What the HELL is Free Jimmy? (this one is depressing)

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I thought that this movie was gonna be trash but it truly caught me off guard
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  1. Saberspark


    2 hónapja

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    • Holsapple Studios

      Holsapple Studios


      @Oliver 83 Whoa, really? Had no idea 🤷‍♂️

    • Oliver 83

      Oliver 83


      @Holsapple Studios Akif Pirinçci the writer of the 'Felidae' novel on witch the movie is based is an anti-islamic racist. I don't think saber will promote that movie. I like the movie and the novel but the person behind is an idiot. Same problem like with Jon Schaffer, good musician but wrong in the head.

    • Don Lainey

      Don Lainey


      Saved $50 on my order thanks to this. Looking forward to having a new shaving option~ nwn

    • Ronald Neal

      Ronald Neal

      2 hónapja

      @Maniac Warehouse films I was going to tell Saberspark that too!

    • Ronald Neal

      Ronald Neal

      2 hónapja

      @Cyprian Regoli You mean Bigfoot Family on Netflix? The Sequel of Son of Bigfoot!

  2. Mad Mario 2401

    Mad Mario 2401

    2 napja

    saber 8:57 8:59 me not my problem

  3. zodiac siqn

    zodiac siqn

    3 napja

    Nobody: Pothead 1: you know that spare elephant we have? Pothead 2: yeah? Pothead 1: we should drug him up and have him perform for money Pothead 2: *you fucking genius*

  4. Nugget Boi

    Nugget Boi

    4 napja

    Okay we got sausage pary, bad cat, free jimmy, happy time murders, and the terrible fnaf ripoff that banana splits movie.

  5. Neon Nostrade

    Neon Nostrade

    5 napja

    I recommend you to give a check to “Ana y Bruno”. Is a of kind heartbreaking movie.

  6. Zombie King2209

    Zombie King2209

    5 napja

    Um this movie is from Norway why why why

  7. Øistein Erikson

    Øistein Erikson

    5 napja

    What is missed here is that Christopher Nielsen's borther, Joachim "Jokke" Nielsen, was (and still is) a famous music artist in Norway, and even somewhat recently (2006) got a street named after him. It's not unthinkable that Christopher, watching from the sidelines, observed that those around Jokke were more concerned with his music career than his wellbeing. Jokke died in 2000 due to a heroin overdose. For those familiar with the background, there can be no doubt that the elephant Jimmy represents Christopher's dead brother, and while death is hardly a happy ending, the sad reality is that it could hardly have gone any other way. This also puts into perspective the rockslide, denying everyone any chance of using what remains for financial gain.

  8. Jake Bryant

    Jake Bryant

    7 napja

    Didn't Father of The Pride have the same elephant model? I think they did.

  9. S ᴘ ʟ ᴀ s ʜ C ᴀ ᴛ

    S ᴘ ʟ ᴀ s ʜ C ᴀ ᴛ

    8 napja

    I saw saugage party when i was 3 or 4 aged

  10. Robinthepegasus


    8 napja

    As a Norwegian, I really don't know how to feel about this.

  11. Hannah Weru

    Hannah Weru

    9 napja

    Am here because this movie has made a local tv station be suspended for airing it. Anyway it's really sad. I really care for animals and I would not watch this. It's too sad.

  12. TenseiLover


    10 napja

    That looked good I wonder what the actual movie is like🤔🤔

  13. Genesis Plus

    Genesis Plus

    10 napja

    Loved the video, but I didn't need to hear about "downstairs" lol. Jk, I know you need the sponsors, keep up the good work champ, the "play of the game" goes to you!

  14. Aviva Calixa

    Aviva Calixa

    12 napja

    This movie is shit.....

  15. Derp Studios

    Derp Studios

    12 napja

    You know what? I think movies like this should get more attention, especially since animal abuse scenarios like this are very real and have happened before. People who treat these animals like objects when in reality they deserve our utmost respect.

  16. Michi's Story Time

    Michi's Story Time

    13 napja

    sooooo PeTA's in this movie then

  17. Mudskie


    13 napja

    I really thought this was a family-friendly movie when I was a kid until that f*ck scene showed up

  18. Alice VonGothique

    Alice VonGothique

    13 napja

    So interesting to see Saberspark review a Norwegian movie. Reminds me of another Nordic animated film; 'Terkel i Knipe' (Terkel in Trouble). I don't believe Saber has reviewed this one yet?

  19. Slapstick Genius

    Slapstick Genius

    15 napja

    What a creepy Scandinavian animated film this is.

  20. Moblin Moe

    Moblin Moe

    15 napja

    Was that my recomendation? im pretty sure i am at least among the ones who recomended it, if so, i gotta scratch that off my bucket list

  21. Gabe Sumner

    Gabe Sumner

    16 napja

    This is the most accurate image of PETA ive ever seen. Nice movie

  22. SebastianDeluxe


    16 napja

    You’ve Heard Of Free Willy Now Get Ready For Free Jimmy



    17 napja

    Pretty rare to hear HOME in a video

  24. Legendary Hero

    Legendary Hero

    17 napja

    Imagine if it ended with Jimmy jumping over a fence while a kid punches up in the air right below him.

  25. OmegaSpartan


    17 napja

    I had tyke the elephant vibes from that movie

  26. Silence of the hills

    Silence of the hills

    18 napja

    You should do a review on the 2004 movie Danish film "Terkel in Trouble". It's perfect material for your channel. But make sure to watch the either the Danish original, or the UK version. Because the US dub is awful.

  27. KahlifLEGOGAMES - SuperGamingStudios

    KahlifLEGOGAMES - SuperGamingStudios

    18 napja

    The one time we wanted Nintendo to sue PETA, but PETA had the better option

  28. Ferret Man

    Ferret Man

    18 napja

    “The animal rights folks only did it for glory” PETA In a nutshell:

  29. Otto Pruin13

    Otto Pruin13

    19 napja

    Simon Pegg is more known as Buck, the one-eyed wesael from Ice Age

  30. Listerine Mouthwash

    Listerine Mouthwash

    19 napja

    I love how i got a peta ad before watching this

  31. Trousle person

    Trousle person

    19 napja

    Thank u for the recommendation😌🙏

  32. Karan Kumar

    Karan Kumar

    20 napja

    Saber showed himself

  33. Keali Bjoerk

    Keali Bjoerk

    20 napja

    Yay I'm glad you liked the movie! I remember watching it when I was younger and it was pretty dark for me. I'm also more used to the art style, since for some reason Norway comics are often dark and either satirical, at least older ones. I hope you were able to also listen for a bit to the Norwegian dub, since the hunters are Trøndere (from the region of Trøndelag), and a running gag was that the big one is called "Hold the glasses" because he always makes the others hold his glasses right before he does some shit. XD I dunno why I always thought that was funny. I wanna rewatch this movie with the English voices now. Not sure if there was a dub back when I saw it. Thanks for the video on it! And you look nice with whatever hair I see you with to be honest. Whenever you come on camera, you're always put together. Somehow! But you never look like your avatar so it always takes me a hot second. "Wait, why is Saber's voice coming out of this guy? He's not even wearing an orange shirt!"

  34. Julio Miguel Gamba

    Julio Miguel Gamba

    20 napja

    Jimmy didnt die Jimmy didnt go to heaven he got reincarnated

  35. KvaGram


    20 napja

    Finally decided to watch the english version. Yeah, it's not as good. Much of the original's humor comed from the diverse dialects. That became a hit or miss when localized into english. Worst of all is the scene with the american tourists. Without the language barrier(with the stonerss off course speaking norwegian), most of the humor disappears. Then there is the cultural jokes. How can find a sami/lap mafia on motorbikes funny, if you don't know who they are? For americans, try imagening a native american mafia, with sterio typical imagery like big featherhats and redface theme on theirself and bikes, while playing a rock version of some traditional native american song. Then you should get close to how hillaruis, and slightly racist, the mafia in this movie is.

  36. Sproiten


    21 napja

    I remember watching this film as a child but I dont think I realised the drug stuff, I just remember I never liked it because of how sad it made me...

  37. Todoroki Naomi

    Todoroki Naomi

    21 napja

    I feel sad but now I want to wash the movie

  38. KvaGram


    22 napja

    This is one of my favorite movies, at least the original norwegian version. I have not actually seen the english version, I hear it's bad from pretty much everywhere. I suppose there is only so much that can be done to get a movie like this localized for international viewers.

  39. Iridescent Vampire

    Iridescent Vampire

    24 napja

    So we have a crappy Lion King ripoff and an even worse Charlotte's Webb ripoff. Now we have what I think might be a ripoff of Free Willy...we'll see about that.

  40. rubberbuttyfay


    26 napja

    If people think the animations look ugly, search «To trøtte typer»

  41. Banaanion


    26 napja

    that cover reminds me of one finnish movie, "keisarin salaisuus"

  42. Princess of cute

    Princess of cute

    27 napja

    Simon Pegg is a weird name to have on the case of the movie Edit: not bad but certainly a surprise

  43. Andrew Ace

    Andrew Ace

    27 napja

    Gosh, that's actually sad... :(

  44. TAnimation 7

    TAnimation 7

    27 napja

    For a moment I thought this movie would be another FREE THE ANIMALS plot. But I was surprised it did't preach that message.

  45. Reinon Mars

    Reinon Mars

    28 napja

    Ayo Saberspark, who’s that guy pretending to be you in real life, he tryna steal your identity

  46. MissSallyB1


    29 napja

    I was expecting Free Willy WITH ELEPHANTS!, not something one Sarah McLachlan song short of being an SPCA commercial :(

  47. Spodo bbb

    Spodo bbb


    For a moment... Jimmy lived

  48. OatmealBrain K

    OatmealBrain K


    Please watch Ronald the Barbarian !!!

  49. Sary Bittar

    Sary Bittar


    That was the longest sponsor ever tho from 12:05 to 18:18

  50. Angel Gonzalez Lopez

    Angel Gonzalez Lopez


    The end of that movie tho 😢😭

  51. YoucanCallmeNeck



    If want to watch more Norwegian animation (or stop motion) check out pinchcliffe grand prix

  52. Rufus Börnfelt

    Rufus Börnfelt



  53. Random Sad Cat

    Random Sad Cat


    I watched this 6 years ago :]

  54. Readanatic



    I chose a random video to comment this on, but could I recommend a movie called Mutafukaz? It's like an animated-ish mature movie (it contains a crap-top of swearing and if I remember correctly quite some gore) I watched it long ago (like a year or so ago), but from what I remember it was messed up, but actually kind of good? But if it turns out bad, don't blame me, I just remember enjoying it overall.

  55. I do as I please

    I do as I please


    I have had to do reality checks on wether this movie was real or not since I remembered it existed. Couldn't believe it when I saw you had a video about it either.

  56. o.O



    I’d say the graphics are good. I’d rate it a 7/10 because it’s suppose to look ‘ugly’ the only negative I’d give is that the lighting is bad at some times.

  57. Krazi Shadowbear

    Krazi Shadowbear


    When you get the purpose around this film, it actually makes you sympathize with the film even more. The explanation of why it's designed like this is honestly incredible....

  58. Richard Pace

    Richard Pace


    I would argue that the "unpolished" nature was entirely intentional, and was evident through the design decisions of the creator's original work, and the shot selection and editing in even the short clips you shared showed alot. But while "unpolished" artistic live action is praised by many critics, when it comes to animation they may as well just be blind to it. Of course, its about 100x harder to do with animation as well. And people love the kitsch shit that comes out of Pixar, and continue the "animation is for children" problem the whole industry has had since CCA came in and forced it into there with moral authority (also including pretty much all of the visual arts - its either overly pretentious or for children).

  59. Magolor Official

    Magolor Official


    Me: Mom, can we get Free Willy? Mom: We have Free Willy at home Free Willy at home:

  60. Rosa Cat

    Rosa Cat


    0:46 I'm from Norway!

  61. Gemini_Ghost



    Aawwww, you're cute! You look like you sound, for real. And ey.......ARE YOU GETTING MORE SABER DOLLS RESTOCKED?!?!?!? I wanted to get mine, but they're sold out. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  62. Potato Salad

    Potato Salad


    I nearly cried when you said jimmy died at the end. I can't believe this 👁👄👁

  63. Echo Miko

    Echo Miko


    dude I never expected that but you're THICC BOIIII I really mean it as a compliment, you look awesome :) as we say in Italy, omo de panza, omo de sostanza! (a man with belly is a man of character)

  64. Nathan R

    Nathan R


    I'm genuinely grateful that you covered this movie and saw it for what it was,, rather than comparing it to big-eyed Disney princesses.

  65. Eden Shenk

    Eden Shenk


    *willy sitting in the backround* (From free willy)

  66. benjamin lännström

    benjamin lännström


    I loved this movie when it came to be available in the gas station! Me and my sis watchet like three times.. i was 11 and she was 9... still fond memories ;)

  67. Filip Granberg

    Filip Granberg


    Saberspark! While you’re looking into Scandinavian films, check out Terkel In Trouble. It’s a danish CGI movie that I got to see in the theater with my school for some strange reason. It’s really weird and holds a special place in my heart.

  68. xXpeachy_bunniXx



    Honestly, the movie sounds really good, pretty? No, but the story sounds good! I wouldn't watch it though cuz I can't watch sad movies QwQ

  69. PM



    Seriously... Whoever pays money for circuses which still exploits animals is just a piece of shit.

  70. ACaveTrollWithNoButt



    I love that I watched the Judas and Jesus video and when I clicked this video..I had a Christian ad. “Repent” was the first word the ad showed 🤣

  71. Arden Quirapas

    Arden Quirapas


    I Finally Knew what The Title Meant by "Free Jimmy" it Menas that Jimmy is Free from The World of Pain and Evil R.I.P. Jimmy 🐘🕉💖😢

  72. Barbara Baker

    Barbara Baker


    The critics judged a movie wrong? Gee I'm so very shocked 😂. Excited to see this.

  73. Kyle Vansteelandt

    Kyle Vansteelandt


    I actually saw this movie back in 2019 in November when I was 20. And it was one of the absolute worst movies I have ever seen in my whole life!

  74. Matias Nacario

    Matias Nacario


    I have lived a lie my whole life thinking you were a cartoon.




    "sucker for punishment i am" saberspark is bdsm confirmd. i should work for the news.

  76. HowdyHowdy



    I really want to know the vegan had a hand grenade.

  77. HowdyHowdy



    For 15 year old Norwegian animation, it looks pretty good. Not my taste, but I've seen much worse, much more recent with a much better budget. The plot also sounds generally intriguing.

  78. H E Double L

    H E Double L


    the words goat story make me thing of violent things

  79. Loaf Queen

    Loaf Queen


    The elephant looks like the ones from ‘Leo the lion’

  80. TDATA



    The review of the movie was fine. BUT HOLY FUCK you are the worst salesperson ever for your advertisers. Seriously that was ENRAGING how awful and waay too long that was. I will now ACTIVELY avoid that product thanks to your awful job. 5 minutes of directionless rambling.

  81. watakashe



    i cried while you were describing it my god, that is a sad movie

  82. Nehan Wali

    Nehan Wali


    Your right. You are handsome

  83. Maggie Sanders

    Maggie Sanders


    Oh yeah one of the first movies that traumatized me as a child due to that one UNNECESSARY SCENE

  84. Toasty Bagels

    Toasty Bagels


    You actually LIKED this film overall? I am SHOCKED and IMPRESSED that this one worked for you more than it didn't, Saberspark! 😊👏🏼 BTW, what accent is that--I can't tell?! Keep up the good work detailing the movies that you've seen!!

  85. Firefighter 1000000

    Firefighter 1000000


    Why did Steve reviews not do this one

  86. is the carpet comfortable?

    is the carpet comfortable?


    Free Jimmy is heavily based on everything that went on with Joachim Nielsen (Vocalist from Jokke med Tourettes, Jokke & Valentinerne) who is a Norwegian rock legend. He was a drug addict and was heavily exploited by the music industry. The elephant represents Joachim Nielsen himself, the animal activists are his fans who enabled him, the circus people are the music industry who fed his addiction. There are some more character details that I cannot remember. Joachim was one of the first people with some influence in Norway who openly spoke about how brutal drug addiction actually is. The bag of heroin the elephant has sewn in his thigh that ends up being torn open by the bullet is, unfortunately, representing how Joachim himself died. Of a heroin overdose. A lot of his music can at first be brushed of as something you put on in the background while you have a couple of drinks with your friends, because it sounds cheery and upbeat. But the lyrics are downright depressing (except for a few songs who do sound genuinely sad.) He was truly a gem, and had a lot to say about how shitty drugs are and how awful ones mental health can become. The man was a genius, at least in my eyes.

  87. M ü r d ę r

    M ü r d ę r


    “And being the sucker for punishment I am-“ Saber’s a masochist

  88. Indi da Cool kid

    Indi da Cool kid


    At least the Hunters would like probably put him out of misery

  89. Cross Temp

    Cross Temp


    Shimmy jimmy

  90. el forkas estelar

    el forkas estelar



  91. s3n0raw3s0meness



    Why am I watching this at 3 in the morning 😭😭😭 poor Jimmy

  92. Hannes The brave soldier

    Hannes The brave soldier


    The rest of the villains are pretty much most of the humans in this movie I’m not even kidding, So many of the human characters in C-level are giant assholes with no love or humanity inside them at all, it paints mankind as unsympathetic money-Grubbing monsters who take pleasure in animal cruelty, Now trust me I get what this movie is trying to say it’s saying ‘’hey! Humans shouldn’t exploit or hurt sea life it’s bad it’s wrong!’’ But it’s getting it’s message across the wrong way it’s too on-the-nods and pretty offensive considering that all of the audience members are humans If you want to say are abusing animals is wrong then fine but be considerate towards your audience don’t bring your finger at them they don’t come to the cinema to feel guilty give them a human character to identify with one who can influence them to take action films message should inspire audiences not guilt trip them.

  93. Ellie Gray

    Ellie Gray


    This is maybe a wild guess, but I bet part of the reason for the ugly human characters is "knowing your limits". This is too much of a downer story for cute cartoonish characters, but going for "realistic" designs probably would have been disastrous, so a stylized ugliness to match their personalities or natures makes sense and is a smart move very few would make.

  94. Kraus S.

    Kraus S.


    You look like you're related to Markiplier

  95. Kraus S.

    Kraus S.


    I hope the people who worked on this movie get to see this video and other support. It really helps to know that your work was not for nothing. The animation made me think of Hoodwinked, which is one of my favorite movies.. but it does not equate to this necessarily as I think that was owing to a poor budget ( if i remember correctly).

  96. 1 Out Of 7.7 Billion

    1 Out Of 7.7 Billion


    As a lady I really watched you show me the Manscape kit and HONESTLY your advertisement of it is gonna make this 22 year old finally get a bank account set up a card and get this online for my partner. I have a hard time figuring out how do I show my appreciation for him. He deserves a whole kit not just a razor, time to grow up young man🤣🥰. But God no I'm going shopping for a whole set of boxers, socks, shirts, out going shoes, work boots. Goodness he and I both need an update, but we've been working so hard 6 days a week, our one days off aren't synced, so we do what we can on our 1 day off only having 1 vehicle. We make it work with going to work my job is just a straight shot down, 10 min. Or less to get there. But boy manscpe huh. Imma buy it. This movie was better than first glance.

  97. coral madge

    coral madge


    Oh my god I didn’t expect jimmy to die why did I get so attached in the recap of the movie. I would die for that moose

  98. Wolfzilla 14

    Wolfzilla 14


    Hey Saberspark you should review Rango if you haven't yet cause it's a diamond in the rought

  99. Ashley Zoe Sabangan

    Ashley Zoe Sabangan


    this is also like the Padak,but the mamal version...

  100. Эрххас Энхбаатар

    Эрххас Энхбаатар


    Man, I remember watching this movie as a kid with my brothers. And it scared the fuck out of me