What the HELL is Titan A.E.? (The Movie That KILLED Fox Animation Studios)

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Titan AE is one of the greatest animated box office FLOPS of all time. Like it literally hurts to think about how much it failed but did it deserve all that hate?
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  1. Saberspark


    2 hónapja

    How many of y'all actually like this movie? Cause maaaan did it get destroyed at the box office. Poor Don Bluth lol

    • FinalGamerJames


      17 napja

      i...LOVED Titan A.E, it is a real shame it did not do well but this vid explains a lot of why it did. I really enjoyed a sci-fi adventure that didn't put humans as a dominant species, as a group struggling to survive and all these other super-weird and fun alien designs, it was great!

    • Saatche Diaz

      Saatche Diaz


      I loved TITAN A.E

    • Zeythe#1




    • gundam that ate a taco

      gundam that ate a taco


      i actually have a dvd for this movie, I remember watching it at least once.

    • Mach Valta

      Mach Valta

      2 hónapja

      this is one of my faves from childhood

  2. MrStretchification



    I love this movie....what the hell is wrong with people? Its not that bad

  3. MJ Bridges

    MJ Bridges

    3 órája

    I liked this movie bc it came out on my birthday, and for no other reason.

  4. JakeyStar 2020!

    JakeyStar 2020!


    He's looks like Barney from the flintstones

  5. J. Vonhögen

    J. Vonhögen


    24:44 - The final big movie Don Bluth would ever work on? What about that real life Dragons Lair movie that Netflix announced last year? And what about Don Bluth's brand new animation studio? To me, it doesn't look as if he is done creating movies. On the contrary, it just looks like he is "Don, creating movies".😉 (Apologies for the bad pun, but in my defence, I'm Dutch and have a limited command of the English language. 😇)

  6. Cat Marco

    Cat Marco


    Last time I watched this movie was about 20 years ago, so I don't remember the plot quite well, but I perfectly remember the fact that I absolutely loved it as a kid, I was about 10 years old when it came out, and I also remember knowing how bad it did at the box office and that it ruined Fox animated studio because my older brother told me back then and I never got why. Personally I watched it like 2 or 3 times over a period of 2 years or so and I remember I really liked it. Now I'm gonna finish watching this video and get my hands on the movie and watch it again. I'm sure it will be interesting watching it as an adult. Edit: I realized this guy is talking about the whole plot and I barely remember anything about it except that very vivid scene where he says he's tired of eating food that's not dead XD so I'll coninue watching the video after I see the movie again. Also this is the first time I'm on this channel and I think the guy doing the video is doing really cool job, keep up the good work man, nice.

  7. Colton Woolston

    Colton Woolston

    2 napja

    I believe it was organized in a way to fail by the ones that passed around the movie. It overcame as many of the things stopping it. You as a critic should be looking into the symbols and meanings of what's going on in the movie. Like there is clearly biblical undertones to the whole movie. The movie had to get information out and the people that were running the world at the time didn't want that out yet.

  8. Nathan Leasure

    Nathan Leasure

    2 napja

    I think that the 2d 3d hybrid animation was the best part of the film but at the time, 3d was in its infancy at the time. I would like to see what we could do with it today.

  9. Ivan Cuartas

    Ivan Cuartas

    2 napja

    I just can’t get over how the character design for Cale was a straight rip off of their previous design for Dimitri in Anastasia.

  10. TheOtherGuys2


    2 napja

    When I saw this movie as a kid, not in theaters but on DVD a bit later on, I thought it was very awesome. Here's why. I wasn't smart enough yet to get into thinking about a developed backstory for the bad guys, and liked the idea of a cool looking enemy that is just trying to stop you because they're bad. In my mind, that was enough. I still think it kinda can be enough. Like, if in this case, Humanity is so outclassed by the Drej that we never stand any chance against them, we can never learn their motivations, never have time to think of a way to defeat them (before Earth is destroyed), it puts Humanity on the back foot, forces them into a defensive war, where they have to put all their effort into finding some way to survive. I've been a sci fi fan all my life, and while this movie's bad guys, and all the human characters, were kinda just there to fill roles, everything else was pure gold to my creative mind. The aliens. Especially Stith, she was my favorite character. The space stations, and the environments inside them, the way they contrasted a high tech, thousand years in the future space station, cobbled together from old spaceships, with a dirty, run down slum, a ghetto almost, I thought that was a really cool idea. It set their state of technology at a level that makes today look medieval. (Our most advanced technology, a space station, is their cheap housing. The medieval period's best construction, stone buildings, is today's cheap housing.) The locations were all very cool and distinctive, and if they wanted to capture Star Wars, I think they did in that regard. Star Wars works because most of the planets are incredibly alien, and so are the ones in Titan AE. Apart from the space stations, the standout locations are the planet with the Hydrogen trees and those batty aliens that were pretty cool, the nebula with all those strange columns of gas and stuff, and the ice crystal cluster where the Titan was hidden. And the spaceships. I love, present-tense, the spaceships. After I saw this movie, I immediately went and built a Lego model of the main spaceship, because I thought it looked really cool. I still have that model, and it's still really cool. A lot of other models I built took inspiration from the other ships in this movie. For comparison, when I saw Lilo & Stitch, which was a lot more interesting on the level of characters and comedy, I thought the spaceships all looked kinda dumb and boring. PS, here's a picture of that Lego model, for anyone interested. The design is mostly inspired by the ship from Titan A.E., with a little bit of Starship Troopers thrown in, plus a dash of "hm, I've got these pieces" for flavour. :P

  11. My Amazing Malachi

    My Amazing Malachi

    2 napja

    I love this movie

  12. Keyrel


    2 napja

    While I do like the movie, it's not my favorite. And yes....the evil blue space batteries could have been a whole lot better. XD Heck, my direction would have been something like...humanity wanted to build a second earth when they didn't need to. Some sort of hubris-driven reason. And the Angri Lightning Bois decided that no, they couldn't let this happen. Humans were too proud, and this made them dangerous. So now they must be taught humility. And Earth could get destroyed either by an intentional attack, or more slowly over time as they tried to find the machinery to make this second earth, destroying everything in their path in an attempt to wipe all this forbidden knowledge out. There, a reason they actually hate humans. Also could be why everyone else looks down on them; they were the prideful, foolish ones and deserve to live as worthless wanderers. Also DON'T NAME IT NEW EARTH OH MY GOSH NO THERE'S SO MANY OTHER NAMES!! Gaia. Eden. Name it after an ancient deity of Earth, or some mythical hero who learned humility in honor of the lesson learned. NOT NEW EARTH.

  13. Austin Secrest

    Austin Secrest

    2 napja

    Studios apparently have a formula that makes all their projects appear as a failure on paper despite their boxoffice

  14. craig thomas

    craig thomas

    3 napja

    this is a good movie, one of my favourites

  15. John Doe

    John Doe

    3 napja

    Gotta disagree here love this movie

  16. Tah Tab

    Tah Tab

    3 napja

    9:40 son I’m gonna go get milk brb

  17. Serasia


    4 napja

    "...But we had two sequels! 'Attack on Titan' and 'Remember the Titans'!" ...... *slowly mouses over the Like button with a growing smile*

  18. LularoLife


    5 napja

    I think this movie wasn’t lacking talent in every aspect. They tried.

  19. Sean Taggart

    Sean Taggart

    5 napja

    Hey just because a movie flopped doesn't mean it aint bad See treasure planet, Atlantis the Lost Empire, and titan ae This one The plot of A WORLD ENDING EVENT for an entire Movie Sure its been done to hell But that is usually the ending NOT THE BEGINNING

  20. Paul Bornman

    Paul Bornman

    6 napja

    Why do I feel like I've seen this before or at least parts

  21. Andrez E

    Andrez E

    6 napja

    Geez ive always really liked this movie... never heard that the movie was a failure until now 🙀 Same thing with water world!

  22. peter h

    peter h

    6 napja

    This was the first movie I called my favorite movie. It was atmospheric and brooding, I loved that. I was 8 years old and the drege scared me and I left the theater. Later on VHS I watched it a lot. I watched it two nights ago with a friend and took notice of the mechanical details in the backgrounds. The sound design sold it for me as well, really punchy and atmospheric

  23. WhiteNegative


    6 napja

    Idk i find it a lot more terrifying that an alien species finds Earth and is like "Oh shit they might pass us" *nuke* rather than a long prolonged war that "ends" with Earth's destruction

  24. WhiteNegative


    6 napja

    Sad this movie flopped I love it

  25. TSUED0MEM0


    7 napja

    I don’t understand how that movie could have failed that badly, I watched it with my parents in the past and it’s one of our favorites :/

  26. Laura B

    Laura B

    7 napja

    I thought it was good. Nothing mind blowing but not bad, I had fun watching it.

  27. Sapphire Clawe

    Sapphire Clawe

    7 napja

    I *vaguely* remembered this movie and... yeah, it's not a good film.

  28. Dumbledoresarmy13


    7 napja


  29. Mr.Manga


    8 napja

    I liked it, rewatching it from time to time but i can agree it could have used a little more work.

  30. Atrain 103

    Atrain 103

    8 napja

    If this movie had a little more time and got some inspiration from halo, that'd be fire

  31. Creator4983


    9 napja

    Why does he only point out the flaws in the movie and none of the best parts! It's my time to fly and the chase in the ice field scenes still hold up today and were so cool!!! I guess it's easy to see the issues when that's all you look for...

  32. Javed Khan

    Javed Khan

    9 napja

    Your not going to believe this but it is on Disney Plus alongside Treasure Planet.

  33. Hannah McFadden

    Hannah McFadden

    9 napja

    This being Don Bluth's last movie reminds me about how Gene Kelly's last movie was Xanadu. Not as bad, but still a yikes

  34. GojiraTX


    10 napja

    Ive always had a fondness for this movie. Sure, ive seen better (hell, ive written better stories myself humbleflex.png), but the concepts it attempts to wrestle with still resonate with me, specifically the idea of humanity being reduced to a race of drifters floating around on what amount to giant scrapyards in space. Thats always been really cool to me.

  35. Ole Nickel

    Ole Nickel

    10 napja

    I feel this movie would have worked better as a show with more time to explore the bold concepts it introduced and more time to actually develop its characters.

  36. Captain Donut

    Captain Donut

    10 napja

    this movei is awesome. Its my turn to fly. father be whit me tonight aaaaaah am wright on target.

  37. The Spider

    The Spider

    10 napja

    I saw this in theaters, it was decent when I was like 10.

  38. Elizabeth Giovacchini

    Elizabeth Giovacchini

    10 napja


  39. Elizabeth Giovacchini

    Elizabeth Giovacchini

    10 napja

    i was so surprised that more people didnt know about this movie cuz at the time it had some of the most popular actors in it

  40. wednesdaydoesn'texist __

    wednesdaydoesn'texist __

    11 napja

    Omg I remember this watching this movie on tv as a kid...kid me was disturbed so badly when the roach chef guy gets blown up by those robot cops 🤢😖 Also when that lizard guy that as lowkey threatening to eat Kale literally got his neck snapped in the last fight 😬🥲

  41. Geisterfuchs


    11 napja

    The Dredge actually feared the humans and tried to eliminate them because they knew that the Titan-Project could destroy them by using the Dedge race as an energy source. That was their reason for attacking the humans in the first place, not just ebcause they were evil and power hungry. The movies fault is that it did nit establish that pointm only inferred it. It was only made clear in the supplementary comics alongside the movie, so it's easy to not know that aspect Yep, bad marketing/plot-establishment on the part of the filmmakers. Just wanted to drop this here for completions sake

  42. Bryce Page

    Bryce Page

    12 napja

    I thought this was just an extended version of the Larger than Life video by The Backstreet Boys

  43. MethsBack


    12 napja

    Funny enough Titan AE is one of my favorite movies of all time. Sad that it bombed so hard

  44. CarterR34


    12 napja

    Even Initial D First Stage looks better.

  45. Shh'Kotsky


    12 napja

    I honestly quite liked it back then, today I do see how horrible the CGI looks - even for the time it was already kinda iffy(but I still love the ice crystals scene - that one is just great)… I’ll still give it a rewatch from time to time, maybe hoping for somebody one day attempting a remake?

  46. John Michael

    John Michael

    12 napja

    Okay, it’s Scooby doo Cyber Chase vs Humanity

  47. Anthony Rath

    Anthony Rath

    12 napja

    Hmmm.... I guess I liked it as a child. When I was 11 years old though I didn’t analyze movies like this guy. I just enjoyed the ride.

  48. freakkyser


    13 napja

    Damn I grew up with this movie, I love it

  49. Flweem


    13 napja

    I remember really liking Titan AE. Knowing that it dealt a wound to Fox just makes me like it more.

  50. Ekami


    13 napja

    Yeah, I saw this movie first time few weeks ago, and I loved the start of the movie, animation and I liked Korso, Cale, Akima and Preed, but yeah energy aliens felt wasted. I would still recommend it, but the latter part of the movie needs a rewrite to fit the start. (Also, finnish dub for some reason has nerd voiced by the same woman who voices Izma in emperor's new groove :D)

  51. jack hahn

    jack hahn

    13 napja

    It kind of feels that the studio just let this flop happen. Like they didn't care what so ever

  52. Z Zenith

    Z Zenith

    14 napja

    I just watched this for the first time and I liked it. I appreciate the attempt behind it and there is really no stupidity in the movie. It's quite a strong story with clear stakes, lots of action and quite likeable characters. Imo, this movie is average at worst but pretty damn solid at best.

  53. Aidan Hever

    Aidan Hever

    14 napja

    Out of all the characters of this movie. Akima is the only one that I found interesting.

  54. Your Local Baltimore Railfan.

    Your Local Baltimore Railfan.

    14 napja

    11:29 BONK.

  55. jake crocker crocker

    jake crocker crocker

    15 napja

    I in joyed the film wehn i wss a little lad

  56. WaterBat95


    15 napja

    Treasure Planet came out two years after Titan AE. I haven't seen Titan AE, but I want to just so I can watch Don Bluth's animation XD

  57. Lee Joel Beasley

    Lee Joel Beasley

    16 napja

    the urge did the sound track. I seen The urge live THEY FUCKING SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!. THEY ACTED THEY DID WANT TO BE THERE. Dudes all band make the fame and monies by their live performance they suked!!!!!!!!.

  58. The Onyx Ninja

    The Onyx Ninja

    16 napja

    25:08 “if you wanna watch this hot mess of a movie, go give it a watch” is like saying if you’re thirsty go get a drink.

  59. Random Seth

    Random Seth

    16 napja

    This was a movie of my childhood! I LOVED THIS MOVIE SOO MUCH🥺🥺🥺🥺

  60. Popculture Watchtower

    Popculture Watchtower

    16 napja

    Man I loved this movie as a kid when it came out.

  61. Maxaroni And Cheese

    Maxaroni And Cheese

    17 napja

    Other than New Earth I think the 3D/2D looks really really cool. I wish they could have done it better, it might have saved the movie

  62. Hebu The Lone Wolf

    Hebu The Lone Wolf

    17 napja

    as a kid this was one of my fave movies i liked to watch

  63. ember 2.0

    ember 2.0

    17 napja

    OH SHOOT I MUST HAVE SEEN PART OF THIS WHEN I WAS REALLY YOUNG. I remember the scientist character, his design would faze in and out of my memory and dreams. So, thank you for finally giving me closure.

  64. Cody Lucas

    Cody Lucas

    17 napja

    I remember seeing this in the theater and loving this film. Even nowadays, I love how unlike anything else this film was.

  65. Arcane Heart

    Arcane Heart

    18 napja

    Firefly... Titan A.E.... Treasure Planet... Atlantis: The Lost Empire... These products seem to have a habit of being cool steampunk space adventures that completely bombed during their releases but gained a cult following over the years. And I know Atlantis isn't in futuristic space but it kinda has the steampunk aesthetic and they go into "another world", so it kinda counts.

  66. Parastrat


    19 napja

    I enjoyed enough aspects of this movie even though the effects have not aged well at all. I remember in this time animation for young adults and up was practically unheard of, and could have been better. If nothing else it introduced me to Powerman 5000 and the one good song by Electrasy Also: I met one of the guys who worked with the lighting for this movie. They really struggled with the lighting for places like the Asteroid Space Station and didn't settle on some of their choices until late development

  67. WooferPoof


    20 napja

    How can he STILL talk too slow at 2x video speed????? xD Maybe it's just the way too frequent and long pauses between words.

  68. Grand Yeti

    Grand Yeti

    20 napja

    Its so cool seeing this video and being like, Im not the only person in the entire Earth that saw this movie

  69. phanfinger


    20 napja

    I haven't seen this move in years but I remember really liking it! I liked the map on that guy's hand ahah. I thought that was pretty cool.

  70. smol person

    smol person

    20 napja

    I LOVED Titan A.E it was the best, Mars needs Moms was something I watched as a kid which sucked cuz it took too long for me

  71. Allison Laxdal

    Allison Laxdal

    21 napja

    I love this movie, but I was an edgy teen when it came out and that demographic didn't used to get a lot of content catered to it. I think it fell into the cracks between too adult and too kid for most audiences but my friends and I still watch it regularly

  72. kwali williams

    kwali williams

    21 napja

    i love ur videos they are so entertaining

  73. LazarusTV


    21 napja

    i loved this movie as a kid :D

  74. jbarthol


    21 napja

    Honestly I actually enjoyed this movie.

  75. Joshua Ball

    Joshua Ball

    21 napja

    Bad review, Saber. Bad review.

  76. Sera Iden

    Sera Iden

    21 napja

    I legit absolutely adored Titan A.E. growing up. Between the turn to fly song, and just all of it, IDK. I liked it. But oof some parts of it deffo aged roughly(waaaay more than kid me remembered).

  77. Matt Byers

    Matt Byers

    22 napja

    Yeah the kangaroo alien was just weird.

  78. Dean J.

    Dean J.

    22 napja

    I love this movie! Ain't nothing wrong with 90's-2000's nostalgia 😁

  79. Samantha Blaw

    Samantha Blaw

    22 napja

    My dad loved this and showed it to me and my sister when we were maybe 5 or 6. We watched it soon after watching Star Wars and LOVED it

  80. DiscordantlyYou


    22 napja

    Y'know I saw Titan A.E. as a kid with my uncle and I think it had quite an influence on me. It doesn't talk down to you as a film, and as I got older I found myself thinking about it from time to time. I think it made me look at animation as a medium that can convey things serious as well as playful, but considering I'm relatively young I pretty much grew up with animation, so I never knew a set 'standard' that it had to be 'for kids', sure all the programming I saw was for kids but I just figured it was because it was the age relevant animation, and Titan A.E. did a lot to prove that, that and Akira. Just interesting is all.

  81. Hookah Otaku

    Hookah Otaku

    22 napja

    This movie was and is amazing. The Dad was so badass.

  82. Chunky Freddy

    Chunky Freddy

    23 napja

    Y already miss blue sky lol :((((

  83. Iridescent Vampire

    Iridescent Vampire

    23 napja

    This movie was awesome!

  84. Genesis Plus

    Genesis Plus

    23 napja

    They create HALO cutscene graphics!!!

  85. panhuys


    23 napja

    The persuit in the ice fields is epic. Even more so considering its age, even the cgi looks legit

  86. That random Firebat

    That random Firebat

    23 napja

    Man I remember watching this with my dad.

  87. Billy Kent

    Billy Kent

    23 napja

    my kids and I loved this movie. great video btw!

  88. MrInzombia


    23 napja

    treasure planet was better

  89. habijjj


    23 napja

    This is so much like attack on titan its hilarious

  90. Lakshmi1118


    23 napja

    Good movie.

  91. Ted Pominville

    Ted Pominville

    23 napja

    I have this movie on DVD but I've never seen it.

  92. Null Eins

    Null Eins

    24 napja

    treasure planet is sooo underrated compared to all the generic disney princess movies. next to lion king it‘s my favourite disney movie by far.

  93. Kadija Hamad

    Kadija Hamad

    24 napja

    no stop. i love this movie. don’t be mean to it please

  94. Josh Parker

    Josh Parker

    24 napja

    It would make sense to me for Bill Pullman to change his mind about the Titan after they learned what it actually was and how important it was, but if I remember correctly his motivation was never actually addressed at all.

  95. Joseph Simmons

    Joseph Simmons

    25 napja

    Haven't seen it but wouldn't surprise me if I end up liking it. I like the animation. To be honest, the early 20's and the late 19's had most of the better show's for animation mainly for kids. Not that we have some good shows today. But there were a lot more better show's for animation for kids during the earlier year's if you put all the year's together for kid animated series and movie's.

  96. Cherish O'Neal

    Cherish O'Neal

    25 napja

    I remember watching this in a movie theater when I was 9. I thought this movie was good. I didn't know that this was a bomb.

  97. Strange Dominus

    Strange Dominus

    25 napja

    Even if I really enjoy TA.E. I must disagree on this 12:42 THAT scene doesn't look from a 2000 game cutscene, that scene looks like it's from MYST....from 1993!!! And for a movie? I don't think 2000 was too early for cgi, the Fellowship Of The Ring was knocking at the door(2001), hell! If you see Star Trek 2 when they explain the Genesis project it looks soooo much better and it was 1982 (litterally super early Pixar) and it was supposed to be cgi in the movie(it was a computer simulation) yeah that scene is pretty bad ;)

  98. Raquel Rivera

    Raquel Rivera

    26 napja

    I thought this movie was a fever dream. Like a Mandela effect because every time I tried to look or talk about it no one knows what the heck I’ve talked about it. I loved this movie.

    • Raquel Rivera

      Raquel Rivera

      26 napja

      They also needed more details in the story though. Like I needed more character development.

  99. John Carnegie

    John Carnegie

    26 napja

    NOT ENOUGH ADVERTISING. Are these execs fucking stupid or something? How do you make money on something nobody knows exists? I didn't see the movie until like 2005

  100. Leon Skates

    Leon Skates

    27 napja

    The website leads to a will smith movie lmao