Quick Vid: Earwig and the Witch (Review)

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Oof Studio Ghibli, this one wasn't so good...
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  1. Saberspark


    3 hónapja

    Wow a giveaway on my channel that isn't a bot! Super pumped about the release of my figure, hit up this link if you wanna participate in the giveaway -

    • Maruku


      17 napja

      I thought Jazza made that figure.

    • tantthetank



      70th Reply

    • Emppu T.

      Emppu T.


      Hey Spark! If you can't be arsed with Disney's asenine billing system,maybe you need to yarr harr the movies. Im just sayin

    • Sarah Levine

      Sarah Levine

      2 hónapja

      Could you do a review on The Triplets of Belleville?

    • FoxAmulet


      2 hónapja

      Im not trying to be rude but i think mandrakes a warlock

  2. Justin


    2 napja

    Y'all remember Scary Godmother from Cartoon Network? The animation in this movie reminds me of it. Look it up, you'll see what I mean.

  3. Wobside


    2 napja

    I fully agree. Just got done watching this and I honestly kept expecting some more conflict to spring up between the 12 witches they mentioned earlier in the film and earwig having to use her charm against them to save her mom, or that the reveal of who her mom was would happen sooner and she decides to go find her. There were a million things I kept looking around the corner for and it just never happened. I also wasn’t a fan of Earwigs personality, thinking there’d a be little growth towards the end but nothing of the sort happens. She’s essential the same from beginning to end, just knows some spells now. Very disappointing to say the least.

  4. artemismeow


    2 napja

    I loved the ending, I hated the abusive way Bella Yaga treated earwig or how terrified Bella was of mandrake. :/ maybe “hey kids, if your parents are abusive towards you and each other just keep manipulating them until things get better” is maybe not the best moral of the story. :(

  5. mercyONtwick _YT

    mercyONtwick _YT

    4 napja

    Make Saber an amibo

  6. Dantho Vict

    Dantho Vict

    4 napja

    6:40 "the lightning is great, its fine" No! Its the whole reason the movie feel souless. No shadow in their face, its just bland. The character color blend into background, no shadow that make it beautiful. Not to mention see the whole background, did you see the tree, and grass moving?! No there are no winds! Background character movement are slow and bland. Compare that to other hand-drawn ghibli movies. You could feel wind blows from the screen, the background so full of life.

  7. Zora The Magic

    Zora The Magic

    4 napja

    I loved the movie 😅

  8. Torless Bardamu

    Torless Bardamu

    5 napja

    Of all the problems, the one thing that stood out for me from the get go was the absolute absence of lighting. Everything is incredibly bland and it's just like it was a movie made exclusively by modeling artists.

  9. peruperu 0516

    peruperu 0516

    6 napja

    I love ghibli movies but Hayao genuinely sounds like a terrible human being and a parent

  10. Pepsi Dog

    Pepsi Dog

    6 napja

    oh god the merch remindes me of “don’t turn me into marketable plushie” meme

  11. UniversalDrift


    7 napja

    I think the biggest problem with its appearance is the lighting. All of the lighting is soft and diffused, even where it shouldn't be. The whole thing just looks bland and dull and plastic as a result. The animation looks like a half-hearted attempt at making it look kinda like a stop motion film, but it just looks like they couldn't make up their minds with it either way.

  12. Eric Caulfield

    Eric Caulfield

    7 napja

    Hayao is reminding me a lot of Gendo Ikari from Evangelion now.

  13. MrJavaman5


    8 napja

    Why would anyone name their child Earwig? Earwigs are creepy disgusting bugs.

  14. Omar Kaj

    Omar Kaj

    8 napja

    Forgot Studio Ghibli was working on a 3D movie, and, looking at it, it looks very dull.

  15. Boris Tokarev

    Boris Tokarev

    8 napja

    Yeah, the animation is far from perfect, I wish it was 2D, but I really liked the film

  16. DarksideBallerina


    8 napja

    Goro IS talented! He's a really talented architect! He made puppets for the Earwig team and they're lovely and expressive. I think if he were to channel this to animation his strength would be in puppetry/stopmotion, and he could design beautiful models/puppets and elaborate sets. I think that could work for Ghibli, in fact, it could be Ghibli claiming stopmotion for the Japanese animation field again. I know the Rankin-Bass films are technically already Japanese since a Japanese studio did all the stopmotion work, but how many people know that? It's a shame no one has called this out to him, it's such a cool and unique avenue for Goro to explore, even grumpy Miyazaki might have to give a tacit nod.

  17. SenoritaBlahBlahBlah


    8 napja

    Spelling: Hayao, Ha-ya-o Saberspark: "Hayo" I don't think you even tried to pronounce this one correctly. Just say it how it's spelled. A (Ah) I (EE) U (OO) E (Eh) O (Oh) are the Japanese vowels. There is only one possible way to pronounce each vowel in Japanese, and that never changes no matter where the vowel is in a word. Easy. I think it's just so lazy when HUeyers can't take a second to make sure they're pronouncing a name correctly before putting it in their script multiple times. Welp, here I go listening to you say "Hayo" for 8 more minutes...And you'll probably never see this, but maybe someone else saying "Hayo" will. Also, fun fact: In the Japanese version, the band is just called Earwig in English. But Earwig's name isn't literally Earwig. Her name is Ayatsuru (アヤツル), and the head of the orphanage splits it up as Aaya Tsuuru (アーヤ・ツール). Ayatsuru (操る) is a verb that means "To manipulate, To control". I think it's more clever than just calling her Earwig.

  18. chris stehn

    chris stehn

    8 napja

    this flim is awful not the best

  19. IslaQuinnッ


    9 napja

    I can't belive Studio Ghibli made this i grew up watching their movies-

  20. phubi amanda

    phubi amanda

    9 napja

    i watched your review earlier and proceed to watched the movie. It was fresh and entertaining ! yes, its not as deep like another ghibli production. this one is more like a snack, its delicious but not a main course. However, i can understand why people built high expectation for this movie but clearly this genre is actually for children. so let it go, big kids :) hahaha and also Goro needs his own name without his father shadow. he is great director.

  21. Ruby LEE

    Ruby LEE

    9 napja

    Poor Goro, I feel like everyone wants him to live up to his dad’s animation when it’s clear that he has his own passion :( poor dude

  22. Cherry Piekitten

    Cherry Piekitten

    9 napja

    Poor Goro

  23. Captain Kenji

    Captain Kenji

    10 napja

    it ended very badly...and oddly

  24. nameless dork

    nameless dork

    10 napja

    There have been bad Ghibli films before. Remember, one had spent five minutes on a pineapple. But I can see how this one kinda fails, and the 3D models just don't ring with the Ghibli style. Looking at clips, it just doesn't have that gentle feel that is burying the eventual disaster. Also, what the hell Hayao?

  25. Tardus89


    10 napja

    I wanna Sabie figure :0)

  26. Kerry Christensen

    Kerry Christensen

    10 napja

    Christ. That kid's face is going to be in so many damn memes

  27. Aidan Magitech

    Aidan Magitech

    11 napja

    I thought this movie was good it just ended too soon

  28. Tidepool Clipper

    Tidepool Clipper

    13 napja

    Goro Miyazki WILL lead Studio Ghibli to its death. It has become destiny at this rate.

  29. blubrry


    13 napja

    the storyline had so much potential

  30. Living Epicness

    Living Epicness

    14 napja

    Studio Ghibli is famous for their 2D films. They were always works of art. Goro should realize that. Especially since their 3D film looked like any other animated movie and thus sucked.

  31. lobstrosity


    14 napja

    Dude how the hell are you pronouncing Ghibli.

  32. Damo74


    14 napja

    The lighting was off, that's what makes it feel flat and off.

  33. Aquaswan


    14 napja

    Tales from Earthsea (also made by Goro) is another Ghibli film that was poorly received. I actually quite like the film because it has an eerie and uncomfortable feel to it. Horror is my favorite film genre, so maybe it's just me and a couple other people who feel this way, but the unsettling nature of the whole film really makes it stand out amongst the other Ghilbli films. I always give it an honorable mention when discussing Ghibli films.

  34. Five AM

    Five AM

    14 napja

    the more i hear about hayo, the more i realize the mans bitchmade

  35. the cat

    the cat

    15 napja

    i really believe that goro would be really great at whatever he set his mind to if he didn't have the fear of never comparing to his dad. i think that fear holds him back and prevents him from being who he really is, and it stifles his talent. clearly he is talented and works very hard, but i think he lets the expectations put on him get to his head. when you feel there is a ceiling you can't break, sometimes you don't realize your full potential. i hope he can express himself for who he really is one day without any expectations............ this all being said, if goro continues working with ghibli, i sincerely hope he does not take the 3D animation route. i'm not a fan of 3D animation in almost every case (except shrek. i love shrek.)

  36. Diego Gätjens

    Diego Gätjens

    15 napja

    Let's be honest, Hayao Miyazaki is one major a-hole and a professional douchebag, just happens he had a stage in his life in which he decided to make high quality anime, other than that the guy is basically a savage.

  37. Tajanae Smith

    Tajanae Smith

    15 napja

    my option is that it wasn’t bad the animation was really. hold like but the name of studio thinking bring you to it and with the story it focuses too much at the beginning and never ends the end. better as a show so it’ll have more time to develop and find its self lil foggy with character development but it’s was getting better ig i think i could’ve done somthing better and i want a second season

  38. oyenic


    15 napja

    Yeah.. honestly it’s not even worth watching. It’s boring.

  39. phosphenevision


    15 napja

    1:29 it was tales from earthsea, miyazaki left because 1) it was actually bad 2) goro got the director role through nepotism (he was asked by producers to direct it) when he hadn't had any other role like animating, storyboarding, designing characters before, he was only a producer and he's an architect not an animator, so miyazaki thought it was really wrong that he would go on to a major directing role without having to prove himself before

  40. YUREIann


    15 napja

    Maybe if hayao was more supportive of his son, goro would make amazing films 💕🌸🌸🌸 plus it gets very boring when hayao keeps on saying it’s his last film

  41. Xamael Zalmat

    Xamael Zalmat

    15 napja

    The problem with Goro is that he does not really want to be in the movie business but for some reason feels obligated to do it despite fully knowing he will always be compared with his father. He just does not WANT to to movies and that is clearly visible in his projects. He should go back to architecture (he studied that) and be creative there, because that is at least something he wants to do. He very often stated that he does not want to do it but he does... and when Your soul is not in the movie making process the result are soulless movies

  42. chum


    15 napja

    I haven't seen the movie so I'm only commenting on the aesthetics I'm seeing in this video, but the problem lies in that the characters look like stiff plastic puppets, and the lighting is dull and essentially non existent, making the characters look even more plastic and unrealistic. Even stop motion animated movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Corpse Bride feel more real even though they literally use puppets because the lighting is so good and the way the characters interact with the environments make them feel like they're actually alive. Here, everyone just looks dead. Hair doesn't move naturally, light doesn't reflect in a convincing way, so it ends up looking like a slightly better version of Food Fight. I know there's potential for a good 3D Studio Ghibli film. Just look at the video game series Ni no Kuni. Those games are gorgeous and it showcases what it would look like if you combined 3D with Studio Ghibli style animation. So it is possible, but this ain't it chief.

  43. Ryland Malcolm

    Ryland Malcolm

    15 napja

    "The characters just don't fit" It's the lighting. They're so evenly lit in every scene. No opportunity is taken to use the light to sink them into a scene.

  44. Lydia Hanger

    Lydia Hanger

    15 napja

    5:05 This scene looks dope tho

  45. Lydia Hanger

    Lydia Hanger

    15 napja

    Miyazaki the father is like my self-doubting ass... jokes aside, he's really a terrible father figure. It's weird that usually this kind of people who push their family away are able to create the most unique things.

  46. Patrick M

    Patrick M

    16 napja

    "OK the movie is almost done! We just need to light it. We're just using prototype flat lighting." "It's going on HBO max. Nobody's going to pay for it." "But we need to pay the animators for 3 more weeks to light it." "Nope! Ship it."

  47. STYLES: Conejo VS SillyCon

    STYLES: Conejo VS SillyCon

    16 napja

    Goro is, quite simply, not a director, he is in reality a SET DESIGNER or architect who mechanically sees the world as legos. This is, in a way, the lego movie as designed by an engineer. It is soulless, vapid, boring, awkward and odd looking. This is a landmark of "magic" as interpreted by a buildor. But it must be said he made some great looking buildings like the good dozer he is. Tales FES is just as bad, painful to watch, utterly soulless buildor drivel.

  48. Yomas Riprud

    Yomas Riprud

    17 napja

    I feel sorry for his son, he will be overshadowed by his fathers success and everybody expects him to be his father. For a first 3D animated movie I think they did a amazing job and it should had been understandable why theres no magic portals or special effects, their skills in 3D are still limited while all these other amazing 3D movies are from a great length of experience

  49. Amanda Lebron

    Amanda Lebron

    17 napja

    Why Miyazaki's son wants to change everything about Studio Guibli's style?! WHY?!!!!!!

  50. jeremiah colon

    jeremiah colon

    17 napja

    This is probably one of the few studio Gibley films I won’t watch I have seen quite a few of them but one look of the box and I saw that it was in 3-D animation I said OK I’m passing on this one I much prefer hand-drawn animation especially nowadays

  51. Julliana Salonga

    Julliana Salonga

    18 napja

    idk i think the animation is ok but its the lighting. every single scene is just soft shading of white light

  52. Nera The Child Of Light

    Nera The Child Of Light

    18 napja

    Honestly everything feels just like plastic, if they added WAYY more textures and detail and lighting to the environment and character models it would feel more like a Chibli film.

  53. skybluepainter


    18 napja

    Well it does shit when it's not H. Miyazaki. Goro tries but all his films are busts. When I hear Ghibi, Hanyo is the only name that comes to mind. But I will commend him for trying. And the overall look is nice.

  54. John Tumahab

    John Tumahab

    18 napja

    The saddest part about this is that Studio Ghibli obviously had to invest a considerable amount of money into building a 3D studio, even if the result wasn't that good, so they're unlikely to go back to 2D. It'd be flushing all of that investment down the drain.

  55. Kurapika Kurta

    Kurapika Kurta

    20 napja

    I hear witches and studio ghibli, Kiki’s Delivery Service 2??

  56. Alec Marshall

    Alec Marshall

    20 napja

    It’s gotta be a weird deal for Goro and Hayao. On the one hand, Hayao wants his son to succeed as he did, but he probably also doesn’t want people to think the only reason Goro is successful because Hayao is helping him.

  57. Fan of Shovelware Games

    Fan of Shovelware Games

    20 napja

    Who will ever think this is a 3d Anime movie At least its less weird then Utsu Musume Sayori

  58. ᴄᴜʀsᴇᴅᴍᴀɢɢᴇᴛᴏɴ


    20 napja

    Me after watching the movie: man that was good! Saber: dis movie dum Me: never mine dis movie stoopid

  59. Raúl Eduardo Alarcón Molina

    Raúl Eduardo Alarcón Molina

    20 napja

    I loved this movie

  60. Veronica Escalera

    Veronica Escalera

    21 napja

    Kinda feel like most of Goro's films are short or the SAME. Let's have a different type of the protagonist, or a different story. Imo

  61. Hellyers


    21 napja

    >the texture, the lightening all that is great, it's fine ... >but the character don't fit, feels odd and out of place bruh.. maybe it's because the textures and lightening are crap especially the lightening, toy story did 2 did a better job .. 20 years ago ! the movie severely lack "know how" it's like it's full of rookie mistakes .. so weird

  62. Heather Stickland

    Heather Stickland

    21 napja

    I do want to see more of this animation maybe a little more polished combined with the 2D animation especially with lighting I think that would help it out a lot just small little things and I know no one wants to see reboots or remasters of originals but this would look really cool with Kiki's delivery or maybe valley of the wind which I haven't actually seen yet but anything was flying animation would look spectacular

  63. Savi J

    Savi J

    22 napja

    Unpopular opinion I loved the movie I love the elements it brought

  64. Xin Lu

    Xin Lu

    22 napja

    I think they tried to do it in the Claymation style but fail to follow through with details. The character models might be intentionally designed to not look organic to give them the feeling of puppets, but they shouldn't have used that same "clay" texture for many of the other things. The clothes, for example. And maybe characters' hair too (depending on personal tastes. Many actually like it the way it is). To emphasize the puppet style, you'd probably want to give their clothes the magnified version of cloth textures, and the surrounding shouldn't be as refined as it is now because it's 3D and not actual clay. With real materials you can make it as refine as you want and people would only be amazed by the craftmanship, but with by default flawless CG you'd want to create imperfections on objects to give them a touch of realism. I can feel Goro's struggle in this film, because I too am struggling on things like styles. It's not easy to make a style work. His problem is that he should perhaps start with short films first to test the style before making a whole feature film out of it.

  65. assbitchfuck6927


    22 napja

    That was exactly what I said about the movie by the time the story gets started the movies over

  66. Rose Bride

    Rose Bride

    22 napja

    The reason the film ended so abruptly is because the author passed away before the book was finished. So this story ended up being incomplete, and I imagine the film makers didn't want to change anything. To be fair, they were pretty faithful to it, but I do question why they chose this story to adapt, knowing this.

  67. Juan Park

    Juan Park

    23 napja

    just think about the fact that my wifi was out for two days and this is the first video I watched

  68. Partyrock 414

    Partyrock 414

    23 napja

    I am surprised how well the ghibli style translates to CG. All the ghibli cues are there and it almost looks 2D in places and is well animated. Like yeah that’s a ghibli film I believe that. Would prefer 2D but not visually bad

  69. C.M. Cameraman

    C.M. Cameraman

    24 napja

    But if I had to guess why it's short. Maybe it's because it's part one & they're working on a part two right now as we speak. Probably if all goes good & well.

  70. C.M. Cameraman

    C.M. Cameraman

    24 napja

    I don't know I really liked it. However I felt like it was pretty short.

  71. Jerome Alday

    Jerome Alday

    24 napja

    Stop shifting the blame, Y'all blaming the father and don't consider the fact that the son may just be incompetent. Also from what I heard, He didn't even want to be a director. It's just people's expectations.

  72. Jerome Alday

    Jerome Alday

    24 napja

    The visual is ugly. It look very stiff...

  73. gabriel Godwin

    gabriel Godwin

    24 napja

    I actually really like from up on poppy hill, but earth sea and witch hell no

  74. Frenchfry Waffle

    Frenchfry Waffle

    24 napja

    This movie looks like a 3D anime, does anyone remember when Kirby did 3D anime? Also the dad be looking like Daddy Dearest from FNF

  75. ginger emu

    ginger emu

    25 napja

    I really loved the movie right up to the ending. I was waiting for her mother to swoop in and take her away and teach her about magic or something. The mandrake and bella yaga were supposed to be endearing but they read as horribly abusive to me and that was spun in a positive light at the end? like bella literally hits earwig. and earwigs mom. they aslo DONT TALK ABOUT HOW THE MANDRAKE IS CLEARLY EARWIGS DAD??? also i totally agree with you, the moment the plot starts to pick up it ends. I was like alright this is great how much time is left like half an hour? maybe more? the answer was seven minutes. they had the plot twist in the last few minutes of the move. there was no satisfying ending. it felt rushed and sloppy. I did like it though- if only the ending was better

  76. Undead Girl

    Undead Girl

    25 napja

    I just bought this movie for my niece who's 8 we watched it together we were both like that's it? Even she couldn't believe that was the end I felt like the the movie was rushed

  77. BagelPrince


    26 napja

    i always feel bad for goro. he really does have beautiful ideas and stories, but the comparison to his father is relentless. this isnt even his first attempt with 3d, ronja was a good series that goro directed. it takes a bit to get used to, but he really did a good job.

  78. Starman Gaming

    Starman Gaming

    26 napja

    I hope that Goro and his team will look to this movie like a learning experience. I'd really hope we get more movies like From Up on Poppy Hill from Goro and the Gang, because I want people like these with actual talent to find success in a competitive field like this one.

  79. Careolle Mangubat

    Careolle Mangubat

    26 napja

    I actually liked from up on poppy hill :(

  80. Nichole Azcarate

    Nichole Azcarate

    26 napja

    Me: ahhhhh Bat

  81. Chet Valmont

    Chet Valmont

    27 napja

    If it had 2d animation i get the feeling the ratings would be less harsh.

  82. Alyse Hein

    Alyse Hein

    27 napja

    I'll preface this by saying I've really liked Goro's films, feel bad that his father seems like an unsupportive dick to him, and will probably continue to watch his stuff because I genuinely like it. That said. I'm only skeptical about doing 3d animation because of the backgrounds/landscapes. It's VERY hard to make beautiful stylized landscapes in computer animation because computer animation tends to lean more realistic than artistic with backgrounds. Miyazaki films always stood out to me because of the backgrounds and how they evoked so much but idk if I've ever felt that way about a computer animated film. I'll be honest even like blue people Avatar didn't do it for me with the background because I just... don't think hyper-realism is anything special.

  83. Amora Catrineee

    Amora Catrineee

    28 napja

    Earwig and the Witch (2021) ⮘ f'u'l'l M'o'V'i'E ⮘ ➼ `All Subtitle` ❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品 √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de B.e.S.T f'u"l'l M.o.v.i.e'' пришли из разных социальных слоев на борту Титаника RMS, затонувшего во время своего первого рейса 15 апреля 1912 года. 00:01 Це механізм, який ми використовуємо для встановлення Кеннеди, Жонсон нарын тэргүүлэгчид, Вьетнам,

  84. So1arSystem


    29 napja

    The only thing I liked about this movie was the little Howl's Moving Castle reference in the credits.

  85. Dani Cirone

    Dani Cirone

    29 napja

    This movie was beautiful. I know it's plot wasn't great at the end but the author passed away right after publishing the book. The cliffhanger feeling and many questions may have been solved with a second book that was never published due to her untimely death.

  86. Jeremy Fisher

    Jeremy Fisher


    this was the one movie that needs a sequel. the story was so vapid in the first hour, when, just like you said, it began to get interesting near the end. thing is, there probably wont be a sequel, so... other than that, I feel like this is one of those stories that probably worked better as a novel.

  87. alice_mation



    Hayao is a bit of an ass and really rude to Goro imo. Poppy hill is one of my favs!

  88. Ms. honeybee26

    Ms. honeybee26


    I wanted backstory on the 13 witches hunting the mom. Why did the band break up? Is the mandrake earwigs dad??? Why didnt the red witch meet the purple witch when the kids were both adopted and have a reunion?so much potential gone

  89. damnit dom

    damnit dom


    I’m most upset cuz we didn’t get a single full music number like the cover hinted at with Earwig holding a mic. I thought it was gonna be a message that you are not forced to become what you’re born as: “a witch” but can become what you wanna become: “a musician”

  90. TheCoastalAVENGER



    the first thing I think of when I hear the words "Studio Ghibli" is beautiful 2D animation. I'm sure for many it's the same and I feel like people are going to be a lot more judgemental of a film if it doesn't have that classic Ghibli look to it, will be interesting to see how things play out if they keep up with the 3D

  91. France Malate

    France Malate


    The adaptation would work well as a serialized one off cartoon show instead of a theatrical release. Miyazaki pulls a plot twist as this is a pilot of an actual cartoon.

  92. Deanna W.

    Deanna W.


    It's good. Stop hating

  93. swag



    Hayao actually helped with Poppy Hill. I think he only trashed Earthsea

    • So1arSystem


      29 napja

      I'd say Earthsea was pretty good despite the fact that the pacing and story is a bit weirdly confusing- although I may be a bit biased over the soundtrack and art, haha- I like From Up On Poppy Hill more than Earthsea though.

  94. Nyx Jester

    Nyx Jester


    The movie kinda looks like a game. And to be honest, I haven't even watched this movie yet. But there is a lot about it that interests me, but maybe its because everyone and everything reminds me of a video game. It would probably make an interesting mystery and magic game honestly.

  95. Beliye Kolgotki

    Beliye Kolgotki


    The lighting was the problem.

  96. mayalee Godzilla is a angel

    mayalee Godzilla is a angel


    I watched it yesterday First studio ghibli movie I am disappointed in

  97. Vixin McCloud

    Vixin McCloud


    Regarding the character designs, I think that it's less off and more 'not exaggerated enough'. The linework on the character models match Ghibli's 2D style nearly perfectly and that's fine when the purpose is to trick the audience into believing that what they see isn't flat; 2D pretending to be 3D. However when something is already 3D, those tricks don't work unless you're going for 'a plastic toy' look. 3D already isn't flat so that particular illusion isn't needed. What is needed is to trick the audience into believing what they see isn't a bunch of shapes pasted on top of a computer generated model. 3D Lupin succeeded cus' its shapes were exaggerated further than 2D Lupin. It was harder to look and just see the shapes pasted on top. The models in Earwig look unfinished because their features weren't exaggerated appropriately enough to create the needed illusion.

  98. Sir Abyss

    Sir Abyss


    By far, this is the WORST Studio Ghibli film, and not because it's computer-animated. It feels so underdeveloped, unfinished, and so entirely forgettable that it's practically insulting to say it's from the same studio as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. Literally 70% of the movie takes place in this magical house and NOTHING INTERESTING HAPPENS. No substantial character development, an escape plot that goes nowhere, and one of the most painfully rushed and least satisfying endings to any movie I've ever seen. It deserves its low Rotten Tomatoes score, and I take no joy in saying that. Do better, Goro.

  99. nothzim



    it seems like they're trying to animate a 3D movie in a 2D fashion, all of the movements and facial expressions would look better in their normal and established 2D style, this feels very experimental and unfinished

  100. Yuubi Timbergrim

    Yuubi Timbergrim


    I really feel Goro got potential as a director and the main thing that pulls the film does is 100% the stiff hair and the lack of detail to faces and thier stiffness, even when Earwig gets angry her facecolor doesnt even change much. My highlight honestly was when she was laughing her ass off and you could just see the mouth and nose, nothing else, thats excellent emotion! If they went more overboard with emotions, made the hair more fluid, i honestly bet the film would have been a blast! (also give a statisfying ending) These seemingly little details are what is natural in 2D but honestly a rarity for 3D/CGI and that REALLY needs to get into peoples head. It just feels plastic and compared to Lupin it just doesnt feel alive