What the HELL is Eveready Harton? (watch this before YouTube removes it lol)

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Yup, I'm reviewing the first adult animated cartoon ever and I'm legit afraid HUeye will hate me for it lol
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  1. princkleminckle •v•

    princkleminckle •v•

    13 órája

    12:54 ...i thought you said cornhub for a sec-

  2. princkleminckle •v•

    princkleminckle •v•

    14 órája

    "homeboy's got a third leg literally"

  3. michelle b

    michelle b


    Theirs only ONE EMOJI that can describe this video And that emoji is... This emoji 😳

  4. Juliana Dias

    Juliana Dias


    0:35 yeaaaah, “flight“, ok.

  5. Vevay Smp:]

    Vevay Smp:]

    2 napja

    this video literally got age restricted

  6. Greg Crow

    Greg Crow

    3 napja

    Oh, this cartoon. I first saw this in 1975. My father in law at the time (which was so bizarre) had been active in the porno industry for years, and among other things had an 8mm copy which he would show several times as year. As a long time compulsive animation geek i loved watching it every time. Legend has it that many staff at Paul Terry and other studios who worked on this lost their jobs over it. Years later I worked for Disneyland Entertainment Technical Services and found that i became a legend for having actually seen 'Eveready' personally and not just heard about it. This just prior to the interwebs taking off and everything becoming available. I saw it decades before I could track down a copy of 'The Emperor and the Nightingale, which I really wanted to see. And if you haven't, you should do a video on 'Nightgale' because it's just wonderfully strange, beautiful, odd and touching. Personally the English dub version is pretty out there, but it's only the film itself that matters. Thanks. I love your channel.

    • Greg Crow

      Greg Crow

      3 napja

      Oh, and I refer to the French Paul Grimault version and no other.

  7. Materia Grezza

    Materia Grezza

    4 napja

    Aaand it's age restricted now. That sucks.

  8. Tsz Lam Cheng

    Tsz Lam Cheng

    5 napja

    oh my god, I remember this is on HUeye a long time ago. You just unlock my cursed childhood memory!

  9. アリーヤ


    5 napja

    Well ig youtube really didnt take down this time

  10. bhayes06


    6 napja

    Two obvious words to describe this cartoon: That's nasty. BTW, here's an idea you might want to consider: What ruined Filmation?

  11. Kinda sleepy

    Kinda sleepy

    7 napja

    💛🖤🖤🖤 1/4 not the best video to eat to, not recommend! >:(

  12. Mila Hancock

    Mila Hancock

    8 napja

    I love your cat in the background

  13. Weed eater

    Weed eater

    8 napja

    Fun fact: adult toys existed before houses

  14. PrestigePlayz


    8 napja

    So sad that the HUeye gods are despleased with this video xD

  15. Little Nate

    Little Nate

    8 napja

    The development where they never saw the full thing until the end reminds me of a game me and my friends play where we fold a paper and someone draws a top half of a body and the other draws the bottom and then you unfold it and see the full thing.

    • Green Apple

      Green Apple

      5 napja

      LavenderTown did that once. The result was glorious. 😂

  16. Sonny Crockett 1984

    Sonny Crockett 1984

    8 napja

    I think saberspark is anti Furry also that's not furry stuff ok

  17. Lonnell Jones

    Lonnell Jones

    9 napja

    14:36 Bruh XD

  18. Jeffrey McGoldrick

    Jeffrey McGoldrick

    9 napja

    9:44 clock block

  19. Adarable Kitten

    Adarable Kitten

    9 napja

    Wow a face reveal and your Adorable. Nice. 👏👏👏

  20. Eagle _

    Eagle _

    10 napja

    *me watching this be like* *me after*:0

  21. zecle


    10 napja

    you should do more reaction videos. it feels good to hear the real you, not the conservative ultra puritan shy avatar of yours. it makes you more human and less character.

  22. Super_ShaG


    11 napja

    "Here's the link" "Oh cool" *Items may be taken down for various reasons, including by decision of the uploader or due to a violation of our Terms of Use.* "Archive Broke"

  23. Sophisticated Goat

    Sophisticated Goat

    11 napja

    I just tried to check the link you provided, and unfortunately it seems like it got taken down from because it violated the terms of use. I'm sure it still exists elsewhere but it might be harder to find.

  24. relser


    12 napja

    Update: it seems the link no longer works, the owner took it off the site. Does anybody have a link to it that still works? Edit: found it on Dailymotion!

  25. Joseph Mathew

    Joseph Mathew

    12 napja

    Eveready Harton changes everything. It paved a way for adult animation.

  26. Landero 22

    Landero 22

    12 napja

    It’s age restriction one way or another

  27. White BomberMan

    White BomberMan

    12 napja

    Am I the only one who laughed with saberspark while watching this?

  28. William l Jacks9n jr

    William l Jacks9n jr

    12 napja

    I love your channel bro keep it up rated GP

  29. V497 Vesper

    V497 Vesper

    12 napja

    Watched it on vimeo and the first response was "what the actual.....?"

  30. The Lost Concerts

    The Lost Concerts

    12 napja

    The 1920s and 30s were *not* conservative. With the prohibition in the US and the Wiemar Republic in Germany, degeneracy was the name of the game. It was in fact quite similar to today. And the massive amount of in-your-face nastiness is what led to the rise of conservatism in the USA and of fascism in Europe. The pendulum swung too far one way, and then swung too far the other way. Also, look into the term "pre-code". ;)

  31. Stargirl


    12 napja

    Shane: "I saw this guy... fuckin a goat!"

  32. Cia D. Rollins

    Cia D. Rollins

    12 napja

    Saber’s sex life probably looks at this shit he reviews like 👀

  33. Declan Handley-Byrne

    Declan Handley-Byrne

    12 napja

    "Why, I haven't been that entertained since the stock market crash of 1929!"

    • Sonny Crockett 1984

      Sonny Crockett 1984

      8 napja

      Alastor radio demon

  34. BrandinCool Msp

    BrandinCool Msp

    13 napja

    Ew it's like an x rated 1920s show

  35. s nonya

    s nonya

    13 napja

    lol no one in the usa would do it? *thinks about todays boring af state of television* yep i believe it

  36. ARZ Johnson

    ARZ Johnson

    13 napja

    1:51 I love this reference

  37. Ghost of Smokey Joe

    Ghost of Smokey Joe

    13 napja

    "Was this considered okay back then?" The entire freakin short was not considered okay back then. That's the whole point. lol

  38. Kloveplays


    13 napja

    Ok that’s enough with u

  39. Desi IsANoob

    Desi IsANoob

    13 napja

    Me as an Asexual: ah yes.. sex, the beauty of earth

    • Emilio Animate

      Emilio Animate

      12 napja


  40. Desi IsANoob

    Desi IsANoob

    13 napja

    Fun fact: did you know a snake can reproduce sexually by itself?

  41. Vixey Foxen

    Vixey Foxen

    14 napja

    6:58 Ignore my comment I just love his reaction to the movie

    • Vixey Foxen

      Vixey Foxen

      13 napja

      And 10:12 my personal favorite

  42. e gaming

    e gaming

    14 napja

    dude this makes the theory that WWII lead to the creation of hentai look like a fucking Cocomelon episode

  43. Ryan pro 0409

    Ryan pro 0409

    14 napja


  44. Splat Productions

    Splat Productions

    14 napja

    *better turn this off and delete the browser history before my son comes in here asking for my phone

  45. dismountman


    14 napja

    Calling Newgrounds "mature" is a bit of a stretch...

  46. Alex Viol

    Alex Viol

    15 napja

    That's called ART

  47. Yaboitom10


    15 napja

    Luckily it didn't get removed, just age restricted.

    • Yaboitom10


      14 napja

      @Himikø Yumenø That's probably because you're over 18, I on the other hand am 11.

    • Himikø Yumenø

      Himikø Yumenø

      14 napja

      I didn't get an age restricted thingy.

  48. Katzelle3


    17 napja

    A video on pornography sponsored by a mattress company.

  49. Jerome Myers

    Jerome Myers

    17 napja

    Hi guys I'm back

  50. Kaboom Dj Doe

    Kaboom Dj Doe

    17 napja

    Iv seen it and its so inappropriate my eyes burned

    • Kaboom Dj Doe

      Kaboom Dj Doe

      17 napja

      For real

  51. Angel Duran

    Angel Duran

    18 napja

    That was so funny I was dieing would like to see in senders.

  52. SimultaneousPing


    18 napja

    Time to color it with deoldify

  53. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey

    18 napja

    Mario has fallen on some hard times.

  54. WillieManga


    18 napja

    Don't eat popcorn when you're watching. You won't know if you might laugh too hard and choke from Saberspark's reactions. WillieManga 1995-2021

  55. CrazyEevee Draws

    CrazyEevee Draws

    19 napja

    Speaking about Cuba, we have some pretty adult stuff to. I recommend "vampiros de la Habana" and for something more kid friendly "Elpidio Valdes" don't know how hard it is to find it with English subtitles but there pretty wired movies. Also sorry if I spelled anything wrong I've basically forgotten my first language lol

  56. uwu gacha idkNo.17

    uwu gacha idkNo.17

    19 napja

    Omg- I remeder this- when I learn the birds and the bees-

  57. uwu gacha idkNo.17

    uwu gacha idkNo.17

    19 napja

    It 1 month thought- so youtude might not delete this video as I think

  58. Baggy Britches

    Baggy Britches

    20 napja

    okay "that's.. just... a GOHd" THREW me

  59. Mini Medals

    Mini Medals

    20 napja

    Can someone tell me HOW THIS HAS ADS? Did Saber sell his soul for ads or something?

  60. Anna Robles

    Anna Robles

    20 napja

    full offense but what the fuck

    • Ticky Dollie

      Ticky Dollie

      19 napja

      Lmao all the dead people who animated this gon be real offended, im sure



    20 napja

    They removed it off of

  62. Sebastian Cuellar

    Sebastian Cuellar

    20 napja

    do you wanna play roblox???

  63. TindraSan


    20 napja

    "we gotta call these animators to see if they're ok".. I mean, they're probably not, since they're all dead lmao

  64. TindraSan


    20 napja

    that I actually have to give google my ID or credit card to verify my age feels incredibly sus

  65. redanimatez


    20 napja

    Aliens are gonna see cat girls and be like Holy shit These humans had the right ideas

  66. betaPoltergeist


    20 napja

    you look like great value gabe newell.

  67. Delycan - DC Chronicles

    Delycan - DC Chronicles

    20 napja

    "We out here banging animals, and being racist." - America in the 1920's 0_0

  68. Brayden Robertson

    Brayden Robertson

    20 napja


  69. VentingTable33


    20 napja

    I watched itto see what was so bad about it then sent it to myboyfriend to see his reaction.

  70. Anime Weeb

    Anime Weeb

    21 napja

    This movie is just weird And happy tree friends is just cruel

  71. Johnas Vixen

    Johnas Vixen

    21 napja

    Huh... Still up...

  72. Pl DaSilvaL

    Pl DaSilvaL

    22 napja

    What the #### is this

  73. Kayleigh Wukovich

    Kayleigh Wukovich

    22 napja

    I watched it as soon as you said you were making a video on it 😂

  74. Benny the snail

    Benny the snail

    23 napja

    What did I just see?!?😳😂

  75. Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia

    23 napja

    Lol HUeye got their "H*rny Bat" ready to bonk Saber😂

  76. ghost


    23 napja

    this felt like a fever dream

  77. sarai ayala

    sarai ayala

    24 napja

    Do What The Hell Is Sausage Party? With Censored And Everytime They Swear You're Need To Censored It

  78. m i s a k i - c h a n -3-

    m i s a k i - c h a n -3-

    24 napja


  79. Gustavo Rodriguez

    Gustavo Rodriguez

    24 napja

    so this is a furry yaoi? how progressive

  80. Joe dirt

    Joe dirt

    25 napja

    Honestly since they created it they probably got drunk while watching it and added some unique lines we will never know about. I just watched it and I can tell there are alot of places where lines would be, mouth moving or not it has alot to do with the way they move. Its still pretty funny and makes you go what the fuck at the end while you where laughing the whole time. Seriously get drunk with someone who knows how to do lines while watching this, your going to have a good time.

  81. Mixed Muffins

    Mixed Muffins

    25 napja

    11:09 Okay, I’m kinda offended that portrayal of Mexicans

  82. Tycini1


    26 napja

    Can't watch; won't show google my ID

  83. GGchips


    26 napja

    It's still amazing how he woke up one day and thought *Huh* *what was the first p**no animation?*

  84. Robert Daniel

    Robert Daniel

    26 napja

    I'm surprised Eveready Harton didn't come out in 1969.

  85. Daisy


    26 napja

    I just learned how to pronounce archive now I thought it was arch-eve

  86. AdultAnimations


    27 napja

    the way you censored the rude words made this funnier lmao

  87. Cookie Lovey

    Cookie Lovey

    27 napja

    it wasn't Betty Boop the first cartoon for adults?

  88. FlorianEagox


    27 napja

    SaberSpark: The only studio that would develop it was in Cuba Also SaberSpark: was this okay back then?

  89. MunsterGal


    28 napja

    It’s surprising to know that adult animation would go back this far, if not farther. Plus, the ugly bastard cartoon trope has existed for who knows how long

  90. Master G

    Master G

    28 napja

    “Animation is for children!” - CEO of HUeye 2017

  91. BWBJustin


    28 napja

    There is a Wikipedia page on this. Wikipedia doesn’t have any media restrictions, so, uhh, I guess you get to see a frame of it instead of the whole thing on

  92. Theo Arellano

    Theo Arellano

    29 napja

    Part of this cartoon was on the music video for get naked by methods of myham Tommy Lee's hip hop band and lil kim and fred Durst and George Clinton

  93. Frozen Eevee

    Frozen Eevee

    29 napja

    Truly a great historical moment indeed, a shame the artists couldn't see what there creation would bring about in terms of animation.

  94. vAx producer

    vAx producer

    29 napja

    I cant believe that with all the "things" I see, the one all the way back at the start is what broke me

  95. jord loves danny lol

    jord loves danny lol

    29 napja

    not the bestiality 😭

  96. macie perez

    macie perez

    29 napja

    I feel like it’s an accurate depiction of men 😂😂😂 most of them are so despite to fuck anything and everything

  97. Arachne's Corner

    Arachne's Corner


    I still can't believe this has a sponsorship

  98. Poke Emblem

    Poke Emblem


    I’m starting to think that this short wasn’t made to be erotic so much as to be an elaborate 1920s version of a shitpost they could watch while getting shitfaced drunk lol. Like when artists draw really depraved smut as a joke.

  99. Careolle Mangubat

    Careolle Mangubat


    I will spray alcohol and bleach in my eyes

  100. AkuTenshiiZero



    So because I'm a sick man in need of mental help, I of course watched it. The 1920's were a hell of a time.