What the HELL is Peepoodo & The Super F*ck Friends? (I had to censor everything in this video lol)

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I've seen some graphic stuff before but this...this is something else
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  1. Saberspark


    14 napja

    No joke, this one is next level and doesn't hold its punches. God speed to those who check it out

    • Victor E. Vector M.

      Victor E. Vector M.

      15 órája

      As much as I HATE censorship, I am actually quite thankful that you censored almost everything in this video. But I can still imagine what goes on in those scenes over and over again in my head. XD

    • Michael Laiosa Jr

      Michael Laiosa Jr


      Dear BaberSpark, can you make the uncensored version of this video?

    • Chr1stown


      2 napja

      Tell me about it

    • Croissants Are Great

      Croissants Are Great

      2 napja

      @Chhxhxhdh 🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥🟥⬛️⬛️ 🟥🟥🟥⬛️⬛️ 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥 🟥🟥 🟥🟥 🟥🟥

    • Rezzvoir


      2 napja

      Your always like "Seriously, how'd I get paid after talking about this", but when you actually look at the video, it's literally all blur and blooped words

  2. First Cyber Battalion

    First Cyber Battalion


    I see a thumbnail of this series that has ding dongs legit hanging out in the thumbnail

  3. Ludovic Pirolley

    Ludovic Pirolley

    6 órája

    Peepoodoo is hardcore even for many French / European people... Especially for those who are not open minded with homosexuality, bisexuality, transgender and anything out of vanilla porn or sexuality (definition ever changing). Peepoodoo's purpose is not to challenge is for fun and sometimes show / remind you what is sex all about: fun, safety, fun and SAFETY! And Peepoodoo also shows how France's modern culture is such a patchwork of influences (Japan, I choose you) mixed with that quirky and trashy French sense of humour.

  4. Seaborn Gaming

    Seaborn Gaming

    7 órája

    I watched this show and it was absolutely WILD

  5. Desirée Cornect

    Desirée Cornect

    8 órája

    I'm shocked that this video got a sponsor.

  6. TankzUploadz


    8 órája

    I saw 6:08.. I saw..

  7. Emanuel's Creations ✔

    Emanuel's Creations ✔

    8 órája

    how many time expressvpn was sabers sponsor 👇

  8. Dan The Man

    Dan The Man

    8 órája

    I see you've discovered Turbo Balak, may god be with you

  9. LunaraVA Starz

    LunaraVA Starz

    10 órája

    saber could you make a video on nyan~ neko sugar girls

  10. itsalie


    11 órája

    you should review "retarded animal babies" its on newgrounds. it ran for 80 episodes i think.

  11. Odin Di Martino

    Odin Di Martino

    12 órája

    In the original version, Peepoodo is voiced by a famous French voice actress who normally play for child shows

  12. Eve Damon

    Eve Damon

    13 órája

    netflix:this is to inapropriate! also netflix:ah yes minors in inapropriote outfits thats fine oh and also we deleted coraline and an intire pokemon series thats fine

  13. Foxen Fenny

    Foxen Fenny

    15 órája

    I loved this show

  14. Victor E. Vector M.

    Victor E. Vector M.

    15 órája

    I love this show with a percentage of my heart. BUT Jesus do I always have the urge to vomit and then give the thumbs up once I am finished. Just another list of animated masterpieces that must be seen! Especially by science majors or those who are taking a science course. ^^

  15. Herabec


    16 órája

    That a critic on this site has to walk on eggshells around this website to talk about just about anything anymore is just completely disgusting. HUeye should be ashamed of themselves. They're not. But they should be.

  16. machatsui


    18 órája


  17. Ashton Hamre

    Ashton Hamre

    21 órája

    a trans inclusive sex ed thing???? i've been needing to hear those words for YEARS,, doesn't help that i'm literally moving out tomorrow and it's gonna be a Challenge watching it at home but regardless this is awesome????

  18. Beeg Yoshi

    Beeg Yoshi

    22 órája

    Lets watch before HUeye age restricts this

  19. Steven Robbins

    Steven Robbins

    22 órája

    HUeye is fascist.

  20. dflameX


    23 órája

    I cant believe you forced me to watch this entire series. You had me pushed down and forced me to watch it all. And I think you need to take the handcuffs off now because I watched it all... and I would like to sleep now.

  21. Lazara Pino

    Lazara Pino


    You gotta review a Madagascar knock off movie called life’s an jungle Africa most wanted

  22. BloodyN1nja



    This reminds me of that anime Shinchan. Mostly the elephant dance. Yes, it is what you think

  23. Joshua Fouse

    Joshua Fouse


    I never knew a elafhant could play basketball 😱

  24. justinsummmeygameing



    Netflix they green light cuties but not this

  25. Jadan Velasquez Mejia

    Jadan Velasquez Mejia


    For being someone with an OCD that's it's all about hygiene, I wasn't shocked at all by episode 3, that's funny... I'm numb to darkness now...

  26. KennyUndrX



    I watched the whole series with my girlfriend and trust me, it's actually REALLY good, genuinely REALLY good!

  27. Pxstelios



    Black pills not being blocked on my school computer...

  28. ほもか



    Seeing saberspark pull out "ig art is supposed to challenge you" after everything he's reviewed actually killed me

  29. Raja



    Wow not even allowed on french tv? That's a shocker

  30. Crimson fox

    Crimson fox


    What in the name of christ did I fucking watch.

  31. Devilluke ラム

    Devilluke ラム


    This was the first NC-17 rating show I seen it's almost got a XXX rating

  32. Noyan mp4

    Noyan mp4


    Yes yiff show

  33. fantasytraveler



    It a condudrum it progressive but back tracks with comedy. I like it for comedy story not too much about sex.

  34. Shell knight

    Shell knight


    *Cocomelon Sus*

  35. spiritual proteins

    spiritual proteins


    I can't believe people are having trouble finishing an episode of this. Are you really this squeamish? It's just a cartoon, come on lol. This is absolutely hilarious and one of the best things I've watched in ages. I'm really glad peepoodoo exists and that the creators are still making episodes. We need more cartoons like this.

  36. Blaze Games

    Blaze Games


    Season 2 is only in franch?

  37. Lemon demon

    Lemon demon


    7:48 oh god

  38. Nirwan Idrus

    Nirwan Idrus


    My request : what the hell is The Good Dinosaur : Pixar's biggest failure

  39. A A

    A A


    Everyone gangsta till it shows up in HUeye Kids.

  40. NiuSkay2



    my final toughts on this: what the ****** is this

  41. Bird Flox

    Bird Flox


    After watching all the episodes so far, I loved this show. It gets a bit gross sometimes, but everything is treated so normally that you stop caring very quickly. The characters themselves are very likeable.

  42. eon001



    Found Peepoodo twitter randomly. It was DBZ inspired ep. Don't know if I can even describe it. Hilarious and a little disturbing haha.

  43. Type_44



    When you can somehow get all the things that are in children’s movies, like anthropomorphic speaking animals, superheroes, and 2D Animation and turn into a bizzare amalgamation of a G and R18 movie you’ll know you have a problem

  44. Bird Brain

    Bird Brain


    I wish I listened to the warning about episode 3

  45. 박성화



    Oddly, I just watched the whole of season 1 and 2 after this. And at first, whilst of course you are shocked and mostly pay attention the hyper-sexual content and constant dicks being out etc... ...You really sorta just get used to it extremely quickly. Whilst I already don't see genitals and bodies as only sexual objects etc - this show really does assure you know that. It's educational on topics you probably could or should already know.. but maybe don't, because sexual education is a great taboo and often done awfully... There is no shame in that! There is a lot of scientific greatness also - with no ads!! The EPS are like 4-6mins long.. and I also second watching this as long as you're over 18. Watch it with headphones on by the way, but.. it really is worth it - it's so so good, imma keep it saved and I mean, it's gonna be hard to forget lmfao. (It also looks like a weekly//bi-weekly show!)

  46. Anthony Gomez

    Anthony Gomez


    Netflix: We don't want anything remotely sexual on our service. Also Netflix: *Cuties*

  47. Ashley Engleman

    Ashley Engleman


    I have seen the entire first season and loved it

  48. 1800dino camargo

    1800dino camargo


    I just watched this with a couple of friend a few days ago, he stopped the moment the nurse said prostate.

  49. Paul Blart

    Paul Blart

    2 napja

    God is dead... and we have killed him

  50. Carey Barber

    Carey Barber

    2 napja

    Why can't I stop watching this?

  51. Bridget The Zipper

    Bridget The Zipper

    2 napja

    HEY MAN I’ve loved your videos for a long time and I’ve been watching a show I think you should do a “what the hell” video on it’s called “Bread Barbershop” and I think a video on that would be really fun and it’s quite the show, in more ways than one lmao

  52. Cody


    2 napja

    Sooo....I watched the first episode, and I’m scared 😢

  53. xblackghostx


    2 napja

    It wasn’t that bad. This is your stuff man, furries and all.

  54. Ashley Demko

    Ashley Demko

    2 napja

    I wonder if there's going to be an episode about sex work, that's something that a lot of people, including myself, could stand to be more educated about. I guess maybe that's kind of what the "magic tree" episode was about but honestly that one didn't really feel all that educational i don't think i really got anything from that

  55. Jesse Walker

    Jesse Walker

    2 napja

    I watched this because of you, at first i was like, eh, (could not watch ep 3) but the witch ep was funny around ep 9 that it started finding itself (giggity) and ep 14 cinched it for me. Season 2 has been hilarious gold and Evelyne is now my spirit animal. "3 times 4? ... tch' youre not Grocosto..*cocks gun*"

  56. Slendy sensei

    Slendy sensei

    2 napja

    Not even saying "fuck"? You can still make it despite what HUeye says... No need to be afraid of the "System"

  57. The gaming keyblade

    The gaming keyblade

    2 napja

    1:24 why, just why? tell your editor that they need to censor that tv until its only a single pink pixel

  58. Cool Dude 876

    Cool Dude 876

    2 napja

    They Where Right' This Had To Be One Off The Bench Biggest Middle Finger.

  59. Bruno Martins de França

    Bruno Martins de França

    2 napja

    I like How R34 thought about dedicate itself on kids show

  60. Dinosaur Hoffman

    Dinosaur Hoffman

    2 napja

    Happy tree friends that is brlutel

  61. Simplelodon


    2 napja

    How to forget this movie: Grab the holy water and bleach. Join Doomguy to attend the Bible study.

  62. Esteban Bertrand

    Esteban Bertrand

    2 napja

    Fun fact : in French, Peepoodo is voiced by Brigitte Lecordier. She is (child) Goku's french voice !!

    • Jesse Walker

      Jesse Walker

      2 napja

      That explains so many references in the show.. especially vegeta appearing in todays new ep LMAO! ZEE ONN-AKA TOURNEEMENTUH!

  63. Fox Mj Playz

    Fox Mj Playz

    2 napja

    This Is on newgrounds

  64. Yuki Akai

    Yuki Akai

    2 napja

    Right! I never saw u make a video about happy tree friends before...oh I love that cartoon 😄👍

  65. liamdude5


    2 napja

    Can somebody explain to me why Netflix said no to this but said yes to Big Mouth?

  66. Richard Hanck

    Richard Hanck

    2 napja

    Soooo... I take it Ep. 3 is their... discussion, I guess... on the core fetish that is catered to by "Two Girls, One Cup?" Meh, Ep 3 is 4 minutes, how bad can it be? Yep, scatological fetishes... Hard pass from me. Though it _is_ pretty interesting that they managed to cram a bit on scatology, racial/cultural tolerance, and possibly even a statement on hypocrisy (Strubel needs a wet-wipe).

  67. Nico Dalusong

    Nico Dalusong

    2 napja

    Just from the clips shown, I can already tell that Balak and his crew enjoyed their childhood shows with all the references to super robot anime (plugsuits from NGE and a Grendizer reference) or anime in general (the bike from Akira). I'll find some time to watch this eventually. Thanks for introducing is all to it Saber.

  68. The H0r5e

    The H0r5e

    2 napja

    I prefer watching it in French

  69. The H0r5e

    The H0r5e

    2 napja

    I prefer watching it in French

  70. sonicx059


    2 napja

    omgoodness, omgoodness, omgoodness.... I went to watch an episode on their site. Just curious cause i'm like how did it ever make it to youtube if it was this that bad....As soon as the doctor showed up, i need a break to write this.

  71. fruitsnackia2012


    2 napja

    more like ice bear XD i honestly have a hard time believing Japanese networks would turn this down tbh lol.

  72. UwU Fan

    UwU Fan

    2 napja

    How do we contact SaberSpark i got the goods on a interesting animated car show.

  73. Will Rogers

    Will Rogers

    2 napja

    Despite leaning increasingly towards “centrist” over the past few years, I am not and never have been a Puritan when it comes to sexuality. That being said, I see some of the media coming out of France these days, and there’s a small part of me that thinks “f***ing degenerates.”

  74. Gavin Elrod

    Gavin Elrod

    2 napja

    Hey saber did you bring a box of tissue and lotion when you were watching this 😂

  75. Saved


    3 napja

    I've learned something about my body on the episode with the elephant playing basketball , thats for sure lmao

  76. Help me

    Help me

    3 napja

    OK but at 11:41 I got that Tiktok ad with the watermelon.

  77. Ashkihyena


    3 napja

    To much for Netflix…but Cuties is ok,. K…. Goes to show where Netflix’s priorities lie and why they should be investigated.

  78. Gamehawk_EVO


    3 napja

    When saber got struck by lightning at 2:55 it cut to a craft Mac and cheese commercial

  79. Kaye Hansen

    Kaye Hansen

    3 napja

    It is a show that pushes some pretty problematic concepts- purely from the point of my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. And I'm not even talking about all of the stuff you'd think is problematic. The emphasis on knowing your own body and exploration of it, or the fact that there's genitalia everywhere for example. The creators had the chance to portray the kind of quality sexual education that, at the very least, I know many Americans don't receive in schools, and to bring up issues concerning that, and they decided to squander it whining about racism and how "Toxic masculinity bad >:^(" instead- among other things that could be explained and discussed much better on different platforms, both more easily and more in depth than in a five minute animation. And you can say "hahah it's comedy bro" And sure, yeah it is. It's a comedy show. But it's obvious that this show attempted to use comedy to explore some serious topics- and I just have to say that there are some shows out there currently that involve nothing but slapstick comedy and express absolutely no ideas at all that do a better job of bettering their audiences than this show does.

  80. Human Haker9

    Human Haker9

    3 napja

    Yeah the moment I watch ep one I just watched the entire show

  81. Lieutenant Octo

    Lieutenant Octo

    3 napja

    You didn't blur this enough

  82. Anthony Hubbart

    Anthony Hubbart

    3 napja legit dead...they soul... gob... like Oof I donno wat ta say i mentally died inside Nux has ta whiff dis... gahhhhhh!!! dis is definitely not for da souls of the innocent...

  83. vilemint


    3 napja

    I mean. The message is good, the facts are right. I don't see anything wrong tbh

  84. Darnoxiety


    3 napja

    Its also on e621...



    3 napja

    Saberspark: I'm not a furry but..... Also this show gives me Drawn Together type vibes!

  86. echo


    3 napja

    Why did i just look that up

  87. Dustin Rodriguez

    Dustin Rodriguez

    3 napja

    I've been interested in societies views on sex info since I was 9 years old and my mom tore a couple pages out of a science book that showed line drawings of the external anatomy of boys and girls. Probably one of the most fascinating books about it I've ever read is one called 'Good Sex Illustrated'. It's a French book, actually. In the 1970s, the USA was seen as a bastion of progress and education when it came to sex thanks to the Sexual Revolution. France, at the time, was seen as a prudish uneducated place on sexual matters (oh how the tables have turned). To deal with this, the French government commissioned the creation of a set of sexual education materials with different volumes intended for different aged audiences to convey a more modern and progressive view. And... they flubbed it. Likely without even trying or meaning to, every aspect of the sex ed materials they created continued to put forward the same antiquated beliefs without even realizing it. 'Good Sex Illustrated' goes through the materials they made and points out the ways this happened. Lots of stuff you probably wouldn't think twice about, but when you observe it from a distance, it becomes obvious how the material totally alienates young people by making it seem like the materials don't apply to them, and conveys all sorts of ideas about tying sex to reproduction despite most people having sex thousands of times in their lives (including many forms which simply can't result in reproduction) with only a few babies being produced. If you're American, you will recognize the flawed sex ed materials they pick apart, because they are very similar to exactly how our current antiquated beliefs are forced on people. Line drawings instead of photographs. When there are photographs, they are only of adults. This strands kids and leaves them no way to know if they are typical or bizarre, etc.

  88. Jäger Meister_175

    Jäger Meister_175

    3 napja

    Funny. But it's somewhat educational?

  89. Youtube University

    Youtube University

    3 napja

    Quick Hell?

  90. jussy the boi

    jussy the boi

    3 napja

    Can you watch the second season in english?

  91. Hemuset


    3 napja

    Netflix, of all people(?), rejected it. LOL, they really should check what they upload then.

  92. Fluff the Sergal

    Fluff the Sergal

    3 napja

    Oh... You found it too... Yeah too spicy to handle for my fucked up mind too.

  93. Nikolai Nomad

    Nikolai Nomad

    3 napja

    ._. Is this Zootopia unchained?

  94. Ezra F.

    Ezra F.

    3 napja

    My first thought was "why do grown adults need sex education" then I remembered that's a problem the US created. And that this would be a torture method viewing it in a classroom setting.

  95. Joshua Orr

    Joshua Orr

    3 napja

    I literally just watch the first episode... I am a change man 😐😐😐😐😐😐

  96. Brent Aguirre

    Brent Aguirre

    4 napja

    ...oh no!

  97. Mathias LIENAFA

    Mathias LIENAFA

    4 napja


  98. たまらしkaito.


    4 napja

    The animation is reminiscent of Hero 108, except more animated.

  99. UNICA


    4 napja

    After warching this video I watched all the Episodes: IT'S BRILLIANT! The entire Bobby Pills Production is full of Gems that you can watch on Black pills like: Nighttime stories and Nymphopolis wich is coming soon. They are also on Instagram! A very talented bunch indeed! These Bobbypills cartoons, Gaston, Mcbaise music and animations inspired me to learn french.

  100. Meli


    4 napja

    I actually want to go and watch this. This sounds super interesting.