Top 10 WORST Animated Movies I've EVER Seen

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  1. Saberspark


    5 hónapja

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    • Enrique Diez Rojas

      Enrique Diez Rojas


      Hey saberspark you can miss emoji movie

    • I might not Know much

      I might not Know much


      forgot to mention the random dance numbers in adventures of acella

    • Erik Vymětal

      Erik Vymětal


      19:19 btw poser in my coutry (Czech Republic) mean something like shit your self

    • Alexa Forgione

      Alexa Forgione

      2 hónapja

      lion king remake i love it

    • Dude McDuder

      Dude McDuder

      3 hónapja

      Where is the Donkey Ollie video... during Christmas?

  2. FeedEgg


    3 órája

    I watched finding nemo trippin mushrooms once and it was the best thing ever, lol.

  3. Peribyte


    20 órája

    I liked the Lion King remake! Although.. I did watch it in a mental hospital.. because I was amidst a giant depressive breakdown.. and I wanted to kill myself So my expectations probably weren't all too high.

  4. ほもか



    Imagine studying to be an animator just to end up remaking the lion king

  5. Fake PNG

    Fake PNG

    2 napja

    “Bye” *get possessed by satan*

  6. The Beans are here

    The Beans are here

    2 napja

    I remember watching donkey ollie when I was small,I lost the DVD about in- I'll say 2012? Can't remember but I really loved that movie so I'm going to watch it again

  7. Ajmal Bin Salman

    Ajmal Bin Salman

    2 napja

    I hated the remake of Aladdin 🤮 wtf was that shitty movie😂

  8. Madcat20


    3 napja

    I remember a cartoon that I used to watch when I was little in the early 2000s that was similar to Gaither's pond but different entirely. The cartoon had a duck that wore glasses and a baby blue tie, a frog guy that had brown eyes and a belly button (I know a bit weird but that's what the character had), two bass fish characters in which one was male and had coloring to that of an actual bass and the other was a girl and was pink (why do girl animals in cartoons have to be pink? It' just what it is with this one) and had a mother bear and a child bear. The title of it was along the lines of " blank blank pond" or "blank blank at the lake" or something like that. Does anyone else remember this cartoon or am I on mandela crack? Because hopefully everyone else can recall this other than myself. Have a good day and receive our lost nostalgias.

  9. Joeyjoe 303

    Joeyjoe 303

    4 napja

    CinemaSins would hate them.

  10. Trixie Foxie

    Trixie Foxie

    4 napja

    When you started to talk about the pig and spider web movie i legit thought you meant the 2d one-

  11. インク


    4 napja

    Saber: hmm.... Which one dingo film is worst.. Nah fuck it all is trash

  12. Şahin Çivici

    Şahin Çivici

    5 napja

    I know the dancing frog in movie # 1. The Reptilian breed set in film to brainwash our children!

  13. Sticky Bee

    Sticky Bee

    5 napja


  14. hard3r31337


    5 napja

    Efe aydal sends his regards

  15. crazy NURİmu

    crazy NURİmu

    5 napja

    Oww Those Greeks🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  16. zhinji channel

    zhinji channel

    6 napja

    Ten is good thought

  17. local crackhead

    local crackhead

    7 napja

    wus the music during 15:00

  18. freddyfazdude94


    7 napja

    Don’t know if you already did this since I’m new to the channel but in my opinion he Pete’s dragon remake was worse that lion king. Takes away the charm of the mixture of animation and live action

  19. Chloe’s Creations

    Chloe’s Creations

    7 napja

    4:53 watched this film with me mum last night, and honest to god Chiwetel Ejiofor (Scar) is amazing in this, this scene especially. The passion in his voice, it almost makes up for the lack of emotion in the faces _(almost)_ But James Earl Jones? His heart's just not in it. And I can see why- it's just there to siphon as much money out of nostalgic adults and curious kids. He just sounds so bored, and so tired. Just "nooo, please don't kill meeeee" instead of "scar, I'm begging you, I know we've had our differences and I'll never be sorry enough for casting you out, but please, _please_ help me"

  20. Shelby Pierce

    Shelby Pierce

    8 napja

    Omg I knew I wasn't crazy for remembering a weird donkey cartoon. I have been trying to remember for the longest time and then there's Donkey Ollie and I'm like "Oh yeahhhhh". But the bigger question is why my mom had a weird Donkey Ollie dvd XD

  21. Extra Muffin

    Extra Muffin

    8 napja

    *Where's Rapsitte Street Kids?*

  22. Inkysio


    9 napja

    I remember I went to see the live action lion King with my friends and we just broke down laughing during mufasa's death scene because it was so emotionless

  23. This bills

    This bills

    9 napja

    25:44 I am from turkey and is says MKA what MKA stand for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk that helped us in war that am so happy about that name

    • Faruk Buğra Sevinç

      Faruk Buğra Sevinç

      4 napja

      Lan niye mutlusun ismi koydukları filme bak

  24. Rob Gaming

    Rob Gaming

    11 napja

    The Adventures of ACELA could be better if ACELA said: Looking Cool, Joker,

  25. WalllyIsBestBird 5

    WalllyIsBestBird 5

    11 napja

    Now, folks, Donkey Ollie has eyes on the front of his head, a telltail sign of a predator. Paired with his eerily sharp teeth, I'm afraid that humanity is no longer at the top of the food chain. We have been replaced as the dominant species by Donkey Ollie and his fellow nightmares oh no- they know i know- help m-jqidhQIEOIDJ;ndu2ye1eih1r

  26. Froster XXL

    Froster XXL

    11 napja

    Yes Lion King 2019! I love you xD

  27. Sachin Raghavan

    Sachin Raghavan

    11 napja

    Okay ya lost my respect with the Lion King bit.

  28. Spicy Oregano

    Spicy Oregano

    12 napja

    When I first saw the cover art for Joshua and the promised Land, I thought it was a dog face on a potato. Not a fucking lion



    12 napja

    27:19 To me this alien looks a horrifying mix between Kermit the Frog and Dame tu Cosita at the same time

  30. Dio


    13 napja

    Donkey Ollie was made in the spore character creator

  31. mg glr

    mg glr

    13 napja

    Efe aydal dan selamlar

  32. Cursed memes

    Cursed memes

    13 napja

    I got agree on the part of the lion king remake i didn't really like the live actions of disney



    13 napja

    Dude I love the "NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOO"

  34. GallantServer


    13 napja

    Little panda fighter? Did you mean HOW TO RATATWANG YOUR PANDA? Seriously how did the movie even make it in there

  35. Infinite Obscurity

    Infinite Obscurity

    14 napja

    *Mentions Morrowind* Me: 🥰

  36. Declan Handley-Byrne

    Declan Handley-Byrne

    14 napja


  37. a1ourqa.


    15 napja

    random ad: W R I T I N G I S N O T E A S Y B U T G R A M M A R L Y I S H E R E

  38. kailee


    15 napja

    Why the sudden hate on a decent remake, it’s better then shitty people “fixing” the movie to make it look more cartoonish when it’s intended to be a LIVE ACTION REMAKE. Only real problem I had with the movie was beyonces (whatever her name is) toning when she sang

  39. itsmeJC10


    16 napja

    im at 2 i am scared for 1 if dingo is 2 i am petrified for 1

  40. Depressed Engineer

    Depressed Engineer

    16 napja

    The only thing you can come up with for Dory is that she can't see jellyfish

  41. Green Dash

    Green Dash

    17 napja

    I can just picture Phelous having a comment saying "The movies are so stupid."

  42. Alexander Stottlemyre

    Alexander Stottlemyre

    17 napja

    what kind of dinosaurs are that and 22:11 Joshua's face right here is pure nightmare fuel created by the dead bodies and tears of tiny children. that may have escalated a bit much. 23:18 i take it back this is the nightmare fuel created by dead bodies and tears of tiny children

  43. Alexander Stottlemyre

    Alexander Stottlemyre

    17 napja

    14:00 this looks like something straight out of a f******* horror movie when you pause it right here.

  44. Laura B

    Laura B

    18 napja

    Stockholm syndrome is setting in for our friend Saber.

  45. Marty


    18 napja

    Wait.... there’s something in these world that is worse than Dingo Pictures... I can’t believe it.

  46. Pug Gamer

    Pug Gamer

    18 napja

    2:58 me too

  47. MrRedstone


    18 napja

    Wait, Trolland is number 4? Oh boy, number one is going to be a fucking dumpster fire at a hazardous waste disposal plant that's going to explode.

  48. Jordi Monahan

    Jordi Monahan

    18 napja

    The Lion King 2019 is the best Disney remake in my opinion

  49. robin


    18 napja

    Dingo Pictures always reminds me of this time I was really sick with the flu as a little kid and one day my mum came home from the shop with this dvd and a little basket of sweeties to try and make me feel better (I was Really Bad, like full on flu, aching all over and just constantly passing out) Anyway on that dvd was this... very obviously bootleg of some well known animated film. It might have been thumbalina, might have been beauty and the beast, I honestly can’t remember, but what I do remember is watching it and being so out of it that I couldn’t tell if the animation was all fucked up or if I was just totally delirious and unable to process this random Disney film my mum gave to me Turns out it was a fucked up knockoff, and now whenever I see that kind of animation style I feel like I’m dying

  50. James Carranza

    James Carranza

    18 napja

    I crave the sweet release of death after not only watching the videos about these animated movies but then proceeding to watch said animated movies and in doing so I had to resist the temptation to eat a gun

  51. Star Pokéheart

    Star Pokéheart

    19 napja

    Your phone is in airplane mode

  52. The Unholy Spider

    The Unholy Spider

    19 napja

    I think troll land is just trash mo-cap animation without any cleanup (animation wise)

  53. ggboysup


    19 napja

    Danny Gonzalez made a vid abt little panda fighter so u can go on over to his channel to understand why it’s so bad

  54. Dragon Queen

    Dragon Queen

    19 napja

    Stop beating a dead horse Disney

  55. Uboat Gamer

    Uboat Gamer

    19 napja

    i'm very much losing my sanity.......

    • ♡sp0on♥


      19 napja

      Same 🖤

  56. Mia Bowman

    Mia Bowman

    19 napja

    questio is this in your opinion because the im mad the lion king remake IS THE actually its good its not amazing but its definitely not bad i love it but not my fav and you can have your own opinion

  57. Samuel


    19 napja

    Trolland is disgusting

  58. The dragon Trainer

    The dragon Trainer

    20 napja

    One horrible movie I loved as a kid was home of the range.

  59. Joe dirt

    Joe dirt

    20 napja

    The lion king remake was darker and more serious, not my favorite but at least it stayed closer to the original way more than Aladdin.

  60. D. J

    D. J

    20 napja

    When I saw the trailer for the Lion King remake, i'm like "I'm not gonna watch this, it's still technically Lion King but less cartoony" but BUT I'm a sucker for African music so I got hyped fm the music so I did watched it in the cinema and boy did I waste my money.......I was weak 😐 Still love the music tho 🤟

  61. meme lord

    meme lord

    21 napja

    I will give someone £100 if they kill donkey ollie.

  62. Ashchain - TheLonelyCat

    Ashchain - TheLonelyCat

    21 napja

    Saberspark Joshuasona

  63. antun curkovic

    antun curkovic

    21 napja

    Not me Watching Him in 3am

  64. Aəsthetıc_Møø༄


    21 napja

    My liver is stuck in my toaster

  65. Maddox Mulligan Yuhas

    Maddox Mulligan Yuhas

    21 napja

    none of these are even going to make the list in 3 years

  66. Kurapika Kurta

    Kurapika Kurta

    21 napja

    The new lion king will now have a feeling known as “newstalgia”

  67. LowRezBS


    21 napja

    Tales of Angela: The void of souls.

  68. Nick Tormey

    Nick Tormey

    21 napja

    Walt Disney is just rolling in his grave just looking at izzes way home

  69. Sceppy


    21 napja

    I live the thought that during that Donkey Ollie viewing, everyone started looking like the fucking awakened Behelit from Berserk

  70. Aliyan Imran

    Aliyan Imran

    22 napja


  71. Springtrap 0

    Springtrap 0

    22 napja

    what is the music at 6:47 called

  72. Jake Buckley

    Jake Buckley

    22 napja

    You really bring me to animated films and rip-offs I never heard before!

  73. Gary Redfield1

    Gary Redfield1

    22 napja

    16:56 This looks like an ue4 demo made with premade assests by someone who doesnt know anything about animation

  74. Enirahtak8


    22 napja

    '2018 - back when the world was innocent, and wasn't dying..' Umm... AHEM - Trump had been President of the United States for two years and Brexit had been 'in the making' for two years, oh yes, indeed, the world was very much effed up at that point in time.

  75. Scootlund


    23 napja

    -Walter’s lies- My brain: IS HE TALKING ABOUT BREAKING BAD?

  76. banamana


    23 napja

    The lion king remake is trash and you captured why perfectly. Thank u

  77. amberthesuperfox


    23 napja

    I wanna re draw some of digo pictures characters tbh

  78. Ethan Bailey

    Ethan Bailey

    24 napja

    Personally, I really liked the live action Jungle Book. It didn’t really feel like a remake to me. Moreso, it was a different adaptation of the source material, Kipling’s stories, told in a different way from the animated movie.

  79. cat pin

    cat pin

    24 napja

    For the worst animated film from 2018 is Teen Titans Go To The Movies.

  80. Eskimolz


    24 napja

    The Lion King remake should arguably be higher but absolutely belonged on this list.

  81. treyxyz


    24 napja

    A 3 minute intro? This is a simple concept. Disliked.

  82. Jinora The Air Nomad

    Jinora The Air Nomad

    24 napja

    Saberspark in 2030 be like: Leo The Lion is the 9,000th worst animated movie I’ve seen.

  83. TheGhostlyHusky


    25 napja

    The Troll from the last movie looks like it was stolen directly from Brothers: A tale of two sons

  84. mxnrooster101 _

    mxnrooster101 _

    26 napja

    Wait ayo bruh i didnt even realize I watched trollland 😂😂

  85. Chilling Area

    Chilling Area

    26 napja

    I can’t even be ten seconds into trolland without washing my eyes out ten times

  86. Cracker


    27 napja

    Am I the only one who thinks the girl’s mouth is flipped upside down at 19:35

  87. Miguel Garzón

    Miguel Garzón

    27 napja

    The worst animated movie I’ve ever seen is Desperaux

  88. Pun Gone-Wrong

    Pun Gone-Wrong

    27 napja

    One time i imagined sparks voice is the tf2 spy voices and now every time i hear his voice i hear SUDUECE ME every god damn time

  89. Joseph Omega

    Joseph Omega

    27 napja

    He said Christmas in New York the second I thought it could've been No.1

  90. Davis Harper

    Davis Harper

    28 napja

    "The Adventures of Acela is the #1 worst film I've ever seen. And I would be hard pressed to find something that defeats it." Where The Dead Go To Die: *exists*

  91. Renderous123


    28 napja

    I don’t like the Lion King remake neither

  92. Finn Snow

    Finn Snow


    The scene where Mufsa falls in the 2020 remake is really funny to me. He's like brother help then Scar just lightly bitch slaps him off and Simba's screams the weakest "noooo" ever. It reminds me of like a joke parody of the that scene and that speaks to how much that movie failed. That scene should not feel like a spoof comedy sketch by a multi billion dollar company.

  93. Mary Wallace

    Mary Wallace


    Honestly the best live action remake Disney has ever done was the 101 Dalmations with Glenn Close, even the sequel to that was decent. And you know why the 101 Dalmations remake in the 90s was good? Because it wasn't trying to be a shot for shot remake or a complete reimagining of the characters and the world they live in. They pretty much kept the story the same with a few exceptions (making Roger into a computer game/video game programmer from America, turning Anita into a fashion designer that works for Cruella but she's still old school friends with Cruella and obviously some liberties with the animal characters were taken because I noticed that the cat (Sargeant Tibbs) wasn't there but then again the animals weren't really named except for Pongo, Perdita, and their original 15 pups). So yeah, in my personal opinion, DIsney's best live action remake was the 90s 101 Dalmatians with Glenn Close and of course, Pete's Dragon, The Jungle Book, and Aladdin remakes were pretty good, too (I actually enjoyed the extra subplot they added into the Aladdin remake).

  94. Alyse Hein

    Alyse Hein


    100000% agree with the lion king I actually left the theater angry that I gave disney my money which has never happened before. And I saw Lion King at a drive in double feature, which means it only got $5 of my money but I will forever regret spending a penny on that cash grab.

  95. galaxy coockie

    galaxy coockie


    The adventures of acela stole a model its the troll it was used in a game on ps called "brotthers" go check if you want

  96. Robyn West

    Robyn West


    I feel like you need to own a cat to see all the emotions in the lion king.

  97. TheGayLord ササ Ajax

    TheGayLord ササ Ajax


    Tbh i wanna see a live action of joshua and the promised land

  98. Amy Dye

    Amy Dye


    Pancana looks hella ugly

  99. Amy Dye

    Amy Dye


    Yo! The lion king remake is the SAME THING AS THE ARIGANEL!

  100. excuse me what

    excuse me what


    donkey ollie literally gave me nightmares as a kid