What the HELL is The Snurks? (An Uncanny Valley FLOP)

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Back into the uncanny valley folks! TIME TO SUFFER!
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  1. Saberspark


    3 hónapja

    me: Mom can we watch the Smurfs? mom: We have the Smurfs at home honey Smurfs at home:

    • that wolf you abandoned in 2018 minecraft

      that wolf you abandoned in 2018 minecraft

      11 napja

      @Mousetail i think it's 'uncanniness' but maybe im just stupid

    • Denki Kaminari

      Denki Kaminari

      13 napja

      They even have similar names 😂

    • Parker Green

      Parker Green

      14 napja

      I love you man

    • Official TerristWitTwoTaquitoBoxes

      Official TerristWitTwoTaquitoBoxes

      2 hónapja

      My lifestyle choices: I want to be a rapper, Society: okay, rape You it is Me: Wait what the hell now, don't, ahhh!!

    • Dora Ljiljanic

      Dora Ljiljanic

      2 hónapja


  2. Sir Harland

    Sir Harland


    Idk but it reminds me of that “Arthur and the Minimoys” trilogy.

  3. Roz-kun


    2 napja

    This is basically the plot of Star Ocean 3

  4. jeff lhama

    jeff lhama

    4 napja

    Man, you have to watch the first brazilian computer animation movie, Cassiopeia, this movie is also the first movie done all in computer, no scans of scuptures, and a lot of old computers, the movie is not good or beautiful, but it's a piece of history

  5. David Cortina

    David Cortina

    5 napja

    What the HELL is The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (2000)?

  6. David Cortina

    David Cortina

    5 napja

    What RUINED Wallace and Gromit?

  7. David Cortina

    David Cortina

    5 napja

    What RUINED Aardman Animations?

  8. David Cortina

    David Cortina

    5 napja

    What the HELL is Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within?

  9. Ferintosh Farms Photography

    Ferintosh Farms Photography

    7 napja

    Thats not what the Uncanny valley means really, they're just bad animations.

  10. Logan Lemaire Hahn

    Logan Lemaire Hahn

    8 napja

    I love that he used a my little pony statue at 7:15

  11. John Carnegie

    John Carnegie

    8 napja

    Did they just copy toy story lmao

  12. Sapphire Clawe

    Sapphire Clawe

    8 napja

    "Those damn Europeans (thank you)" Me in Canada: ....... wtf, how did I get this film at 10?

  13. Gabriela Perez

    Gabriela Perez

    8 napja

    I knew this wasn’t a fever dream..

  14. Louis Steyn

    Louis Steyn

    8 napja

    I would argue they didn't take one for the team because this shit ended up in South Africa somehow

  15. The Gaming Dragon

    The Gaming Dragon

    8 napja

    For some reason the professor looks like Voldemort

  16. mrmarleybar1


    9 napja

    Holy shit I remember seeing this as a kid and honestly I always thought it was some fever dream I had, not something real.

  17. Sean McGoey

    Sean McGoey

    10 napja

    whats that 3d animated space movie with the chick shown in the first few minutes?

  18. Fallout Flyboy

    Fallout Flyboy

    12 napja

    Yeah Shrek is super edgy

  19. HiddenDirector


    12 napja

    If you want a good existential look at a character finding out they're a cartoon character, OK KO Let's Be Heroes did it really well.

  20. TheWilderCat


    13 napja

    At the very least they could have used the weird realism to some effect. They could have had the Gayans be more stylized and cartoony and things in the real world be more realistic.



    13 napja

    I remember seeing full-page ads for this movie in a French magazine (Pif Gadget), but I never managed to get a hold of any footage. I knew it was going to be terrible, even as I kid I had a knack to smell out animated dreck, but I was curious, It was just impossible to find anything about "Le monde fabuleux de Gaya" When I saw the characters in the thumbnail, it just unlocked forgotten memories from over a decade ago. I recognized that shit immediately even without having seen the movie, and oh boy it looks just as bad as I expected it to be. Review Kaena: the prophecy, s'il vous-plaît, Monsieur Éteincelle-de-sabre.

  22. Sleepy_Chxhiro


    14 napja

    Hey! February 16th is my birthday! :0

  23. Every Day

    Every Day

    14 napja

    Hey remember the fat Albert movie?

  24. KayDubs


    16 napja

    I remember it being Back to Gaya for me. So I got really confused when I read the title and thumbnail.

  25. Diabin


    16 napja pretty sure ive watched this at some point in my (very) early childhood. the author plot seems very familiar but wow im glad i dont remember the sniffing. ew.

  26. Pishy Province

    Pishy Province

    16 napja

    I could not for the life of me remember the name of this movie for years you brought up a dark memory in my mind that I didn't want to remember

  27. Sabrena Marie

    Sabrena Marie

    17 napja

    Voldemort if he was in a movie : 13:12

  28. Gretgor


    17 napja

    Not gonna lie, Alanta's kinda hot.

  29. CallmeNearly


    17 napja

    You keep unlocking parts of my memory, it’s scary i never thought i could remember this many movies.

  30. Zutto Aragi

    Zutto Aragi

    18 napja

    You think this identity crisis is bad? Take a look at Italian horror films from the 70s and 80s. I think it's rare for them to have less than 4 different titles.

  31. Solly Raptor

    Solly Raptor

    18 napja

    What now. I live in Germany my whole life now and I have *never* even heard of that movie. God thanks.

  32. Lilac Dude

    Lilac Dude

    18 napja

    I watched “The Snurks” on a Blockbuster rental. Those times hit different.

  33. Shawnoon


    19 napja

    This movie is horrible, but you are lucky for watching the english dub instead of the brazilian... The voice actors for this movie were the hosts of a "comedy" show named 'Panico". And that sucked...

  34. Jules Crowley

    Jules Crowley

    20 napja

    I know I watched this movie when I was younger. It was... Yeah. I'm glad I don't remember it.

  35. Halcyon Herascarter

    Halcyon Herascarter

    20 napja

    whenever an animator is a terrible person and dies and go to hell, they have to animate 7 billion hazbin hotel episodes, all 57 hours of taz graduation, and then this

  36. Joseph Omega

    Joseph Omega

    20 napja

    Damn, can't believe Saber didn't like the PlayStation classic, Jak and Daxter...

  37. Cat the Destoryer

    Cat the Destoryer

    21 napja

    the only reason its dove approved is because the kids mothers have more wine in their systems than a brewery

  38. Ilionikoi


    22 napja

    was totally going to mention i felt like you overuse and misuse the term "uncanny valley" but then i saw the pictures of the box...

  39. CerealUnicorn13


    23 napja

    Idk why but I genuinely enjoy Battle for Terra still to this day. I especially loved the music

  40. Victor Field

    Victor Field

    25 napja

    I paid to see this at UK cinemas.... Shockingly. this is the last movie Michael Kamen worked on. What. The Hell.

  41. animator cindy :3

    animator cindy :3

    26 napja

    Well, that wuz a train wreck.

  42. Marlene Kassun

    Marlene Kassun

    27 napja

    Oh my god the nostalgia!!!! I used to watch this with my brother when it came out here, I am german haha

  43. Eiko Fire

    Eiko Fire

    27 napja

    Dose anyone think some these characters could be background characters from ff9? Btw im so thankful that saber talks about these movies. I can just watch his videos before I even having to watch a trailer. But I'm not watching this movie lol

  44. JayLeeBeanz



    German here. I didn't know this movie existed. I am scared and confused, mom please pick me up.

  45. Lady Banshee

    Lady Banshee


    When you said it was from Germany, I first thought "God, please no" But then I realized That THIS was the movie I had seen SO many years ago as a child, and to this day sometimes thought about, but all I could remember was that kissing scene. But it bothered me so much that I didn't know the name. You gave my mind some peace

  46. AG AG

    AG AG


    When I read the words "the world of Gaya" for the first time, I mistakenly read "the world of Gays", no offense but 😂

  47. Zopaint Animations

    Zopaint Animations


    I remember being obsessed with this movie when I was little. I had it on CD and I looked back in my old CD book and still have it🤣✨

  48. Evan Lawrence

    Evan Lawrence


    Do battle for terra if you havent already, that thing fell off my radar and I forgot its name until you reminded me

  49. I'm bad at zombies

    I'm bad at zombies


    Hey man, 20 minutes of screaming? Doesn't that sound sorta familiar? (when a kid is born, you know, they come out crying) Just something I thought about for a second.

  50. Fern and Bacon

    Fern and Bacon


    Reminds me of Arthur and the Invisibles, which is in itself terrifying

  51. FeedEgg



    I'll never understand why they animate things to "look" real....just film real life....if you can't for some reason then make props combined with cg, cg should be last resort.....of course it IS cheap so that's why they ALL go for it, unfortunately the consequence is that now almost everything looks like shit. Yay.

  52. Kinetic



    I remember when this came out! A few of my friends really wanted to jump in on it during the old deviantArt days (making OCs, writing fanfics, the usual) but I never really liked the characters and the movie bored me to death about half-way through. I literally forgot they went through a portal to the real world AND THAT SEEMS TO BE A BIG PART! A friend I had kept trying to get me into it but I felt so shitty not being interested at all. Cut to today and I learn it wasn't even that big of a deal to begin with. haha

  53. Kitblood K

    Kitblood K


    Meh me meh are you a nopon Saber?

  54. Annie Ray

    Annie Ray


    The professor looks and acts kind of like Biden lol 😂

  55. Rafael Orozco

    Rafael Orozco


    For some reason I got a demon waifu ad.

  56. WitherCatt



    As someone whos NAME is Gaia (But pronounced how he says it in the video) it has got to be the weirdest thing hearing saber say my name. Fucking fever dream level I swear

  57. Onyx Angel

    Onyx Angel


    Imagine being so hell-bent on revenge that showing people lava is an evil scheme

  58. Fiete Hermans

    Fiete Hermans


    Holy crap! I realised I watched this film as a kid. My dad works for a film distribution company, and it distributed the Snurks in Belgium...

  59. SALshaNoma



    When I see the name Snurks all i can think of is Snorks. The snorks seem much more interesting.

  60. Melted Dumb Cheese

    Melted Dumb Cheese


    Sabers itense sniffing is the peak of comedy

  61. Victoria Blake

    Victoria Blake


    5mimutes into the video I realized I’d both watched it and completely blocked it from memory

  62. julio landaverde

    julio landaverde


    12:58 Jesus turned water into non-alcohol wine but instead of people calling it juice they call it wine. :/

  63. Gremlin



    “An animation studio from Germany” Ah of course

  64. SpaceD54



    Holy shit, i used to love this movie. It's the character designs, the sequence and the lesson of the story. Kinda felt creeped out by the punk like humans. But i absolutely loved the mech scene hah.

  65. intentn1



    I thought the sniffing guy was Joe Biden.😂😂😂

  66. Antonio González Caballero

    Antonio González Caballero


    Oh, so this is what happens when you make a movie about a TV series starring rejected Jak and Daxter characters.

  67. Papi the skeleton

    Papi the skeleton


    I really liked battle for terra. It's one of my favorites since I was young.

  68. Madame Agnes

    Madame Agnes


    8 yrl me picking out which sky lander figure im bouta use 13:03

  69. Gracekim22



    Nah I like your jokes🙂 I only just noticed this review

  70. Nirilse



    Fort years i remembered this film vaguely from my childhood but i couldn't figure out what film it was... Thank u for solving this mystery, i hate it :D

  71. Nava



    4:36 the asparagus girl has a huge rack

  72. VinnyMartello



    "You don't wanna know about the sniffing guy" Oh, we all know who he is. He's the president.

  73. Prince Bloodgrave

    Prince Bloodgrave


    I own this movie. :) I saw it for cheap, & bought it, back in 2008 or 2009.

  74. Gavin Lafayette

    Gavin Lafayette


    I love you're videos and i am proud to be a subscriber to the channel.

  75. Merfairy Productions

    Merfairy Productions


    0:50 Battle for Terra was my childhood!

  76. Cordelia Hammonds

    Cordelia Hammonds



  77. Cordelia Hammonds

    Cordelia Hammonds



  78. Aza Dalamiq

    Aza Dalamiq


    0_0 the fk am i looking at... also to be fair lara croft in the original games looked like angelina jolie. but really.. like what are they suppose to be furry elves?

  79. Julian Danger

    Julian Danger


    I fucking watched this as a kid 😂😂

  80. David Hall

    David Hall


    Lava pouring out of every tv is actually kinda terrifying lol.

  81. Z I N Ø

    Z I N Ø


    that hurts

  82. Turtled Ink

    Turtled Ink

    2 hónapja

    Oh my god I remember that from my childhood, you just triggered a secret memory

  83. Genesis Plus

    Genesis Plus

    2 hónapja

    Shame on you, pulling a Joe Biden on us like this.

  84. McKenna Wentzel

    McKenna Wentzel

    2 hónapja

    Ah, man. I thoureghly enjoyed Battle for Terra and Delgo. I thought they were fantastic. The animation may be a bit jarring from time to time and the story might be a little weird, but I enjoy them even still. I can understand and admit these movies do have mistakes and faults. However I can still enjoy and look back on them fondly.😊💖

  85. Aesural


    2 hónapja

    One day, we'll see your fluffy digigrade legs, Saber. We will get the truth someday. :O

  86. chance veres

    chance veres

    2 hónapja

    Godzilla 1954 went under too many names so you might want change that opinion

  87. Fluffy_ghost 0

    Fluffy_ghost 0

    2 hónapja

    Imagine your a voice actor for a movie and half your lines are “AAAAA”

  88. Princess Ruto

    Princess Ruto

    2 hónapja

    Now THIS is podracing!

  89. Indybot


    2 hónapja

    To be fair, if Patrick Stewart told me "I willed you into being," I'd probably roll with it too. Dude seems pretty capable.



    2 hónapja

    I fricking loved this movie growing up. I’m sorry, but it was really good.

  91. Rurihime


    2 hónapja

    Useless fact: The Brazilian dub was dubbed by people from an adult show

  92. Dyllon Brenner

    Dyllon Brenner

    2 hónapja

    I liked that show when i was a kid Also from Canada

  93. A M

    A M

    2 hónapja

    An obscure movie on this channel i've actually seen before, pleasantly caught off guard

  94. LodanSD


    2 hónapja

    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was an Amazing Flop!

  95. Jared Somthing somthing

    Jared Somthing somthing

    2 hónapja

    This movie is like a piece of shit that's been renamed 3 times and has been run over by a semi-truck

  96. Soundwave


    2 hónapja

    You know, with all the slag and crap that is passed off as a "movie" today, nobody has room to talk about an experimental movie. It is always easy to complain about a "bad first try" - the CGI movie Back to Gaya was among the first of its kind. Before that only parts of a movie had been done in CGI - and not very good either. A movie that is completely made in CGI was still new to a large extent. Even Shrek had not tried to make realistic skin textures and such yet. Also most movies do not depend on the skills of its makers but purely on marketing. And as you said yourself, WB blow the marketing pretty much out the window it was not the best. For a childrens movie with experimental uses I think it went not so bad.

  97. jetfoxproductions


    2 hónapja

    jesus made new wine, basicly fruit juice. and god in heaven those characters are ugly, reboot season one looks better.

  98. Tony Zacker

    Tony Zacker

    2 hónapja

    Oh man, Dingo Pictures, Felidae, Judas & Jesus, Back to Gaya... as a German, I feel the need to apologize for what my country did to animation and several people's insanity.

  99. nwmancuso


    2 hónapja

    How did you NOT use that clip from Futurama of Prof Farnsworth saying: “It’s Dolomite baby!”

  100. I'm Leonessa

    I'm Leonessa

    2 hónapja

    Did they really reference Miguel de Unamuno's "Niebla" in this?? That feels weird