the visuals: the ANIMATION (Movement of stuff) in general are ok. It's just the lighting and the materials that don't seem rihht. They look like a preview of what will be the final rather than the final *Edit:* Most of the time. I think it's important to clarify that I haven't watched the show. I've watched some of the scenes on this video and some of them look better that others

  70. alec bradley

    alec bradley

    21 napja

    What RUINED SpongeBob SquarePants?

  71. C-Puff Person

    C-Puff Person

    21 napja

    When the heck did you hit 1mil?? Congrats!

  72. LardMan Inc.

    LardMan Inc.

    21 napja

    What's Weird is that the frame rate for Kamp Koral is better than Sponge Story 3 (the name i call the third Spongebob movie)

  73. Violet


    21 napja

    I know he’s a sponge, but I hate the inflation scenes, and they’re even worse In 3D...

  74. xxx_itz_ruby_xxx


    21 napja

    Ah yes a huge disrespect to Steven Hillenburg's death

  75. It’s Onii Chan!!! Sensei

    It’s Onii Chan!!! Sensei

    22 napja

    In anime the only studio that are good at CG are studio Orange of Beastsars fame and studio Ufotable of demon slayer fame

  76. Παναγιωτης Παυλου

    Παναγιωτης Παυλου

    22 napja

    sad old guy

  77. Lewis


    22 napja

    The saddest thing is, that the idea of this spin-off was born when stephen hillenburg was still alive. He didn't really liked the idea, he said he doesn't want spongebob to have any spin-offs. They still brought it all to life, when he died. Now it seems, like they waited for poor stephen to die, so they could make money on spongebob.

    • xxx_itz_ruby_xxx


      21 napja

      Yeah they are just greedy scumbags they waited for him to die to make this

  78. Gary Redfield1

    Gary Redfield1

    22 napja


  79. Erika Solnc

    Erika Solnc

    22 napja

    I don't care that they milk this, it's that they don't really put these money into other cartoons to make them more interesting.

  80. NobodyIsHere _Only1

    NobodyIsHere _Only1

    22 napja

    Is anyone gonna question Sandy’s inclusion in the spin off? Spongebob met her when they both weren’t kids and she went to bikini bottom because of studying... science? I don’t know why she’s in bikini bottom but you understand. Also isn’t squidward older than spongebob?

  81. Samus7000


    22 napja

    If this is a prequel, why is Sandy there? Spongebob didn’t meet her until they were adults.

  82. Laser Mayonnaiser

    Laser Mayonnaiser

    22 napja

    I'm kind of glad the original voice actors are used instead of kids like in the Kamp Koral scenes in the third movie. Patrick's child voice annoyed me a bit. And my kids like the Kamp Koral show so I guess that's all that matters to me lol but it just wasn't as good as I was kind of hoping it would be. I think the animation is actually a bit refreshing compared to how the animation in the actual show has been where every movement is overdone and way too sporadic

  83. Denki Wolf

    Denki Wolf

    22 napja

    It honestly makes me think of camp lazlo

  84. Joseph Mumola

    Joseph Mumola

    22 napja

    Saberspark: The new Spongebob movie annoys bc it's just there to set up the new show Also Saberspark: *spends a large part of the video setting up his future Spongebob episode* 😂

  85. There 4 You

    There 4 You

    22 napja

    IT SUCKS!!!!

  86. Meow Mix.

    Meow Mix.

    23 napja

    Tbh they are kind running out of ideas who agrees with me?

  87. jeff jeffson

    jeff jeffson

    23 napja

    I think the first movie was meant to be the conclusion by the creator.

  88. Patrick J. Reilly

    Patrick J. Reilly

    23 napja

    Paramount Plus is just CBS All Access rebranded.

  89. Koel_Hellion


    23 napja

    Tbh best way to go is that beautiful blend (when done right) of 2d and 3d

  90. DawnOfTheOzz


    23 napja

    Wasn't Stephen Hillenburg against spin-offs?

  91. Smoxy


    23 napja

    3:30 Is Spongebob actually pulling a Cleveland Show move.

  92. Raven Zen

    Raven Zen

    23 napja

    This video was brought to you by the earbuds I'm already using to watch the video lol

  93. Sammy Lawrence

    Sammy Lawrence

    24 napja

    I bet steven hillingburg is rolling over in his grave

  94. Sammy Lawrence

    Sammy Lawrence

    24 napja

    I hate sequels

  95. Lanceo90


    24 napja

    My gripes are about the same. I really enjoyed the first half of the 3rd movie, it even did some canon repair by explaining the Neptune/Triton thing. When it hit the back half and it turned into a commercial for Kamp Koral it basically ruined what had otherwise been fairly decent. Then the fact Sandy is in Kamp Koral, undermines it completely. She arrives in season 1. They might attempt to explain it, but I don't see any way they can. It makes it obvious they either A. Didn't do their homework or B. They did know, but felt obligated to have a girl character in and were too lazy to write new ones.

  96. FryingPanHero


    24 napja

    *Stephen Hillenburg:* I do NOT want any spinoffs of Spongebob to be made! *Nickalodeon after Hillenburg's death:* I'll ignore that.

  97. IceLuigi StarPictures

    IceLuigi StarPictures

    24 napja

    SpongeBob and possibly The Loud House are literally the faces of Nickelodeon. Let's name more shows that have been milked hard The Simpsons Family Guy Arthur Teen Titans GO!

  98. Fer Galicia

    Fer Galicia

    24 napja

    This fucking "part-time" animation critic "I haven't seen it but they tell me is bad" dammit man you need to make schedule to sit down and watch fucking cartoons! no, no hard labor, watch the damn cartoons! You are living from it, you might as well do the walk.

  99. Happy Bert

    Happy Bert

    24 napja

    If they do a spin off it should be Mr. Krabs in his younger days as a sailor

  100. James Pwyll

    James Pwyll

    24 napja

    I wish I could say I still love Spongebob as much as I did when it first came on, but sadly those days are long behind it. Still, I'll always be grateful to it for the fine episodes it gave me in the early days 😊