The Lola Bunny Controversy (and why people need to chill)

I never realized people were so passionate about furry girls ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  1. Saberspark


    2 hónapja

    I'm afraid to read the comments lol

    • YuYee


      27 napja

      13:40 as if your opinion matters to die hard fans of Lola cmon dude what century are you in 😂?

    • Erik David Fuentes / EDF

      Erik David Fuentes / EDF

      29 napja

      Don't worry I'm going to check

    • Joppe Geelkerken

      Joppe Geelkerken



    • 【Tatiana】



      Same honestly

    • Fakereal Jay

      Fakereal Jay



  2. anticarrrot


    6 órája

    Alternatively it say something about how the quality of Space Jam is that removing the fanservice is a base breaking problem for fans of the original. Though IMHO her new face makes her look as old as Slappy Squirrel, which is an odd choice for an athletic character. Also if you really want bunny boobies there are plenty of places on the internet to find them, and plenty of artists who'll draw them any size you want.

  3. ash M

    ash M

    6 órája

    To give my honest perspective on this, as someone who has been in animation for the last 8 years, I do prefer the old 1996 style Lola simply because her sensualness was part of her character and the way she looked worked well with her role, I do wish that the old movie did more with her to expand her character so she didn't play too much into that stereotypical hot girl trope but considering things like target audience, marketing even parodying and fandom, I consider the older style to be more successful. The new design honestly looks fine too, its much more child friendly and that's perfectly fine, but of course, its less risky and if anything looks more boring. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Seaborn Gaming

    Seaborn Gaming

    7 órája

    I think out of all the recent lola, the new looney tunes Lola is my favorite

  5. Test Dummy2.0

    Test Dummy2.0


    Are we not gonna talk about joshua and the promised land being in the s tier list???



    2 napja

    I tHOUGHT HIS Name was SABERSHARK!!🤣🤣🤣

  7. Bastion Robin

    Bastion Robin

    2 napja

    Loony Toons Show has the best Lola.

  8. Morgan Dean

    Morgan Dean

    3 napja

    Honestly when I first saw this movie I was a little kid and I at first found it boring until Lola came on screen. I found her personality to be just what I wanted to grow up to be. She was strong and didn't hesitate to push back against those who talked down to her like she was just an item. She was awesome and as long as she keeps up with her strong personality that would make it actually worth it for me.

  9. Sprig Plantar

    Sprig Plantar

    3 napja

    *I feel for the hot and cute bunny...*

  10. kayce speedpaint

    kayce speedpaint

    4 napja

    I honestly like her new design I don't honestly care but I'm still excited to see the movie

  11. DILAN


    4 napja

    You like furry

  12. JayFolipurba


    5 napja

    The viewer is generally supposed to identify with the main protagonist. In that way, Lola is the love interest. The new Lola, imo, gives off much more of a cousin vibe. She's a girl you wanna hang out with but not date, generally... that's the change that people notice

  13. Aubree B

    Aubree B

    5 napja

    I personally don’t like her latest design, but it’s because of her face, not her sex appeal. I don’t care though because there’s no way in hell I’m going to watch the new space jam

  14. Mafon2


    5 napja

    3:27 - I love that song ))))

  15. Calem Linke

    Calem Linke

    5 napja

    BTW I'd like to see what you can do with the "My Life As A Teenage Robot" lore... I've seen Jenny Wakemann in her battle suit before, but the cartoon series is something else. What about the backstory of the series?

  16. Calem Linke

    Calem Linke

    5 napja

    You're about to explain the Lola Bunny thing in detail, when this ad comes on that says the words, " We Do That", and it's as if it was planned for this. 🤣

  17. Toon Myran

    Toon Myran

    6 napja

    That character was a mistake

  18. Twisted Hell

    Twisted Hell

    7 napja

    I don’t like lolas new face tbh, body is fine, face just looks.. dumb

  19. Shiro Indo

    Shiro Indo

    8 napja

    I'm mostly confused and scared rn

  20. IntricaciesRus


    8 napja

    Lola bunny is the reason I'm not attracted to men.(as much as I'm attracted to woman)

  21. Alexander King

    Alexander King

    9 napja

    Plot twist: everybody was actually just mad because it didn’t look like the same Lola bunny from the new Looney Tunes And saberspark thought it was a different reason

  22. Isabella Hinkley

    Isabella Hinkley

    9 napja

    for the new space jam to make it more modern Lola bunny is supposed to be a lesbian which is pretty cool to see that type of representation in modern tv and for children like myself to grow up with that in modern shows take the owl house the literal main character, luz which is bisexual and her friend amity a lesbian and its a kids show i just love that they have that representation in a kids show or a movie.

  23. SBBwasaight Vuong

    SBBwasaight Vuong

    10 napja

    Y'all are furries

  24. Iron Lord 2014

    Iron Lord 2014

    10 napja

    I get what you saying about characters changing over time but this is different. It was changed due to political correctness, the people involved even said so and that is what pissed people off, even me. They changed something original to match a political ideology viewpoint and no one likes that.

  25. Addison Rubin

    Addison Rubin

    11 napja

    The thing is, I was born 2008 so I didn’t watch space jam until a while I grew up with the Looney Tunes Lola bunny, the stalker one, And I love her so much she’s my favorite but all in all I left them all because of Lola’s personality

  26. archmagetyler


    11 napja

    Others “where are her breasts!?” Me “do you see the image? They went into her hips.”

  27. GalaxyUnicorn


    11 napja

    8:58 is that sans the comic

  28. Ahmad Qairy

    Ahmad Qairy

    11 napja

    So I don't know what attachment I choose to added my M16 rifle. bayonet or suppressor?

  29. Ahmad Qairy

    Ahmad Qairy

    11 napja


  30. Captain Canary

    Captain Canary

    12 napja

    i- kinda have the same complaint with the new Lola that McDonald's had with the one beta version of her. She kinda looks a little too young to me.

  31. Splat Productions

    Splat Productions

    12 napja

    "*where's the holy water when you need it*"

  32. Frooglet Animations

    Frooglet Animations

    12 napja

    What boys want: 90s Lola What men want: 20s Lola What legends want: *C H U U N G U S S* Lola

  33. King Cobraz

    King Cobraz

    12 napja

    You can’t forget the side of people who don’t give a crap about Lola bunny

  34. The Lost Concerts

    The Lost Concerts

    12 napja

    How fucking dare you poison our screen with Lindsey *vomits* Ellis.

  35. Gradient64


    12 napja

    Who is Lola

  36. Shawn Smith

    Shawn Smith

    13 napja

    Lola's old design was pretty hot 🔥 I loved her old design and I'm gay

  37. Chrisstena Dickson

    Chrisstena Dickson

    13 napja

    Furrys for life

  38. PxchyCreamDreams


    13 napja

    0:16 because nobody pointed it out, Look! The lion bible thing movie

  39. Sleepy_m0th


    13 napja

    Lola: used to be a cousin Me:"SWEET HOME ALABAMA"

  40. ssjwes


    13 napja

    "toned things down" she literally has no chest in the remake. Her boobs weren't even that big in SJ1 but now they're none existent. I don't even really care but the problem I have with it is they're invalidating her femininity as a women by "toning her down"... Trust me, with some of the jokes and allegories you make, you're definitely more hung up on sexual stuff in media/entertainment than I am. I think you need to chill.

  41. peter burczyk

    peter burczyk

    13 napja

    *initial concept of lola isn't designed to be sexy* McDonalds: Y O U H A V E D I S P L E A S E D T H E C L O W N

  42. redanimatez


    13 napja

    Femboy bunny

  43. Joey W

    Joey W

    14 napja

    Bruh you can't just make Lola that stacked on the thumbnail, just what are you trying to awaken within me

  44. Ninja Pickle

    Ninja Pickle

    14 napja

    I love Looney Tunes Show Lola, she's one of the funniest characters and actually has a fun personality. I can't stand the furbait original one

  45. ElDebulas Carrito

    ElDebulas Carrito

    14 napja

    oh and they made her short, she was way taller in 1

  46. Nelson Baietti

    Nelson Baietti

    14 napja

    naaah jessica can't be compared to lola. jessica is somehow less anthropomorphic than lola!

  47. Nelson Baietti

    Nelson Baietti

    14 napja

    It is not she is less hot, she seems poorly drawn. It is incredibly disheartening seeing the characters drawn more "simplistically", for which I mean *WORSE* .

  48. Sal dose stuff

    Sal dose stuff

    15 napja

    its funny how some people are mad over not having an animated character have bunny tets

  49. Stephen Hines

    Stephen Hines

    15 napja

    She is the second best player on the team not just there to be the hot girl and love interest for Bugs

  50. Anderson Browne

    Anderson Browne

    15 napja

    the best version of lola was the new looney tunes show version, because she had a funnyer personality

  51. Anderson Browne

    Anderson Browne

    15 napja

    if roadrunner does not get more screen time in space jam 2, i am not watching the movie

  52. Alfa


    15 napja

    "There is nothing wrong with having a hot character" *proceeds to say everything he thinks is wrong about having a hot character*

  53. benji TB

    benji TB

    15 napja

    I for one could not care about her or her appearance, I've never really liked characters and if they are sexually present. I do think it's an issue when it comes to censorship, I'd recommend some of y'all check out charlie's vid, he goes farther in depth and talks about the cencorship issue that surface's.

  54. Space Egg

    Space Egg

    16 napja

    Ok but there's literally nothing wrong with her new design. Like, I just hope she keeps her spunk.

  55. Pop Rock Draws

    Pop Rock Draws

    16 napja

    I loved Lola's original Space Jam movie. One because yes she was hot, but it also added to her character. She was supposed to represent that she isn't just the hot girl that is messing them up. I kind of saw her as the character to show no matter what you look like you can do anything anyone else can do.

  56. SeraSuki


    16 napja

    "- when you feel attracted to an animated charecter-" anime fans:

  57. Camron G

    Camron G

    17 napja

    i just want looney tunes shows lola bunny's brain in space jam lola bunny's body

  58. Knilman 01

    Knilman 01

    17 napja

    I just liked the old lola desing for the plot

  59. cheezymuffin


    17 napja

    Imma just add that people also might feel like the reduced sexiness is the result of a woke studio/animators/etc, and they feel like another piece of nostalgia is about to be ruined through a shitty reboot of a beloved series/move/francise. Where Lola in this case will be just another woke mary sue with no other character than being "Not like the other girls" and a feminist who "don't need no guy". And to be fair, after the garbage that are the new StarWars movies, that fear only grows.

  60. Vulpes De Cinere

    Vulpes De Cinere

    17 napja

    Hey uh I don't wanna be that guy but, Wrong site. It's supposed to be blue.

  61. Dimi2445


    17 napja

    I dislike her :/

  62. Michelle Alzo

    Michelle Alzo

    17 napja

    I didn't even notice the difference. ._.

  63. AliveThing


    17 napja


  64. WillMac


    18 napja

    Honestly you say you don't have a crush on lola but you have a entire video about her

  65. The Nex Reviews

    The Nex Reviews

    18 napja

    "Who is right? Who is wrong" Neither we all getting played because the more i hear about the actual film the worst it gets

  66. Northern Artist

    Northern Artist

    18 napja

    The character design looks fine. People need to relax

  67. Guilmonhero


    18 napja

    I feel like you should've promoted the other Looney Toons shows a bit more, especially the latest one that's on Boomerang where I think it's on its 3rd season I think, to my surprise. It's literally called New Looney Toons, but yeah Lola keeps changing all the time. Especially if you think about it, the old Lola would've fit in with one of Bugs' older cartoons where he tries to win the affections of a beautiful girl and it ends with the girl finally giving him a chance. I think the argument to keep old Lola was basically: "Yes, girls like her can be more than sex objects. Oh... that's all you ever thought about her too huh? Not something more or potential that was wasted..."

  68. Thundy


    18 napja

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  69. Twentydragon


    18 napja

    Honestly, my only issue with Lola's appearance on the poster is that her face looks like Slappy Squirrel cosplaying Lola Bunny. From what little I saw in the trailer, she looks okay there.

  70. Curesd1 -SooompleToxt-

    Curesd1 -SooompleToxt-

    19 napja

    8:51 my guy miss spelled of like bruh

  71. Magical Mew

    Magical Mew

    19 napja

    I like his choice for the s tier.

  72. LordKinehtist


    19 napja

    In my point of view I'm just tired of companies being scared of showing anything of a female body while masculine bodies are always super pumped and can be sexy because they are just males. It's sadly true but things changed, shows won't do what they did before and designs will always be adapted for modern children.

  73. GOJI MLG


    19 napja


  74. Du5k .17

    Du5k .17

    20 napja

    My only problem is her head shape, it seems off somehow, can't put my finger on it tho

  75. Neox4930


    20 napja

    Doesnt matter what her design is, we'll get alot of "art" of her

  76. Luxai


    20 napja

    I'm not relating to this debate. And I doubt to call it a controversy even. Do I think Lola in the original Space Jam is sexy? Yes, and I am not the least bit ashamed to say that. She was made to be, and it works. Now, I don't mind them changing the characters model in and of itself. I, however, do think it's dumb to give in to outrage opinions and to make changes around then. It's fiction, movie makers should be free to create things for certain audiences and should never be expected to serve a greater good narrative irl or try to be for every type of audience. Basically, I enjoy sexy female characters in popular media, and I would get upset if they made changes only to placate people who can't keep fiction from reality, because that is wrong to me. This does not reflect my real life views on women, because that is real life, and not fiction. Is that really so hard to imagine? It it... NICK? 13:54 Honestly, I'm so sick of this "oh your opinions about fiction reveals your opinions about real people". No it doesn't, please learn to seperate fiction and reality. The very fact people can't do this very simple thing seem to be the real root cause of many controversies, and it's annoying and sad. My 2 cent, good day.

  77. skylineXpert


    20 napja

    Never saw her in that light and never will.

  78. Gabe M.

    Gabe M.

    20 napja

    Damn man, you were going *so well*... and then you cited Lindsay "I made a 2 hour long non-apology video for a really dumb take on "Soul" by Pixar and centered it on my abortion" Ellis. Just... you could've taken someone more academically heavy :)

  79. Moblin Moe

    Moblin Moe

    20 napja

    I never realy liked her. To me lola bunny was not sexy enough, the fairy queen from ocarina of time, cremia and lulu from Majoras mask made sure to set my standards high

  80. lily sanderson

    lily sanderson

    20 napja

    Girlboss, kickass, begoodatbasketball

  81. AkuTenshiiZero


    20 napja

    I'm kinda sad we never got "teen tomboy" Lola. The design looks like fun and energetic character who would be just dripping with 90's attitude.

  82. Radien


    21 napja

    DRUNK RECAP! DRUNK RECAP!!! ... Seriously, your drunk Shrek recap is the funniest thing on this channel. I've watched it at least three times.

  83. Radien


    21 napja

    I will NOT admit that I had a crush on Lola Bunny in the 90s...... because I didn't. I had a crush on Gadget from Rescue Rangers.

  84. Molten Loyalty

    Molten Loyalty

    21 napja

    Lola bunny = the first form of a furry

  85. Wiktoria Jednacz

    Wiktoria Jednacz

    21 napja

    It feels like She-Ra anger train 😂 it is amazing its happening again 😂

  86. Knuckle Sandwich

    Knuckle Sandwich

    21 napja

    Big Chungus

  87. Merry Old grinkh

    Merry Old grinkh

    21 napja

    You ranked Spiderverse below Space Jam…

  88. Roxanne Calif

    Roxanne Calif

    22 napja

    Welcome to the loonyverse

  89. neshapink17


    22 napja

    I actually really appreciated Lola from SpaceJam. I played basketball and was kind of self conscious, so seeing a female character(even a cartoon) that was excellent at basketball and beautiful was reassuring to me. I don't have a problem with "new" Lola as long as she has a strong personality and is still good at basketball.

  90. woodchuck 00

    woodchuck 00

    22 napja

    The ending is BS and is just some crazy log that only works if you want to insult the people you don't like then complain you are the tolerant one. How can you argue Jessica Rabbit is more than just sexy and claim Lola is just sexy. Lola is literally the only cartoon charter that is actually good at basketball. All the other ones have to use mopeds and loony toon antics. She gets more screen time and development ten the majority of the male cartoon characters. The ending summary is just an exercise of hypocrisy and forcing a narrative.

  91. Keali Bjoerk

    Keali Bjoerk

    22 napja

    The part about that promo image of the redesign is that her feet indicate she's standing behind the human, but her upper part is in front of his pant legs. That's some M.C. Escher stuff right there.

  92. Sonisis Speedpaints

    Sonisis Speedpaints

    22 napja

    Some of you need jeezus

  93. Colress! The science joltik!

    Colress! The science joltik!

    23 napja

    I appreciated the fact that you used the undertales anniversary version of sans :]

  94. L JJ

    L JJ

    23 napja

    I'm mad they changed Micheal Jordan! He was so sexy in that movie now what! I have to watch ANOTHER basketball star. It won't be the same...

  95. Agent Alice Bunny

    Agent Alice Bunny

    24 napja

    I'm just glad that we have a character that a) Is blonde, b) Is really good at a sport, hell, better than the boys, c) Can still look good while she does what she's passionate about, d) Isn't some stupid airhead that fawns over boys and e) Is a mostly a great role model for other girls. Me especially, my childhood at school was full of bullies who called me ugly and stupid and that I was weak compared to the boys. Characters like Lola need to be respected more than how man artist sitting alone in a dark room drew her.

  96. accquizzer


    24 napja

    Them: Why'd they replace old Lola for new Lola?! Me: Why did they replace Michael Jordan with LeBron James?! (Somebody is trying too hard to be the next Michael Jordan...)

  97. Jun G. O.

    Jun G. O.

    24 napja

    I think it's jarring how the new design makes her look old. Just something about the eyes and cheeks makes her look like a 40 year old mom

  98. Scrumpit Boy

    Scrumpit Boy

    25 napja

    Saber ... you can’t call it denial anymore if there is no denial alright, just make the funny crossed arms lion Avatar and go!!!

  99. Sneakpuppies


    26 napja

    As a furry, I approve

  100. P0iTheEnby


    27 napja

    Nobody’s talking about how in the start, Joshua and the Promised Land is *S Tier*- I mean, I’m not complaining