The Dark Past of BANNED World War 2 Cartoons

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  1. Saberspark


    24 napja

    I literally just realized that I uploaded this video on Hitler's birthday, I swear to god that was a coincidence lmao

    • Filip Filip

      Filip Filip

      23 napja


    • Filip Filip

      Filip Filip

      23 napja

      Now you can't

    • Filip Filip

      Filip Filip

      23 napja

      Wait you can

    • Filip Filip

      Filip Filip

      23 napja


    • Filip Filip

      Filip Filip

      23 napja

      You can't reply now :)

  2. Syd Gamer

    Syd Gamer


    I wish all countries content creators would come out with content like this about thier past/present dark history. Only really see Americans talking about thier past and understanding and showing how bad it is. It's sad too because it makes Americans look really bad but that's actually because younger Americans acknowledge it quite a bit and don't really hide it/censor it and as a society try to head equality (more so than a lot of other countries). I hear so many stories of people moving to other countries because they think things will be better there because nobody talks about racism in those places and then once they get there are silently shunned. Some even say it's worse to be silently shunned and stared at. Anyway just wish all countries were more open. I'd like to easily be able to look at other countries past racist propaganda and such as well. I know some countries still have really racist common day things being sold and consumed ( like caricatures on thier candy bar wrappers and such) but it is hard to find examples when you're not living there. Things seem to stay "in house". Hopefully one day everyone can be more accepting and learn to grow.

  3. Cristina Flores

    Cristina Flores

    3 órája

    2:00 bugs stalin

  4. Lukey Pepper

    Lukey Pepper

    3 órája

    Emporer of japan and Hitler Love Mickey Disney to there love of mickey in the 1940s: let it die let it die

  5. Electronic Corgi

    Electronic Corgi

    4 órája

    We do see modern cartoon characters used like this, just instead of pro war propaganda it's ideological talking points. Exp: The Steven Universe PSA.

  6. Violet Vulpix

    Violet Vulpix

    21 órája

    Can you imagine modern day cartoon characters as war propaganda tho? “I’m Peppa Pig! This is my brother, George. This is Mummy Pig.. and this is Daddy Pig! Let’s go punch an Iranian!”

  7. AlexsGamingShow



    The Empire from Star Wars was inspired by the Axis Powers as well and I can see that! 😊.

  8. Sadge Gowey

    Sadge Gowey

    3 napja

    I didn't know 4/20 was Hitler's birthday until a family guy joke of all things.

  9. Paul Haido

    Paul Haido

    3 napja


  10. Pedro gabriel Duarte

    Pedro gabriel Duarte

    3 napja

    Now these cartoon are banned beacuse they are racist right?

  11. dark.PoioisionedWolf


    4 napja

    I want to see more videos of saber in real life and watch him eat things

  12. ItsAmy


    5 napja

    Hitler liked Disney. Bro imagine he could’ve become an animator of some sorts. Well now he has animations of him on Disney IG? LMAO

  13. adolph hitler

    adolph hitler

    5 napja


  14. Sa Rah

    Sa Rah

    5 napja

    Review Max and Mary

  15. Ini S

    Ini S

    5 napja

    I think the caricatures of the Japanese being so much worse is resultant from multiple elements. For starters being that America was a majority white nation and its media was definitely white oriented, the ridicule of other white nations on an ethnic level is never going to be as severe. The more different a people, the more emboldened the propaganda is going to be depicting exaggerated physical stereotypes. Another element that's often looked over is just how terrible the Japanese were during the war. Their crimes against humanity are generally agreed to have been far worse in both severity and scale compared to even Nazi Germany and you also have to consider Japan invading China predated Italy's invasions of Africa and Germany moving into Poland. I think there is definitely an element of generalized racial hatred for asian people and wouldn't say that wasn't at play. But considering just how severe the war was and likewise how extreme the Axis hatred of their enemies was, the caricatures can be considered a petty insult at worst. These were nations fighting for dominance of the globe, that cannot be understated.

  16. Dylan Buck

    Dylan Buck

    6 napja

    It would be seriously fucking funny when people start to make propaganda against the Chinese government when a future war breaks out in the Pacific.

  17. B. Thayer

    B. Thayer

    6 napja

    I have the Disney Treasures box set called At The Front which contains Der Furher’s Face and other war effort shorts. It came out ~15-20 years ago and Leonard Maltin explains the cultural impact Vs the current views.

  18. Seabasstiengaming101


    6 napja

    I can't believe what I'm doing but through multiple amounts of reasercher that was not how they lived in Germany

  19. Tomcsika Orgovan

    Tomcsika Orgovan

    7 napja

    Adolf hitler more like adolf duck

  20. DSCuber


    7 napja


  21. Jiggs Miguel

    Jiggs Miguel

    7 napja

    I almost thumbs down this video since you didn’t add milk. But I stopped the urge and liked instead.

  22. a completely normal human

    a completely normal human

    7 napja

    5:57 the method in which he is aged reminds me of the story of urashima taro

  23. Stephsaguudefan


    7 napja

    I don't think I would call these cartoons racist considering the circumstances when they were made. The people who worked on them literally lost loved ones because of the countries they portray as the bad guys. They hated what the countries were doing which is completely understandable. I can see not putting them on current Disney+, but this shows exactly how Germany and Japan made us feel in that time which isn't trivial, and honestly those feelings were warranted.

  24. LemonFace numby

    LemonFace numby

    7 napja

    can you review Freddie As FRO7 and Blinky Bill 1992?

  25. CatsNNavyBlueCaps


    7 napja

    My college has a small temporary exhibit set up full of world war II propaganda, and the Donald Duck cartoon is playing on loop in there.

  26. Gaufridus of the fire

    Gaufridus of the fire

    7 napja

    Question what's with the teeth.

  27. Neptune_enthusiast


    7 napja

    I just realized that I think I saw one. I watch an episode of something (probably Looney Tunes) where Daffy Duck was hooking up with a girl and he realized that she was a Nazi

  28. Star Studio

    Star Studio

    8 napja

    Did I just see hitler Donald Duck in a thumbnail about ww2 banned cartoons?

  29. OldClassicGamer


    8 napja

    8:17 Dude, there is absolutely NOTHING racist about that song. It's all in good spirit.

  30. MunsterGal


    8 napja

    I realized why Disney did the changes that they made and are still making today. 1. They want to create a distraction for kids from a lot of crazy stuff that happened in the past. 2. Yes, I like that they made disclaimers for some movies about the racial and offensive stuff put in their movies, unlike Song of the South. That was made to recreate an actual series of stories that was told during the Civil War and in the time of slavery. 3. They have a tendency to sugar coat everything that happened in history by twisting it and making it inaccurate, like the change in the Pirates of the Caribbean tide where they’re auctioning off treasures. The fact that pirates sold off wenches that they kidnapped is accurate because it’s what they did. All in all, Disney tries to admit to their mistakes, but they actually kept making mistake after mistake.

  31. Christian Shelly

    Christian Shelly

    8 napja

    Wow, a sane person on the internet who doesn't ignore the past because it makes them uncomfortable. Great video man!

  32. Dyslexic Batnam

    Dyslexic Batnam

    8 napja

    They probably went so hard on the Japanese because everyone knew about the warcrimes they were committing in China

    • Dyslexic Batnam

      Dyslexic Batnam

      3 napja

      @Christopher Anderson Nah literally everyone knew about the war crimes they were commiting. The Japanese themselves were writing about mass executions in their newspapers like they were sports

    • Christopher Anderson

      Christopher Anderson

      3 napja

      Well they did bomb Pearl Harbor which is why the United States went to war with them. I doubt many people knew about the war crimes in China until after the war. A sneak attack on the Pacific Fleet that killed US soldiers and sank several of our ships is the reason the US went so hard on the Japanese.

  33. The Prussian Robloxian

    The Prussian Robloxian

    9 napja

    war is war, propaganda will exist that will make fun of the enemy you friggen' softie

    • Sagazine Mtew

      Sagazine Mtew


      My thoughts exactly

  34. Doomsoul909


    9 napja

    What he said about his Roth in the begging is my philosophy on that topic.

  35. Cursed memes

    Cursed memes

    9 napja

    I wanna be Japanese but i don't wanna talk about the war-

  36. Alexis Lloyd D Alinan

    Alexis Lloyd D Alinan

    9 napja

    Ww2 cartoons: *banned* Me: NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN

  37. Brian Flanagan

    Brian Flanagan

    10 napja

    Why didn't you include Japoteures from Superman?

  38. ACNH Gamer

    ACNH Gamer

    10 napja

    I’m glad saber didn’t say talk about the Italian G slur. I’m Italian and would take great offense to it, despite it not being anywhere near as bad as something I.e the n word.

  39. Grimno


    10 napja

    I can just see enemy propaganda if the United States goes to war with someone. Soldier: "There's American's hiding in this forest... but we don't know where. Their technology is advanced enough to make them completely invisible!" Soldier 2: "Don't worry.. watch this. Ahem..." *Pulls Up Megaphone* "...There Are Only Two Genders!" *Silence* *Suddenly a bush starts to rattle and there's screaming coming from it* "NOW LISTEN HERE YOU BIGOT!" Solder 1 and 2: *Proceeds to fire on the bush*

  40. Animal_ Lord

    Animal_ Lord

    10 napja

    I actually have a looney toons cds labeled vol.1 and 2 and one of them has the Daffy duck animation on it but my little 5 year old brain did know that it was a proganda cartoon

  41. kandeekorn daFangorl

    kandeekorn daFangorl

    10 napja

    Your editor makes the best clips with stuff like the edited Atlantis WB and Disney scene, it really emphasizes the point perfectly

  42. TheMeloettaful


    10 napja

    Hey just wanted to let you know I went through your link for Magic Spoon and got their Birthday Cake flavor package! Omg this cereal is so delicious 😆! Don't know how long they will keep the birthday cake flavor available, but if it's still there by the time I finish these boxes I will definitely get some more 😁!



    10 napja

    I don't understand why these cartoons are considered problematic. They were cartoons about war. These nations wanted to enslave everyone. Why should we feel sorry for their depictions?

  44. The Spider

    The Spider

    10 napja

    Walt prefered Stalin to Adolf. Henry Ford on the other hand was one of the only Americans to win a pretty hateful award from Adolf, and he displayed it proudly for the rest of his life. On another note, anti Asian sentiments never really went away. To this day there is a shocking amount of hatred for Asian cultures, and attempts to censor their cultures in the west. Colonialism against Asian culture is a serious problem that is rarely discussed. And the same goes for the ever present attacks against them.

  45. Justin Langford

    Justin Langford

    10 napja

    Saber, you look likeRob Reiner... and he does quality work.

  46. Zac Barton

    Zac Barton

    11 napja

    Speaking of remembering things, Japan needs to remember the comfort women and how they destroyed the lives of a whole generation of asian women

  47. Zac Barton

    Zac Barton

    11 napja

    Hold up, Disney caused WW2 to prevent their bankruptcy?

  48. I'm a chicken LOL

    I'm a chicken LOL

    11 napja

    Lol Americans hate black people

  49. Frenchfry Waffle

    Frenchfry Waffle

    11 napja

    Did Donald Duck actually have flashbacks to that cartoon in Duck Tales?

  50. Anneliese Weisman

    Anneliese Weisman

    11 napja

    Saber please review Gnomeo and Juliet

  51. Addie B

    Addie B

    11 napja

    This is kind of long so you can scroll past if you want. I grew up in a jewish home and my mom was always VERY adamant about me growing up knowing the history of WWII, like to the point where I was having nightmares about hiding when I was 8 (fucked up.) But she was so adamant that I couldn’t go and listen to another speaker with her, read another book, or see another movie. It took me being in my teens (I’m in my 20’s now) trying to find some old Betty Boop cartoons I used to have on dvd to fall down this HUGE rabbit hole of WWII cartoons. It was an intense and insane experience but it really did bring a lot of things to light I either didn’t pay attention to or just glossed over. This was a really great video and I’m REALLY happy you talked about this subject. There’s an uncomfortable amount of people who are TOO comfortable with saying that the war didn’t even happen. Thank you so much for this 💕

  52. Johnny G

    Johnny G

    11 napja


  53. Marlon Parral-Prudente

    Marlon Parral-Prudente

    11 napja

    I like it

  54. Maggie •

    Maggie •

    11 napja

    Are we not gonna talk about how Walt Disney was practically a Nazi. A lot of his movies featured anti-Semitic images and made fun of Jewish people

  55. Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer

    Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer

    11 napja

    The thing I love most about Der Fuehrer's Face is that one moment when someone yells "Heil Hitler" as if they were having a heart attack.

  56. FatLeon93


    11 napja

    Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it

  57. Father Stalin

    Father Stalin

    11 napja

  58. pika23


    11 napja

    A bootleg of snow white from the 80s we got from a friend who was in with disney, had a banned ww2 cartoon called coal black. The4e were war elements

  59. saf317


    11 napja

    der fuhrers face is cheaply available on dvd in the Disney treasures on the front lines collection from the early 2000's (in the from the vault section of disc one where especially culturally insensitive or problematic shorts are put out of the main play list) for around $25 on amazon used. it seemed odd you used Disney treasures footage of Maltin while misrepresenting availability.

  60. Gozu velasco

    Gozu velasco

    11 napja

    We shouldn't hide this, we should show it and educate people, not block it

  61. ó_ò


    12 napja

    Damn this video said a lot about our past.

  62. Oscar Resendiz

    Oscar Resendiz

    12 napja


  63. •—*HannahStar*—•


    12 napja

    5:10 “well let’s find out” *ad plays* “This is my home and I’m not giving it up”

  64. Anime The best

    Anime The best

    12 napja

    When I was watching this video there was a add for a game based on World War Two

  65. VinnyMartello


    12 napja

    The caricatures of hitler are hilarious. Theres nothing to apologize for.

  66. Xeno426


    12 napja

    It's interesting to compare how these propaganda cartoons handled the Japanese and Germans. Generally, Germans were depicted like people stuck with awful leaders (such as Der Fuhur's Face). The Japanese, though, are just thoroughly dehumanized.

  67. Mudwater


    12 napja

    20 minutes of history class

  68. Intelligent Rock

    Intelligent Rock

    12 napja

    Racist people are bad. Doesn’t matter if your black white or blue your skin color doesn’t matter your amazing

  69. João António Jacinto

    João António Jacinto

    12 napja

    Thanks to HUeye not only did I get to see the actual pictures from that time themselves, but also this brilliant critical analysis of them

  70. Hi hi hi hi hi

    Hi hi hi hi hi

    12 napja

    5:50 cup head was based off of that guy

  71. Fettuccine


    12 napja

    Don’t let Twitter users find about this

  72. hermanni1989


    12 napja

    Honestly I like it when military instructional videos had a cartoon G.I. character demonstrating bad and good practices.

  73. The Lost Concerts

    The Lost Concerts

    12 napja

    Why is it ok to do exaggerated racial depictions of Germans and Italians but not Japanese? Sounds like a double standard to me.

  74. Wolf Wizard

    Wolf Wizard

    12 napja

    Review Atlantis the lost empire

  75. Mrloekie RBLX

    Mrloekie RBLX

    12 napja

    The fact this was uploaded on (S)Hitler's birthday, lol

  76. Ammi


    12 napja

    Don’t forget characters made specifically made for propaganda like SNAFU

  77. Faith Glover

    Faith Glover

    12 napja

    I own that Donald Duck cartoon actually. Disney released all their cartoons in these tin cases. There are 4 Donald volumes but I genuinely can't remember which one it's on. I know people are still trying to sell these but they're SUPER expensive now.

  78. Fegor Acedia

    Fegor Acedia

    12 napja

    I suddenly have an itch to watch those propaganda cartoons, not for some history lesson but more like I wanna watch cartoons from an era where offensive things arent censored because of the sensitive public

  79. Ahmad Qairy

    Ahmad Qairy

    12 napja

    Not gonna lie I really like to watch That movie

  80. David Lewis

    David Lewis

    12 napja

    I seen some of these...

  81. Khay Clay

    Khay Clay

    12 napja

    Doo doo ru ru roodududuuu DAAAAAAA

  82. Dalton Wade

    Dalton Wade

    12 napja

    Racist animation: yes Making fun of ultra fascist losers from ww2: sure why not

  83. Skyrogue19


    13 napja

    I’m reminded of that one Hey Arnold where they talked about Phil’s involvement in WW2.

  84. Nathan Randomized

    Nathan Randomized

    13 napja

    War... war never changes.

  85. The Insane Mentalist

    The Insane Mentalist

    13 napja

    You know, Something I'm sad that you completely forgot and , I'm hoping you left this out to talk about it in a future video was Education for death because, learning about this from my college history teacher, Part of the entire message of Education for death was to teach americans that Germany was NOT THE PROBLEM in WW2. That, In fact, Germany were as much victims to the evils of facism as anyone they were fighting against because of it's absolutely brutal philosophies. And for the love of god, I think there's a lot of americans that could learn about how facism is a FUCKING Problem.

  86. Amanda M

    Amanda M

    13 napja

    11-12 and the social

  87. Francesco Boselli

    Francesco Boselli

    13 napja

    Plot twist: Disney remove those cartoon, because they still support the Nazis

  88. ace orca

    ace orca

    13 napja

    The man wanted to be buried with his Mickey Mouse watch on so he' beiNG BURIED WITH HIS MICKEY MOUSE WATCH ON GODAMNIT-

  89. Toprem


    13 napja

    7:35 - * Insert joke about what's different about that and America now here *

  90. Stephanie Zara

    Stephanie Zara

    13 napja

    This is fascinating. Can you recommend a documentary that goes further into this?

  91. Aztecelotl


    13 napja

    You don’t have to apologize. The past is the past

  92. Grim R.

    Grim R.

    13 napja

    That usage of the Atlantis bit is the best use I've seen ahshshdhduua

  93. Maksim Vatrox

    Maksim Vatrox

    13 napja

    Those cereals are very expensive but they look so tasty! For reference, the ones I have are 2€ and it has 500g. Oh well...Maybe some other time :D

  94. Ducks are ur lords

    Ducks are ur lords

    13 napja

    Most of these movies are banned in germany... I'm not german but I know that they are

  95. Caleb S

    Caleb S

    13 napja

    Btw I think there's a collection of these on Amazon Prime video I might still be there

  96. QJ89


    13 napja

    The two War-time shorts that stand out to me the most are Famous' Superman shorts, 'The Eleventh Hour' and 'Secret Agent.' While this was my introduction to America's involvement in the War, I thought it strange that the Symbol of Hope, Peace, Truth and Justice was destroying Japanese ships and naval equipment; something he would NEVER dream of doing today. Meanwhile, the way 'Secret Agent' ends with him saluting the American flag is kind of cheesy, but a reminder that he always fought for the American Way, a true American Hero. Also, I'm pretty sure there was comic cover from the time where he clocks a Hitler lookalike; National/DC and the whole Industry were geared towards winning the War, while today, Superman would try to prevent war from happening at all.

  97. ThePickledAuthor


    13 napja

    "Erasing our past hurts our future." Fully agreed. If we get rid of these things entirely, we can't remember how awful they really were and we might repeat those mistakes. Might hurt to see them now, but they're a reminder.

  98. Urchin Shrub

    Urchin Shrub

    13 napja

    5:13 This transition being a cut to black is jarring. It’s in almost every video, and I always think something happened to my phone when I see it.

  99. Alex Benavidez

    Alex Benavidez

    13 napja

    Hetalia is honestly pretty propagandist; just in a really subtle way towards its audience of impressionable teens of a generation rather detached from WWII I liked it as a teen myself honestly, and looking back now, it's the most blatant and ridiculous foghorn of wartime Japan propaganda, designed to make the axis powers out as sympathetic, likeable and as charismatic as possible How did they do this? They made them cute anime guys. The allies get the anime-fying treatment as well, but the show is centered on japan, Italy and Germany, and they're supposed to be likeable and funny There's no mention of warcrimes, or much fighting at all. Its slice of life anime of the fucking axis powers if they were cute anime guys. I cant believe that was even such an unironically beloved show. Nazi Germany was a fan favourite. He was portrayed as being a perfectionist/neat freak, highly closeted and emotionally constipated on top of being strong, disciplined and capable military-wise, but a total klutz when it comes to making friends and understanding social cues The show constantly yaoi-baited him with Italy who was an incompetent twink, carefree, dumb and easily excitable, and also oblivious to all the romantic and sexual frustration Nazi germany had for him, and I cant believe I just said that sentence Japan was most certainly placed in the most dignified and flattering light, where he was quiet and reserved and would "say many things without saying much at all" He was noticeably absent from most conflict with the allies, and it was mostly Italy failing to succeed in any military endeavor, and having Germany constantly bail him out and practically take on the allies singlehandedly I won't lie: there are some moments I found genuinely hilarious and still do. If it were a show just about large than life stereotypes of the countries, completely independent of the war, it'd be far less offensive as a series You do learn some things about each country and culture, and the way its presented at times can be enjoyable, and I think that'd be fine on it's own But it's a smokescreen for image propaganda of the axis during WWII. Its purpose is to change perception under the guise of just having fun seeing all the countries interact with each other, and seeing all the cultures clash and influence I don't think anyone denies America was spot on, though. Austria and Germany were in what was practically a very unhappy marriage, with Austria stuck living at Germany's house, spending all day nagging him and playing the piano The arguments around who gets to claim which historical famous composers belonged to who were also pretty accurate There were random cat episodes sometimes, where all the countries were suddenly cats nowl. Italy is obsessed with pasta and has a tendency to sneak into Germany's bed with him at night France rapes England at one point.

    • Alex Benavidez

      Alex Benavidez

      13 napja

      @I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition It's a video on WWII propagandist cartoons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition

      I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition

      13 napja

      Very interesting sir but this is a Wendy's

  100. RoyalRoseWolf


    14 napja

    I’ve heard that they’ve decided to erase history and only teach kids the most recent history and nothing before then. So I think what you said is well said. You cannot erase history. It must be taught so we as a society can learn from the past