The ULTIMATE Cartoon Crush Tier List

Crushing on cartoon cuties? I guess this is my life now
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  1. Saberspark



    What are y'all's favorite cartoon crushes?

    • Andrew Moreek 69

      Andrew Moreek 69


      Your mom! GOT’EM

    • ᗪ乇ㄖ几 匚卂卩

      ᗪ乇ㄖ几 匚卂卩


      Bugs bunny

    • Weird_Boy




    • Txc S1n1ster

      Txc S1n1ster


      @Ambar Perez i feel a disturbance in the force( jk he's my favourite character)

    • dank not a badass neko 기묘한

      dank not a badass neko 기묘한


      A car

  2. PVZ Jack

    PVZ Jack

    4 órája

    Hope you're not a furry Why are you looking at me? I'm not a furry

  3. deep devour

    deep devour

    7 órája

    Her name is Nicole, Saber.

  4. Patriot 101

    Patriot 101

    21 órája

    Dude I think we both can agree on one thing redheaded bubbly girls hell yeah!😆🥰

  5. Michael Nicholson

    Michael Nicholson

    22 órája

    Ant Queen had me dead

  6. Kacie Villalva

    Kacie Villalva


    So you wouldnt be with the cat but you would consider the mouse 😂😂😂

  7. Soup3dBlast



    One hour

  8. jacobianmail



    Nah your s,a,b tiers make a lot of sense. Your true top s tier pick is on point.

  9. strawberry ///

    strawberry ///


    Nani was also THICC

  10. Nikolas avila

    Nikolas avila


    Probably should rename this to how many fandoms you could piss off.

  11. Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson


    Suddenly a MLP character would creep into view, then laughter ensued

  12. Dallas Russell

    Dallas Russell


    Haven't seen close enough yet so bridget is a A gadget is a friend eep is a B Charlotte is a F she is a spoiled girl Charlie is a A she is adorable francine is a is a C Sally acorn is a Friend Jim's mom is a D cruella is a F she kills puppies who does that ant queen is a who ty lee is a A Jesse is a friend Dan's girl is a who miss Bianca is a friend minnie is a friend aristocrats is a who vanessa is a friend Martian queen is a F ellie is a D maleficencent is a C Epps mom is a friend ass told by ginger is a who marceline the vampire queen is a A Elsa is a friend raven is a S rainbow dash is a f blue fairy is a f sadness is a f tara is a B doc octo is a f the maid is a friend maddie is a friend millie is a S the 50 foot woman is a S drop is a f candy wife is a f gloria is a A viper is a friend ahsoka is a B annie is a f applejack is a f April o Neil is a C katara is a B azula is a A Colette is a A heiress is a S barbie is a f nani is a friend Ariel is a D miss bleakley is a f the female bear is a friend beth is a f brandy is a friend Roxanne is a S georgette is a C honeydew is a f ada is a f female coup is a who vicky is a f amy is a friend Joshua's mother is a who medusa is a friend miss bellum is a D Billy's mother friend mrs puff f lord dominator is a f daisy is a A daria is a who cj is a D tigress is a friend dexter's mother is a B girl gargoyle is a A landlord is a f timmy's mom is a f she is a terrible mother candy Kong is a who enids mom is a B she ra is a A daphne is a S velma is a D Betty boop is a C de la duck is a friend Ursula is a f xj9 is a friend Michelle is a A rapunzel is a friend yellow diamond is a who coco's mother is a who sunset is a friend Emily is a S red action is a who peg is a who evil queen is a f Rigbys mom is a friend the spider is a A penny's mom is a C eve is a B a semi is a friend bambi's mom is a D pepe le fume is a A flutter shy is a friend chicken Is a f hokey girl is a D heckapoo is a who helga is a C garnet is a f fairly god mother is a f ma beagle is a f is a S harley quinn is a S kitty caswell is a S jasmine is a A Jessica rabbit is a S tooth fairy is a A Mavis is a S starfire is a S frankie is a A lois griffin is a f she is a bad mother to her kids poison ivy is a friend she go is a S loona is a S toph is a friend vaggie is a A pinkie pie is a friend Emily is a A esmeralda is a S wonder woman is a S

  13. Joshua Salem

    Joshua Salem

    2 napja

    Why does every video start with “so I was talking to a friend” haha

  14. Diamond does stuff

    Diamond does stuff

    2 napja

    Me: sees Raven In The thumbnail Also me: How did he know

  15. RedWolf


    2 napja

    This man really put Katara in C teir......

  16. Infinity Lord

    Infinity Lord

    2 napja

    Titled: the ULTIMATE cartoon crush tear list Me: Finally some good content Also me: *sees how long video is* “HOW MANY FECKIN CARTOON CRUSHES DID YOU HAVE!!!!

  17. coolkat 96

    coolkat 96

    2 napja

    This man saying he be with the blue thing vs a human lol this has me dying lol and that bambi was a bad mom had me crying lol she got shot 🤣

  18. Hunter Hooper

    Hunter Hooper

    2 napja

    Come my brothers and sisters! Tonight.. *WE SIMP!!!*

  19. Hunter Hooper

    Hunter Hooper

    2 napja

    36:47 Me who had a *MONUMENTAL* crush on Fluttershy: *”I am.. Disgusted by this....”*

  20. Hunter Hooper

    Hunter Hooper

    2 napja

    If only ATLA Girls were real..... *I’m extremely lonely.*

  21. Hunter Hooper

    Hunter Hooper

    2 napja

    12:33 “Raven from That’s So Raven” Me: *”I’m sorry.. What?”*

  22. Hunter Hooper

    Hunter Hooper

    2 napja

    Ty-Lee: **Enters the chat** Every Male in a mile radius: “I have suddenly felt and increase in my body temperature...”

  23. Hunter Hooper

    Hunter Hooper

    2 napja

    Everyone: “Raven from Teen Titans!!” Me an intellectual: *”Fluttershy from MLP”*

  24. Bastion Robin

    Bastion Robin

    2 napja

    Timmy’s mom used him as a god damn garden tool.

  25. Bastion Robin

    Bastion Robin

    2 napja

    Blue fairy basically dumps a shit ton of responsibility on what is basically an infant.

  26. Sanctuary99


    2 napja

    Bubbly female characters are my favorite.

  27. coolkat 96

    coolkat 96

    3 napja

    I haven't heard of half of these shows I'm kinda happy I found this

  28. Emerald Games Productions

    Emerald Games Productions

    3 napja

    “She’s not a good mom, she died”- Saberspark 2021

  29. TheLegend OfZelda

    TheLegend OfZelda

    3 napja

    I hope Callie Briggs is on the list...

  30. MC Perez

    MC Perez

    4 napja


  31. SuperCaleb360


    4 napja

    Edit: I didn't watch to the end when I made this comment The difference between me and Saberspark Me: Kim Possible Saber: Shego Yeah I like red heads. Ariel, Starfire, Kim, etc.

  32. Mike Tate

    Mike Tate

    4 napja

    I'm more upset than I should be that you put Elsa over the mouse.

  33. This is a call for help

    This is a call for help

    4 napja

    That picture of Frankie... *sips tea.*

  34. telund kellogg

    telund kellogg

    4 napja

    Ok at least u know who sonic is

  35. Amanda Woodcock

    Amanda Woodcock

    5 napja

    Okay nevermind don't answer

  36. Amanda Woodcock

    Amanda Woodcock

    5 napja

    Yeah I think I'd not going to work

  37. Amanda Woodcock

    Amanda Woodcock

    5 napja

    Do you love pony huh but how much

  38. Austin Campbell

    Austin Campbell

    5 napja

    I did

  39. Brandon Tse

    Brandon Tse

    5 napja

    I am surprised how there's not a single character from RWBY on the tier list.

  40. lil forty

    lil forty

    5 napja

    ain't no way u do my girl Ant queen like that 😤

  41. Joi Irinaka [Mimic]

    Joi Irinaka [Mimic]

    5 napja

    [ Me when hazbin hotel characters come: *simping noises* ]

  42. The Soldier of Equestria

    The Soldier of Equestria

    5 napja

    and immediately i unsubscribe for seeing you put my princess twilight sparkle and here 5 friends on the bottom .....blasphemous jerk

  43. Ateeba


    5 napja

    Judie Hopps should hop on m.

  44. Peribyte


    5 napja

    40:00 nOOOO JASPER ISTG I AM HER BIGGEST SIMP AND I AM NOT ASHAMED Well I used to be but I've given up on being ashamed so now I embrace it Wanting her to step on me wearing the cleets that scary guy wears from the one episode of spongebob is just a part of me /j

  45. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda

    6 napja

    It’s 3:12 am on a Sunday, I’m chilling, time to watch a one hour tier list about cartoon crushes

  46. Luke Mcgill

    Luke Mcgill

    6 napja

    Me not noticing I’m 20 minutes in and it’s an hour vid

  47. Chris Does Things

    Chris Does Things

    6 napja

    All of the characters listed pale in comparison to Deku Princess from Majora's Mask

  48. Ghostly Entity

    Ghostly Entity

    6 napja

    "oh, no, elsa's crying again 🙄" LMFAOOO

  49. Graystripe :3

    Graystripe :3

    6 napja

    Not a cartoon crush but I'm a Stan of Crowfeather and Greystripe (warrior cats READ IT)

  50. Tery Aki

    Tery Aki

    6 napja

    This just made me realize that we don't know if Hogarth's mom was married or not... and now I can't shake the idea that she had a fling with Howard Hughes and got pregnant.

  51. Maro Liappi

    Maro Liappi

    6 napja


  52. Rekyrro 96

    Rekyrro 96

    6 napja

    "I say that like if they would ever talk to me" -Saberspark

  53. Connor Whalen

    Connor Whalen

    6 napja

    Azula is, let’s just say that she gave me nightmares.

    • Connor Whalen

      Connor Whalen

      6 napja

      Also Add-a is the princess from a bugs life not Ants

  54. DJ_Delivery


    7 napja


  55. Don't Subcribe

    Don't Subcribe

    7 napja

    The feather duster 🥵

  56. angewomon143 Kirk

    angewomon143 Kirk

    7 napja

    No Sabella from scooby doo ghoul school? No Anastasia? No pebble and the penguin? No Jem and the holograms? No jinx from teen Titans? Your list is not complete....

  57. Joshua Rodriguez

    Joshua Rodriguez

    7 napja

    Before I even start. Shego from Kim Possible better be up near the top. She's S+ for me. Edit: I am satisfied.

  58. Derpy Chicken

    Derpy Chicken

    7 napja

    Tbh, Millie from helluva boss is perfect for me, so she is my cartoon crush

  59. ObviOneKenobi


    7 napja

    youre going to jail for the thumbnail and we all know why

  60. CT Ray

    CT Ray

    7 napja

    The guy who made this for you would’ve remembered some other options like Jinx and Blackfire (Teen Titans), Violet (Incredibles), and Suki and Opal from Avatar/LoK if he wasn’t so concerned with animals and insects....

  61. Well off To visit your mother

    Well off To visit your mother

    7 napja

    I simp for og teen titans raven

  62. Kyle


    7 napja

    umm, excuse me, Jessie is not in the first toy story.

  63. Rambyzee 37

    Rambyzee 37

    7 napja

    You should do a video game crush tier list

  64. SaiSaiNay


    7 napja

    One of those images in the thumbnail is not like the other.

  65. The Trooper

    The Trooper

    8 napja

    Where tf is ENA??

  66. Thomas B

    Thomas B

    8 napja

    "A corpse is better than a hippo" -Saber, 2021

  67. 27pinkdiamond


    8 napja

    Oh wards Croods 2

  68. Groot Gaming21

    Groot Gaming21

    8 napja

    How dare you put my queen Kim possible in the friend zone!!!!! Reporting your channel for harassment!!!!!!

  69. Alexander King

    Alexander King

    9 napja

    I like how he immediately knew where the Frankie Foster picture came from

  70. Kirby Boi

    Kirby Boi

    9 napja

    Ah yes good moms don’t die Bambi’s mom is the worst mom in the world she is ded

  71. Fedico7000


    9 napja


  72. Ryan Blanche

    Ryan Blanche

    9 napja

    23:09 OMG, I love redheads too! ❤

  73. Domia Abr Wyrda

    Domia Abr Wyrda

    9 napja

    Who would have guessed that he would review that many lol I expected 20 minutes at max, and it's over an hour lmao

  74. Hamilton Freeman Rybak

    Hamilton Freeman Rybak

    9 napja

    hmmmmmmmmm? "makes an execution tier''. all right everybody. in you go and Saber is in S tier. the only one there. no homo.

  75. 2cool2bhot


    9 napja

    ok no no- you need to do an analysis on Snow White IMMEDIATELY. she's getting paid dirt just like Cinderella ;----;) she's actually a good princess if you dig deeper.

  76. boxac2435


    10 napja

    no alpha and omega? 0/10

  77. Hozic


    10 napja

    Where is the girl from beemovie tho and big 6 aunt

  78. Hozic


    10 napja

    I loved this

  79. the funny man

    the funny man

    10 napja

    Putting anyone, and SAM MANSON of all people below the EMOJI MOVIE, is just cruel.

  80. Malaki2010 Gaming

    Malaki2010 Gaming

    10 napja

    My biggest cartoon crush is fluttershy from my little pony

  81. Orange Knight

    Orange Knight

    10 napja

    Never knew that people simped for cartoon characters until now.

  82. JD Gans

    JD Gans

    10 napja

    ok just for the grave injustice for around the 13:06 mark, totally unsubbing lol j/k Then you had to twist the knife at 56:50 lol

  83. Mateuss


    11 napja

    44:16 she got one of the best bustaches ever lol

  84. Tilted Beelzebub

    Tilted Beelzebub

    11 napja

    Boi you don't know who the gal is from MEGAmind? SMH

  85. TheElementalGriffin


    11 napja

    Can you make a male version of this list or one for anime characters?

  86. Lexi - All Things Considered

    Lexi - All Things Considered

    11 napja

    Did he just say “Raven from That’s So Raven”? lol

  87. Ernest Karas

    Ernest Karas

    11 napja

    Why is saberspark putting everything related from joshua and the promissed land to top tier is he being blackmailed by the people who made that movie or something?

  88. Artificer Drachen

    Artificer Drachen

    11 napja

    Apparently my taste are pretty damn similar, I mean, good midriff gets me weak in the knees too.

  89. Beatrice


    11 napja

    Misa misa is my crush and prob ryuk

  90. Why don’t we Fan

    Why don’t we Fan

    12 napja

    Everyone had a crush on Lola bunny

    • Why don’t we Fan

      Why don’t we Fan

      12 napja

      It’s true tho

  91. Deysin Lawson

    Deysin Lawson

    12 napja

    Anybody remember Rita from Flushed Away?

  92. Midnari


    12 napja


  93. Bismarck


    12 napja

    Charlie for husband hotel sorry for my warning there dude opposites attract sometimes

  94. Nathan Randomized

    Nathan Randomized

    12 napja

    Why does it give me joy knowing that there are people more sad than I am

  95. Athena - Moena

    Athena - Moena

    12 napja

    Saber: Puts Adora (She ra) in the friend tier: Me: Oh thank god *glances in lesbian *

  96. Bubble Boi

    Bubble Boi

    12 napja

    Nobodys a simp its just we boys are

  97. Don Weatherwax

    Don Weatherwax

    13 napja

    20:43 NANI YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!! Deepest respect, sir. (makes up a little for forgetting Rebecca Cunningham 's name)

  98. Spencer warick McCoy

    Spencer warick McCoy

    13 napja

    Your a moron rainbow dash is God tier same with raven

  99. Mr Rooler1

    Mr Rooler1

    13 napja

    Where is my girl, HELLOOOOO nurse!

  100. Poggers Champ

    Poggers Champ

    13 napja