Quick Vid: Raya and the Last Dragon (Review)

I feel like people are gonna hate me for this one lol
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  1. Saberspark


    2 hónapja

    What did you all think of the film? I feel like I'm in the minority here with my thoughts

    • Franklin-Xavier Batres-Tenorio

      Franklin-Xavier Batres-Tenorio

      2 napja

      I think i might be the only one in this goddamn place who loves the entirety of Sisu

    • David N.

      David N.


      what you asking for is alot, you talking about 100 Episodes animation show

    • Kay W

      Kay W


      Herm... I don't know, but I don't think you're a miniority. I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw it, but it sure wasn't THAT I can at least say that much. I was expecting something... less dark maybe?

    • Kirbonabro Productions

      Kirbonabro Productions


      Literally just finished watching the movie, its really good. I like the ideas expressed in the movie (Unity, Forgiveness, Self destruction), the Mixed- Asian culture, the characters while quirky (Like Noi, the baby), and THE FACT NO ONE IS SINGING IN THE MOVIE. *sigh* Its a good watch, I would recommend it. I just wish it had a little bit more action

    • E E

      E E



  2. Medicmist


    10 órája

    Probably a nitpick but I felt like Raya kept throwing her hat just about every time she fought Namaari and idk the trailer made it look like it would be super dramatic but bc it happens every 20 minutes it felt watered down to me.

  3. MetroDuplic8r


    20 órája

    I downloaded it

  4. D



    I agree. This premise is really interesting but it's leaving out so much because it's in a movie format. If this were a series instead, it could potentially be on the level of last airbender or something

  5. Owen Smith

    Owen Smith


    Saberspark: maybe I suck... Me: well, only here

  6. Dany



    don't sweat it saber i hated this movie and you dont suck

  7. Jackie Deegan

    Jackie Deegan

    2 napja

    This movie was fire!

  8. ᄋᄋᄋᄆᄋ


    2 napja

    They look like lizard and horse. Mix with lion fur.....

  9. Franklin-Xavier Batres-Tenorio

    Franklin-Xavier Batres-Tenorio

    2 napja

    I think i might be the only sane person of the whole comment section...

  10. muzasbar


    2 napja

    I feel your insecurity at talking about Raya as fear from getting cancelled for talking about the movie, even if it isn’t in a bad way, like what happened to Lindsay Ellis

  11. Omar Garcia

    Omar Garcia

    2 napja

    Haven't seen it, but based off the commercials, it has the most stereotypical sounding plot ever, nations are at war or something, legendary magical thing can bring peace, selfish and/or jealous antagonist, legendary magical thing is goofy (funny part hahah laugh)

  12. Jebraxas


    3 napja

    This movie feels like Disney's rehash of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, except they're confused about which Asians to represent

  13. AugustAnna83


    3 napja

    No. I totally feel you. It felt like it was somehow too fast paced and slow at the same time. I saw it in a theater, and it was beautiful, but something just made me feel like meh. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  14. Aslan Sanverdi

    Aslan Sanverdi

    3 napja

    when I saw the dragon I thought it was a unicorn or one of the pony's from my little pony

  15. Anime Lover AKA Bluemoon Hastings

    Anime Lover AKA Bluemoon Hastings

    4 napja

    The Moana movie was NOT relatable or good even- She has an entire identity crisis because her dad wanted to protect her. It wasn't like Ariel where she wanted to see a different world and her father was conflicted with the death of Ariels mom. There were parts of Moana that could've been avoided or it was just wasted screentime. There are very few characters and the plot is based on returning an item. No conflict where it would affect OTHER islands or FREEZE HER FAMILY, like something more drastic. The dad was afraid of water while Ariels dad was worried about actual danger to their kind and his daughter. Moana is wondering who she is just for spite. And the whole Hans similar situation was dumb and lazy. Evil has to be evil or at least for a good reason and done well, it can be crucial to a story instead of just "Oh you're good now. Cool"

  16. supercaboose592


    5 napja

    Nothing real lands right with this movie, the whole story about trust but ever time they tried to push that point that trust was betrayed, they also just doubled down on the stereotypes from the beginning of the movie instead of subverting our expectations how have Raya learn they her out look is to narrow, nope the people from there respective lands play straight to the types Raya lade out in the beginning. It felt like this could have been so much more. But nothing really lands and the half hearted dues ex machina feels hollow.

  17. PresidentAiden


    6 napja

    bruh little raya has the same desin as korra lmao

  18. raccoon.


    6 napja

    Big hero 6 had A fire....

  19. thegeekfanatic


    6 napja

    The movie's strongest half by far was it's first half and all of it's strong moments are when Raya s the main focus of the scene or when Raya and Nemaari are on screen together. After Sisu joins it tanks HARD. The movie spends the first half emphasizing how important of a role the dragons played in their society, but Sisu's existence doesn't offer anything outside of guilt tripping Raya for her trust issues (Which by the way is COMEPLETLY Justified???) and making corny jokes/references. Also the powers that she got from her siblings were an absolute joke. No wonder they all got turned to stone. Like seriously, Glowing, Fog, Shapeshift but only into a human, Walk on water, and Swim good. like ????????

  20. Exran Stlicen

    Exran Stlicen

    7 napja

    i love it but i agree if it had much more than this, I agree that it is missing something, something big.

  21. Vid.


    7 napja

    I thought kind of the same thing. I thought this would work way better as a series or even as an open world game.... Idk the concept of getting a bunch of things to fight a big purple smoke thing gave me major botw vibes

  22. big-dip


    7 napja

    gotta admit, that soundtrack was pretty epic tho

  23. love sausage

    love sausage

    7 napja

    Disney ceo saw how to train your dragon and wanted some dragon money

  24. Vernowietsch


    7 napja

    My biggest problem is that Namaari never showed any remorse at all. Never apologized to Raya or realized her own mistakes, instead she blames Raya and we're supposed to accept her as redeemed. You have to earn redemption, not have someone else just suddenly decide to trust you one more time out of nowhere after you screwed up two times before and never once feeling bad for it.

  25. Dumbledoresarmy13


    7 napja

    Yeah, it totally felt like a super-rushed Avatar knock-off. I legit couldn't remember the rival girl's name and kept calling her zuko girl. Not that the visuals weren't pretty, just that everything wasn't as fleshed out because we only got to see it for a teeny bit, and introduce a lot of characters quickly. Plus the movie starts with a load of exposition (even though it has accompanying visuals) and that much lore that can't be condensed down right off the bat is a bad sign when we're about to watch a standalone film. I think the reason the dragon seems like Genie is that she's replicating that casual modern speech/immersion breaking thing that genie does. Only it's way more wishy-washy in Raya than Aladdin.

  26. Paul Gamer

    Paul Gamer

    7 napja

    I didn't like it either I didn't care for the characters and if the dragon was a little bit more serious instead of just being an annoying 5 yerold

  27. Mayon Go

    Mayon Go

    10 napja

    Hey, its your thoughts review the movie and your right it is better as a series hbo style Also as a Filipino i rated this movie as 8/10

  28. mizuki wolf Aguilera

    mizuki wolf Aguilera

    10 napja

    being honest I also have the same feeling as you when I was watching the movie because let's say you couldn't see things as impressive as those seen in the trailer of all places and also like the worlds and their scenarios rather let's say that too I felt that they could see a good series with this content because in itself the theme was not so bad.

  29. Halie Ballstaedt

    Halie Ballstaedt

    10 napja

    100% agree with, like, all of this. Disney has been lacking lately. Lacking is the perfect word to describe this movie. And YES it would be an exciting tv show, they’ve got plenty of content. It was a gorgeously animated movie, and I think the southeast Asian culture was an exciting choice and there was a lot of potential for an amazing story. But they built up all this amazing stuff, and then just kind of plateaued and played it safe. Formulaic was mentioned- yeah, i agree. I think my favorite part of this movie was Raya’s sword.

  30. Rudy Siano

    Rudy Siano

    10 napja

    This film would be better like 2-3 hour long movie or i want an wdas made series of raya it felt that it could so much more.... I like the film and a rated it as 8/10 As a filipino

  31. Poly-Rhythm


    10 napja

    I really liked it! I hope you watched it, it is pretty good!

  32. Kei Kie

    Kei Kie

    10 napja

    Aa a Filipino, It's great to see a Southeast Asian inspired Disney Princess. However, the plotline's almost too predictable because it almost has the same plot pattern as any other Disney movies.

  33. Jam


    10 napja

    They could've hired Lea Salonga as a voice actor cuz she have a beautiful voice, she's from Southeast Asia and she worked with disney before

  34. Aaron Magnifisaurus

    Aaron Magnifisaurus

    11 napja

    I'm my thoughts, I thought it was more fast paced but we all have a own opinions

  35. Alfonso


    11 napja

    I think exactly the same. What I like the less is how Nemeri proved once and again that she wasn't deserving the trust, but the movie keeps insisting that the good thing to do is trusting in her anyway. It felt stupid, wtf. I have the idea trust should be earned. Trusting people that betrayed you once or twice, it's madness. That and the baby character. I hate babies acting like adults. It makes no sense and it feels like a very low way to get our attention because "look how cute it is!". And the modern pop language they use. They use the word "nerd", I think. I mean, wtf. It breaks the fantasy. Those are pretty modern words at least in that context. And the entire culture feels fake, like western pretending to be other thing. What I mean is... it felt very strong like a product. I had the same feeling, THE EXACT SAME FEELING with Ralph 2, Frozen 2 and the incredibles 2. Products without soul. And in some moments, I felt the same with Soul from Pixar, but Soul felt less rush too. With more heart.

  36. Ronald Neal

    Ronald Neal

    11 napja

    Let's hope that Asylum doesn't make a ripoff of this film.

  37. JP Potential Behind The Pixel

    JP Potential Behind The Pixel

    11 napja

    So....this was like a Chris Chibnal script, but Disney?

  38. Jared Andrews

    Jared Andrews

    11 napja

    I hated it too lol

  39. selvirmoonlol


    12 napja

    Omggggg I thought she looked like Elsa too- AND I BUYED THE PREMIER ACCES AS WELL

  40. conrad nido

    conrad nido

    12 napja

    From what I realized from 2020-2021 the movies have been lacking and they seemed empty just lije what saber said

  41. Eca Boots

    Eca Boots

    12 napja

    “They’re South-East Asian dragons” No, they’re just long

  42. Alice White

    Alice White

    12 napja

    I felt like it was too rushed as well. Too much story for a movie. I was also disappointed that the two main women didn't kiss.

  43. Dawson Ross

    Dawson Ross

    13 napja

    I felt the same about this being better as a show. Would have been a great show! But not a movie. I really didn't like the amount of 'modern' speak in it, and Sisu's design just seem so out of place to me. But I agree with you on every point made!

  44. Autumn Smith

    Autumn Smith

    13 napja

    No way. You are right. Big Hero 6 had me bored to tears! And Ralph wrecks the internet is a feature-length commercial.

  45. Gia Allen

    Gia Allen

    13 napja

    I watched this a while back, assuming I wouldn’t really be watching Raya. Tonight, I get to see it in a local (Covid protections enforced) theater. So I watch this again. I’m never all that concerned about spoilers. What this does, though, is give me a sense of this complex plot ahead of the movie. Maybe that’ll help for a first viewing? We shall see!

  46. Chickn Gamer

    Chickn Gamer

    13 napja

    When i saw the trailer for this movie, i audibly said: “that dragon is furry bait”

  47. Eric Wlezniak

    Eric Wlezniak

    13 napja

    I didn't watch this movie because I thought it was going to be a propaganda movie for the CCP. especially considering that Mulan came out a bit before it.

  48. MPP511


    13 napja

    Talk about the dragon, the design is obviously inspired from naga in SEA legend. Anyway, even me, a person grown up in SEA culture, they look weird to me. I watch this movie with my friends, grown up in the same culture, we totally agree that WE HATE THE DRAGON DESIGN!!, especially when there were a big group of them fly together. They kinda like my little pony but they are my little flying earthworm. Im waiting for people from my country see this comment and told me I disrespect to the culture and should be executed or sth lolol

  49. Shnobbs Studios

    Shnobbs Studios

    13 napja

    They should have a trilogy. So much happening.

  50. Rocksaltz WID A Z

    Rocksaltz WID A Z

    13 napja

    Some aspects of the movie are so cool like the fight scenes and locations while the try hard relatable humour and ugly dragon ruins everything else

  51. amaya castle

    amaya castle

    14 napja

    The dragon looks like a long unicorn however after watching the movie I got really attached to sisu I really love her and this movie

  52. Ciele Sutherland

    Ciele Sutherland

    14 napja

    learn how to pronounce their names it's really not that hard.

  53. Gucciwoochie


    14 napja

    I feel like this could've been better as a book series so everything could be fleshed out more. Plus you wouldn't have to worry about the crappy dragon designs

  54. Angel 57

    Angel 57

    14 napja

    Susu looks more like Moana

  55. Martin Hoffmann

    Martin Hoffmann

    14 napja

    "I brought a crossbow to what was supposed to be a peaceful truce and fired. Why don't you trust people more?! This is your fault!!!!"

  56. Badmunky64


    14 napja

    I'd give the movie a C-. Really inconsistent theme/message. ie Raya was portrayed to be in the wrong for not trusting the other chick despite having zero reason to trust her.

  57. Drawing with Raya

    Drawing with Raya

    15 napja

    Omg when he said all kingdoms lived in harmony with the dragons but then the dragons attacked all I could think about was avatar 😂

  58. Andi Muhammad Athar Asaad Dewanta

    Andi Muhammad Athar Asaad Dewanta

    15 napja

    tbh i think namaari is kinda right with the you kill sisu thing because in the movie there is like a 50 percent chance that she didnt kill sisu( by she i mean namaari) and if you remember the movie again raya use her sword to stop namaari from shooting sisu but it turnds out the opposite (i am not saying that i dissagre , i just want to tell you this)

  59. Kojo Natski

    Kojo Natski

    15 napja

    I'm not mad just disappointed

  60. Ruth Steiner

    Ruth Steiner

    15 napja

    Personally, I think this movie lacked several key elements: 1) appart from Raya's father only women were shown as "strong" characters. There were no strong/intelligent men (her friends are either strong but dumb or just a child/baby) 2) The rivalry between Raya and her friend makes little sense. The story doesn't really reveal why her friend decided to betray her (was she pressured by her mom, did she plan on it for a while, did she envy or hate Raya for some reason...?) 3) The message of this movie is kind of unclear. It is about friendship, about hope or about trust? 4) From a logical point of view it makes no sense that Raya would suddendly trust her friend who has betrayed her numerous times. I mean... would you really trust someone who backstabbed you more than once? No. You could forgive, but the broken trust would have to be earned back. That's how trust works in reality. 5) Many characters lacked a solid character development. There were no songs in the movie who explained the thoughts and motives of the characters. So the felt kind of superficial and bland. 6.) I was very disappointed in Susu, because she was basically just a clueless idiot. In most legends dragons are associated with wisedom, knowledge and power. Susu is quite the opposite of that which was quite a disappointment. The only two positive aspects of this movie are the stunning visuals and the unique story. But the movie didn't have a clear message and it left me feel entertained, but disappointed... What do you guys think?

    • amaya castle

      amaya castle

      14 napja

      Personally I love this movie and appreciate the amount of world building and sisu namari and raya are great but I do agree with you that we need more men and I like how you reviewed it your comment points out some good facts in the movie

  61. Shelly McChesney

    Shelly McChesney

    15 napja

    I think this was a ripoff of how to train your dragon

  62. Haywire - Hatred

    Haywire - Hatred

    15 napja

    omfg thank you for calling out that 'you're just as guilty as i am' moment- when I saw this in theaters I had to hold in laughter for the rest of the film that moment sucked

  63. phanfinger


    16 napja

    I feel the same way. Too much plot and not enough character development. I also felt like there were too many sidekicks. I don't care about the stupid baby and her monkey friends.

  64. Cami


    16 napja

    Personally I liked this movie a lot, but I totally respect ur opinion! I noticed way too many simulators to avatar, but I loved it

  65. Cifox 20

    Cifox 20

    16 napja

    So I wasn't the only one that thought it felt a little rushed.

  66. sodapopcat


    16 napja

    This movie is literally Raya’s fault.

  67. MasterOfSwag213


    16 napja

    lmao I agreed with everything until he said sisu is annoying Edit: good lord then he said frozen 2 was bad

  68. seansora


    16 napja

    Raya the last Airbender I mean dragon Edit: It’s funny cause I wrote this before I even saw the whole video or saw the comments lol



    17 napja

    Sizu didn't make you hard, that's why

  70. Warqaa Nizar

    Warqaa Nizar

    17 napja

    I liked raya mainly for its world building, the whole world they lived in looked super fun to me, the plot felt super rushed, the chsracters were good enough for me to care for them tho. Abd i think sisu is over hated, my favourite relationship was namaari and sisu more then namaari and raya honeslty. I do agree with you there was alot going on it was hard to keep track of. Over all i liked it, they coudve worked on it more to make it even better tho

  71. G-MACK Gaming

    G-MACK Gaming

    18 napja

    beep beep im a sheep

  72. WolfHarmony


    18 napja

    “The story and the characters felt lacking” THANK YOU!!

  73. SkarmoryVEVO


    18 napja

    It’s a good movie. I think the dragon is cute

  74. Tethis Nomf

    Tethis Nomf

    18 napja

    I loved it

  75. Team Black Ninja_TBN 2nd Channel

    Team Black Ninja_TBN 2nd Channel

    18 napja

    i am SEAsian and Raya is cool

  76. Im SiLLieR

    Im SiLLieR

    18 napja

    Idk i really liked Sisu just wrong voice actor for that design

  77. Queer Quesadilla

    Queer Quesadilla

    18 napja

    I liked this movie’s visuals a lot but I agree, it looks like it was really rushed. I just think there was so much more they could’ve done and the movie felt like it was over a lot faster than it should’ve been

  78. M R

    M R

    19 napja

    Actual review starts a 5:03 Don’t summarize the damn movie in a review. Tks

  79. Madz V

    Madz V

    19 napja

    As a Filipino, i related more to Moana and Coco(Coco's mexican but you know, we like cousins and very similar) than Raya that's supposed to represent SEA countries 😅

    • Amanda Lynn

      Amanda Lynn

      12 napja

      As someone with roots in the caribbean (specifically, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷) the closest to a princess that I relate to most is Moana.

  80. Madz V

    Madz V

    19 napja

    It's also so weird how Sisu was talking like in the modern times when she did not even live for 500 years O.o

  81. Dove wing

    Dove wing

    19 napja

    I like how Soul, a really good movie that was actually funny was for free, but this one costed like $30

  82. Ben Perez

    Ben Perez

    19 napja

    8:42 “That’s another thing I expected more of the Dragons too” Uh the Title of the movie is literally Raya and THE LAST Dragon. Of course you’re not gonna get much of the Dragons 🤪

  83. Krakenz Venøm

    Krakenz Venøm

    19 napja

    You sound really nervous/scared and cocky/bored at the same time... it’s odd.

  84. Ezequiel Baez Cambra

    Ezequiel Baez Cambra

    19 napja

    I was really thrown off when they said "ready the army" and the girl shows up with like 20 guys with crossbows 😂

    • Mayon Go

      Mayon Go

      12 napja

      To be honest..... We want more Cuz there are more in the story than the film it self. I saw a lake at the edge of fang, Kumandra like what is there whats beyond kumandra right?

  85. LaCabraAsada


    20 napja

    If Avatar and Dr Stone had a child:

  86. Elijah Aragonez

    Elijah Aragonez

    20 napja

    2:10 damn Disney trying to set up for KH4 lol

  87. Ethan Grace

    Ethan Grace

    20 napja

    Why is Ramora

  88. Goofy McMuffin

    Goofy McMuffin

    20 napja

    This movie was way better then I thought it was going to be. That's probably why I enjoyed it, because my expectations where very low.

  89. Trixie Foxie

    Trixie Foxie

    20 napja

    I loved the movie - but there was a few things i hated. 1. THE KID. Not the cooking kid, the other one, the baby. It was just so AWFUL. It destroyed whole movie. Eww. Unnecessary character.

  90. Istoleyourcomment


    20 napja

    I agree with the movie being far too short, it was super fast paced and the story is incredibly rich for it's duration, I like it, but it could have been better

  91. Sophia kim

    Sophia kim

    20 napja


  92. Elina Sanglert

    Elina Sanglert

    21 napja

    Personally i liked the movie, not really for what happened in the movie but for the world building and visuals. As someone who loves art and animation i really enjoyed the enviroments and expressions by Sisu. It looked good. The whole trust thing that Sisu wanted felt a bit wrong and weird because i feel like if You’re in that world you should be ready to kill. I kinda wish there would be animated movies that were for adults but with action and fantasy and stuff. I just want some real death and misery to happen instead of everything getting solved with friendship and trust.

  93. Brown Claw703

    Brown Claw703

    21 napja

    I had to pay 30 dollors too. Still worth it, me and my dad liked it.

  94. Wise Loaf

    Wise Loaf

    21 napja

    Blimey I can easily tell Raya and the Last Dragon is gonna have one of the most horrifying fandoms

  95. Rodeo Varro

    Rodeo Varro

    21 napja

    I agree 100% wit u. I had confidence that itll b real cool but it was too full, rushed, predictable as hell, n sloppy writing, esp at the climax. I did feel something when the heroes were sacrificing themselves for the stone, but It could've been so much more indeed. The movie is pretty, but so r most of the other disney films that came b4 it. Raya and the Last Dragon is mediocre at best but mediocre is also forgettable +_0

    • LaCabraAsada


      20 napja

      Ngl I teared up at the clímax, but the ending was kind of dissapointing for me, imo the movie was okay, not the best, but okay

  96. uwu gacha idkNo.17

    uwu gacha idkNo.17

    21 napja

    Btw if the member of the animation didn’t go to Thailand malaysia and others the dargon will be like the normal dargon

  97. Anastasia Vilchinsky

    Anastasia Vilchinsky

    21 napja

    The part where namarri (or whatever her name is) shot the dragon with a crossbow was because when namarri was aiming the crossbow at the dragon she didn't know what to do, Raya didn't trust namarri and thought she would shoot the dragon so she ran up to her and tried to bump the crossbow away or aim it at the ground but that didn't go as planned and namarri accidentally shot the crossbow and hit the dragon. Why? because she was 1, Startled by the sudden attack and 2, was panicking while she was cornered at the edge of a cliff. That's why she blamed the dragons short death on Raya. (If you disagree with what I said that's fine just please don't come at me this is what I saw happen in the movie, idk if others did. This would also make more sense then just namarri shooting the dragon and blaming it on Raya).

  98. Baris Aktas

    Baris Aktas

    22 napja

    Raya is korra

  99. Freddy


    22 napja

    It's in my top 10 favorite movies!!

  100. BlueskysRainingstars xDD

    BlueskysRainingstars xDD

    23 napja

    This movie was GARBAGE 🙃 And I was really looking forward to it so it was terrible the movie just zoomed right through the plot, no attachment to any of these characters, terrible humor, a boss baby, a my little pony character, very predictable... It just felt like a money grabber disney shoved out tbh. The scenes were beautiful, the music was lovely and I'm happy there was no singing for once but I wouldn't watch it again :/